Gold and silver jewellery

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Lot 3 3 SIX ITEMS: a silver necklet, a treen owl pendant, a silver and Akoya cultured pearl brooch, a silver parrot clasp, a gilt-metal and paste pendant and freshwater pearl necklace with silver parrot clasp. (6) $25-35
Lot 4 4 A COLLECTION OF VARIOUS ITEMS including a 9ct gold sleeve link, a pair of white metal links and a turquoise-colour paste. Weighable 9ct gold 7g. (qty) $60-90
Lot 5 5 A LONG SILVER NECKCHAIN, long and short curb links with box clasp and double safety catches. Length 65cm. Wt 33g. $25-35
Lot 11 11 AN EDWARDIAN SILVER WAX MATCH CASE, engraved; Birmingham 1902. $60-80
Lot 12 12 A VICTORIAN OVAL LOCKET, silver back and front, engraved with flowers and with vacant shield cartouche; engraved leaves verso; with short silver chain. $80-100
Lot 13 13 AN EDWARDIAN SILVER WAX MATCH CASE, engraved; Birmingham 1907. $60-80
Lot 17 17 A SILVER CHAIN-MAIL SOVEREIGN PURSE fitted with two compartments suspended from chains and finger ring; 800 silver. $100-120
Lot 18 18 AN EDWARDIAN SILVER NOTE CASE with engraved outer case; fitted pencil and with leather lining; Birmingham 1903. $150-180
Lot 21 21 A GOLD-PLATED ALBERT CHAIN with 'T'-bar and swivels. $10-15
Lot 22 22 A VICTORIAN SILVER OVAL LOCKET with engraved centre; hallmarks rubbed, probably Birmingham 1884. $80-120
Lot 28 28 A 15ct GOLD AND VELVET FOB with gilt 'eagle' charm. Wt (all in) 8.3g. $50-70
Lot 33 33 A LARGE CURB-LINK SILVER NECKCHAIN with parrot clasp. Length 73cm. Wt 251g. $180-250
Lot 35 35 A SILVER WAX MATCH CASE, plain, with engraved initials W.D.S.; Birmingham 1919. $60-80
Lot 36 36 A GEORGE IV SILVER VINAIGRETTE, engraved inside 'Friendship is Love Without Wings'; some gilt decoration; Birmingham 1822. $150-200
Lot 39 39 AN ENAMEL SHAMROCK AND 9ct GOLD PENDANT AND CHAIN, openwork pendant by J.A.Wylie & Co., Birmingham, on a 9ct rose gold chain with barrel clasp. Total wt 9.8g. $150-180
Lot 40 40 A VICTORIAN TWO-COLOUR GOLD BRACELET with applied 'Etruscan' bead and wirework; bolt-ring clasp; not marked, tests as 14-15ct gold. Wt 12.7g. $500-550
Lot 42 42 A QUANTITY OF 9ct GOLD: a pair of sleeve links (lengthened/repaired with metal), a single link, an earring, a pendant and a small length of chain. (qty) Total wt (all in) 10g. $150-160
Lot 43 43 A SET OF 9ct GOLD BUTTONS, each comprising a pair of buttons with conjoining bar. Total wt 2.8g. $40-60
Lot 44 44 A PAIR OF AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD SLEEVE-LINKS, rigid 'diamond lozenge' faces with chain and dumb-bell connections; Rodd (Sydney). (illus Pl.229, P.199 CCG) Total wt 6.4g. $90-120
Lot 46 46 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct ROSE GOLD NAPKIN CLIP, engraved 'Ted'; Fairfax, Roberts & Sankey (Brisbane). (illus Pl.111, P.96 CCG) Length 30mm. $30-50
Lot 47 47 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD SHIELD LOCKET half-engraved with leaf scrolls and set with a red paste; Aronson & Co. (Melbourne). (illus Pl.31, P.37 CCG) Width 15mm. $50-70
Lot 50 50 AN AUSTRALIAN SILVER ALBERT CHAIN, rope-twist 'fetter and one' chain with T'-bar and two swivels; 'T'-bar marked A.Macrow & Son, Sterling. Length 40cm. Wt 33.2g. $80-120
Lot 51 51 AN ENAMEL AND SILVER BROOCH, oval, the enamel sulphur-crested cockatoo displaying ambivalence, rim-set with applied rope border; probably Australian. 40 x 32mm. (illus Pl.360, P.304 CCG) $50-80
Lot 53 53 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD 'MAP OF TASMANIA' PENDANT with engraved decoration set with red stones; with suspension chain; marked for A.A.Castley, Launceston. Width 23mm. $150-170
Lot 54 54 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct ROSE GOLD BANGLE, plain, hinged, with safety chain; A.Saunders (Sydney). Width 16.5mm. Wt (all in) 38.7g. $500-600
Lot 57 57 AN ENAMEL AND GOLD 'TROUT' PIN; the translucent enamel fish full-speed on a westerly course; the patent 'butterfly wing' retaining clip marked for 18ct gold. (cased) $50-80
Lot 65 65 AN AUSTRALIAN 15ct GOLD FLOWER BROOCH with a small pearl on a textured five-petal flower; metal pin; Duggin Shappere & Co. (illus. Pl.93, P.81 CCG) Width 28mm. Wt 4.3g. $80-120
Lot 67 67 AN AUSTRALIAN GOLD GUM-LEAF BROOCH applied with an advancing kangaroo with the legend 'Australia'; metal pin; marked verso; probably Australian. Width 55mm. (illus Pl.364, P.308) $60-90
Lot 69 69 AN AUSTRALIA SILVER ARMORIAL SHIELD AND MOTTO BROOCH; Flavelles, Brisbane; metal pin. (illus. Pl.108, P.94 CCG) Width 24mm. $20-40
Lot 70 70 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD KANGAROO AND BOOMERANG BAR BROOCH; metal pin; Rodd (Sydney). (illus Pl.229, P.199 CCG) Width 33mm. $30-40
Lot 81 81 A PAIR OF 9ct WHITE GOLD EAR-HOOPS. Total wt 1.1g. $30-40
Lot 82 82 TWO CROSSES: an 18ct gold cross and 18ct gold chain (3.9g) and a larger gold-on-metal cross with gilt chain. (2) $100-120
Lot 87 87 AN 18ct GOLD WIDE MESH LINK BRACELET with box and tongue clasp and with safety chain; unmarked, tests as 18ct gold. Width 25mm. Weight 58.8g. $2000-2200
Lot 91 91 THREE 9ct GOLD BRACELETS: a 9ct gold heart padlock bracelet and two 9ct gold bracelets without clasps. (3) Total wt 18.5g. $120-160
Lot 122 122 AN ELEGANT FRENCH STYLE 18ct GOLD FANCY LINK NECKLACE CHAIN with gold-plated bolt-ring, Length 48cm. Wt 17.2g. $520-560
Lot 132 132 A VICTORIAN DOUBLE-LINK LONG GUARD CHAIN with bolt-ring and two metal jump rings. Length 156cm. Wt 49.8g. $1200-1400
Lot 143 143 A 19th CENTURY FRENCH 18ct GOLD ALBERTINA, two ornate links with two-colour gold decoration, swivel catch with French 18ct gold marks; with rose rolled-gold bolt-ring and 18ct gold swivel. Total wt 19.2g. $550-600
Lot 147 147 A 19th CENTURY FRENCH LOCKET, WATCH KEY AND CHAIN, the locket decorated with half-pearls and engraved, suspended from a fancy-link Albert chain with 'T'-bar 18ct gold watch key (steel lined, with key); French control marks. Chain length 38cm. Total wt 30.8g. $700-750
Lot 150 150 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD MASONIC MEDAL, Lodge No.283 Burrowa; presentation engraved inscription verso dated 1920; Harvey Smith (Sydney). (illus Pl.114, P.98 CCG) Length 113mm. Wt (all in) 32.2g. $300-400
Lot 151 151 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct ROSE GOLD TUBULAR HINGED BANGLE with concealed hinge and catch; A.Saunders (Sydney); possibly wax-filled. Wt (all in) 38g. $400-500
Lot 152 152 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD MASONIC MEDAL, 'Boulder City Chapter', with ribbon and bars; Harvey C.Smith (Sydney). (illus Pl.113, P.98 CCG) Length 107mm. Wt (all in) 26.4g. $300-400
Lot 154 154 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct ROSE GOLD RIBBON FOB with enamel Coat of Arms, shields, bar and swivels, on black ribbon; Willis. (a similar item illus Pl.315, P.273 CCG) Wt (all in) 11.8g. $150-200
Lot 166 166 A 19th CENTURY AUSTRALIAN GOLD FLORA AND FAUNA OVAL BROOCH with a kangaroo amongst banksia in an openwork oval frame. (unmarked) Width 31mm. $200-300
Lot 171 171 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct YELLOW GOLD NAME BROOCH, engraved in script 'Alma' and with Japonaiserie engraved corners; nickel pin; Grace Bros (Sydney). (illus. Pl.123, P.109 CCG) Width 50mm. Wt 5.9g. $80-100
Lot 172 172 AN AUSTRALIAN GOLD FRAMED PHOTO' PORTRAIT BROOCH, the oval portrait within inner rope border and leaf and tendril frame with cresting bird; hair locket reverse. (label 'Bendigo gold') (illus Pl.358, P.302 CCG) 46 x 39mm. $400-600
Lot 175 175 AN AUSTRALIAN ENAMEL AND 15ct GOLD REGIMENTAL BROOCH; metal pin; Fairfax, Roberts & Sankey (Brisbane). (illus Pl.111, P.96 CCG) Width 37mm. Wt 4g. $100-120
Lot 176 176 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct ROSE GOLD HINGED BANGLE, the upper half engraved with foliate scrolls and with vacant 'parchment scroll' cartouche; J.Bros. Wt 17.6g. $250-270
Lot 180 180 A MID-19th CENTURY AUSTRALIAN 18ct GOLD PHOTOGRAPH FRAME BROOCH with an oval of leaves and tendrils with flower bloom crest and foliate bow base; half-figure photograph of a gentleman; hair locket reverse. 51 x 45mm. $700-1200
Lot 189 189 A VICTORIAN 9ct ROSE GOLD-BACK-AND-FRONT LOCKET engraved with foliage. $200-220
Lot 198 198 A VICTORIAN 9ct GOLD ALBERTINA with 'T'-bar, swivel, slide and seal. Wt 18.6g. $380-420
Lot 202 202 A 19th CENTURY INDIAN GOLD FRINGE NECKLACE with foliate terminals and ring-link backing chain with hook clasp; unmarked tests as 18ct gold. Wt (all in) 31.4g. $1100-1300
Lot 209 209 A FRENCH 18ct GOLD FANCY-LINK BRACELET with seven oval flower links with spacer link and replaced gold-plated bolt-ring; French 18ct gold 'eagle' marks. Wt 11.3g. $330-350
Lot 240 240 A VICTORIAN STYLE SILVER OVAL LOCKET on fancy link chain. $120-180
Lot 257 257 TWO SILVER CHARM BRACELETS AND TWENTY CHARMS, each bracelet with ring and bar clasp, the charms representing destinations on a round-the-world tour of discovery including Lincoln. (22) $120-160
Lot 265 265 A 19th CENTURY FRENCH 18ct GOLD PENDANT AND CHAIN, festooned rose gold pendant with applied two-colour decoration with two similarly decorated slides on a double foxtail pattern chain; French gold marks. Wt 13.4g. $450-550
Lot 267 267 AN AUSTRALIAN SHELL AND 18ct GOLD BROOCH with twin shells conjoined by an elaborate flower and leaf motif; Flavelle Bros. and Roberts; metal pin. Width 590mm. Wt (all in) 13.3g. $200-300
Lot 269 269 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCH with shield motif on an off-set two-row bar; Rollason & Co.; safety chain. Width 60mm. $60-80
Lot 273 273 A COLLECTION OF 19th CENTURY FRENCH ITEMS: two 'T-bar 18ct gold-cased watch keys, a small 18ct gold-cased key, an unusual 18ct gold locket-style watch containing a 'milk tooth' and gold pendant and set with garnets, and two unmarked two-colour gold slides. (qty) $600-700
Lot 281 281 TWO 'MOKUME GANE' BAND RINGS; the manufacturing process is labour and time intensive. (with copy valuation from the retailer) Size O & X. (2) Total wt 14.3g. $700-1200
Lot 292 292 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD STICK-PIN with map and boomerang; nickel pin; Stevenson Bros. (Adelaide). (illus. Pl.268, P.233 CCG) $20-40
Lot 296 296 A PAIR OF AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD SLEEVE LINKS, double-sided oval links each relief-decorated with a batsman taking guard; chain and dumb-bell connections; Apex - Rodd (Sydney). (illus Pl.230, P.201) Total wt 5.2g. $80-120
Lot 297 297 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD WISHBONE AND MAP BROOCH; metal pin; Aronson & Co. (Melbourne) Width 33mm. $50-70
Lot 298 298 A PAIR OF AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD SLEEVE LINKS, Map of Australia with chain and dumb-bell fittings; Alfred T. Jackson (Western Australia). (illus. Pl.146, P.129 CCG) $100-150
Lot 300 300 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD WISHBONE BROOCHES, one with map, the other with Australian Coat of Arms; metal pins; Willis & Son. (2) $60-90
Lot 301 301 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct ROSE GOLD SHIELD LOCKET with bar and sphere top rail; Willis. (illus. Pl.313, P.272 CCG) Width 23mm. $80-120
Lot 302 302 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCH star-set with a red stone on a rectangular bar with leaf-fold corner; probably P.Falk & Co. Width 41mm. $30-60
Lot 303 303 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCH with paste-set crescent flanked by rope and bead circlets on a two-row bar with festoon chain; Rollason (Melbourne). Width 53mm. Wt (all in) 5.1g. $70-90
Lot 305 305 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD MAP AND BRANCH BROOCH; metal pin; Aronson (Melbourne). (illus Pl.40, P.44 CCG) Width 41mm. $30-50
Lot 308 308 A PAIR OF AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD SLEEVE LINKS, Map and Coat of Arms motifs; chain and torpedo link connections; Willis & Son. $80-120
Lot 310 310 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct ROSE GOLD 'MAP OF AUSTRALIA' PENDANT; Great War naval commemorative; Angus & Coote. (illus Pl.23, P.30 CCG) Width 27mm. $50-70
Lot 314 314 AN EARLY 20th CENTURY FRENCH LONG GUARD CHAIN, fox-tail links with swivel clasp. Length 142cm. Wt 15.4g. $500-550
Lot 323 323 A SILVER BRACELET with six open rectangular conjoined links. $60-90
Lot 327 327 AN EARLY 20th CENTURY FRENCH 18ct GOLD LONG GUARD CHAIN, fancy oval links with infinity bow motifs; French 18ct gold marks to chain and bolt ring. Length 150cm. Wt 38.3g. $1200-1600
Lot 334 334 A FRENCH 18ct GOLD ALBERTINA with two three-colour gold slides, horseshoe charm and gold-plated swivel. Wt 14.9g. $450-500
Lot 342 342 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD MAP BROOCHES each with a map of Australia within an open circle; nickel pins; Willis & Son. Diameter 25mm. (2) $50-70
Lot 343 343 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD KOOKABURRA AND BRANCH BROOCH; metal pin; Duggin Shappere (Melbourne). Width 28mm. (illus Pl.92, P.80 CCG) $50-70
Lot 346 346 AN AUSTRALIAN SHELL AND GOLD STICK-PIN, the shell with leaf and tendril top suspended from a bead-head pin. $40-70
Lot 348 348 A MARCASITE AND SILVER PENDANT AND CHAIN, the round openwork domed disc on a snake-link chain. Pendant diameter 45mm. $100-120
Lot 353 353 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD SHIELD LOCKET with dumb-bell top rail; Willis. (illus. Pl.313, P.272 CCG) Width 20mm. $80-120
Lot 360 360 AN AUSTRIAN SILVER-GILT LOCKET, the front decorated with coloured pastes. $200-220
Lot 365 365 A HEAVY FANCY LINK ALBERT CHAIN with 'T'-bar and two swivels. Length 56.5cm. $190-220
Lot 366 366 A SILVER BROOCH AND PAIR OF EARRINGS: an Art Deco brooch 'Lady and Borzois' and a pair of tassel drop earrings with hook fittings. (2) $130-170
Lot 368 368 FOUR PAIRS OF SILVER EARRINGS; marcasite etc. (4) $100-120

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15 May, 2017

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