Gold and silver jewellery

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Lot 15 15 THREE ITEMS: a cold enamel magnifying glass pendant and chain, and two pairs of earrings: one with opal mosaic in silver-gilt; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. (3) $10-20
Lot 21 21 AN INTERESTING SILVER NECKLACE; 60's style. Length 46cm. Wt 58g. $30-50
Lot 25 25 A SILVER FANCY-LINK ALBERT CHAIN with 'T'-bar and swivels. $170-200
Lot 28 28 A SILVER AND MARCASITE PENDANT on a silver chain. $110-130
Lot 35 35 FIVE SILVER PENDANTS, four with silver chains, one set with oval clarified amber on a silver-plate chain. (5) $40-60
Lot 40 40 A SILVER TRACE-LINK GUARD CHAIN with swivel. Length 115cm. Wt 22g. $60-80
Lot 46 46 A 9ct GOLD-LINED BRACELET with heart padlock clasp; Rodd. $40-60
Lot 49 49 A SILVER ARTICULATED LINK NECKLACE with box clasp. Length 43cm. Wt 103g. $40-60
Lot 51 51 EIGHT SILVER ITEMS: two pendants, two chains, a cross pendant, a key-ring, a band ring and a shell charm. (8) Total weight 75.4g. $50-70
Lot 53 53 A QUANTITY OF SILVER AND SILVER-GILT CLASPS: parrot, hook, box etc. (qty) Total weight 106g. $160-200
Lot 55 55 A VICTORIAN OVAL LOCKET, silver back and front, engraved with flowers and with vacant shield cartouche; engraved leaves verso; with short silver chain. $50-80
Lot 57 57 THREE CHARMS: two 18ct gold 'Australiana' charms: echidna and wombat, and a gold-plated cuckoo-clock charm. (3) Gold weight 5.4g. $175-200
Lot 58 58 AN ENAMEL AND THREE-COLOUR GOLD BABY BRACELET, heart-shape links; parrot clasp. Weight 4g. $140-160
Lot 59 59 TWO 9ct GOLD CHARMS: bride & groom in an old boot, and an opening ark; 9ct gold, Birmingham. (2) Total weight 5g. $120-140
Lot 60 60 A SILVER ARTICULATED NECKLACE with matt and polished alternating links; parrot clasp. Length 43cm. Wt 80g. $40-60
Lot 73 73 AN AUSTRALIAN SILVER 'LYRE' PIN, engraved; Wm Golding (Hobart). (illus pl.102, P.105 CCG) Length 43mm. $40-70
Lot 75 75 AN AUSTRALIAN ENAMEL AND 9ct GOLD RIBBON FOB with Coat of Arms, shields, bars and swivel; Willis. $100-150
Lot 80 80 AN AUSTRALIAN PASTE PEARL AND 9ct GOLD SWORD JABOT PIN with festoon chain; Willis. Length 74mm. $50-70
Lot 86 86 A PAIR OF 9ct GOLD-ON-SILVER SLEEVE LINKS: shield-shape engraved and initialled; cigar-shape connections. $20-30
Lot 89 89 THREE AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BROOCHES, Australian motifs; one set with pastes; nickel pins; J.R. (3) Total wt 7.2g. $100-120
Lot 92 92 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct ROSE GOLD RIBBON FOB with enamel Coat of Arms, shields, bar and swivels, on black ribbon; Willis. (a similar item illus Pl.315, P.273 CCG) Wt (all in) 11.8g. $120-180
Lot 93 93 A 19th CENTURY WIDE HINGED BANGLE, the upper half with applied cockatoo within engraved and applied ornament; marked 'Standard'; probably Australian. $80-150
Lot 98 98 AN AUSTRALIAN WAX-FILLED-9ct-GOLD HINGED BANGLE, the upper half engraved with flowers and with vacant cartouche; S.Hoffnung; safety chain. Wt (all in) 23.3g. $120-220
Lot 112 112 A 9ct ROSE GOLD BRACELET, tapered curb links with swivel clasp. Width 9mm. Wt 14.3g. $180-220
Lot 114 114 AN 18ct GOLD ROPE-PATTERN BRACELET with parrot clasp. Weight 14.5g. $400-500
Lot 129 129 A SILVER CURB-LINK CHAIN NECKLACE with bolt-ring clasp. $80-100
Lot 134 134 A 9ct GOLD LONG & SHORT CURB-PATTERN NECKCHAIN with parrot clasp. Length 50cm. Weight 6.6g. $80-120
Lot 141 141 A 9ct GOLD CURB-PATTERN BRACELET with nineteen 9ct gold charms attached. Total weight 65.3g. $900-1200
Lot 163 163 A 9ct GOLD ROPE-PATTERN NECKCHAIN with bolt-ring clasp. Length 47cm. Weight 10.3g. $180-220
Lot 191 191 A PAIR OF RUSSIAN SILVER LAPEL BUTTONS. Diameter 26mm. $20-40
Lot 207 207 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BROOCH with kookaburra, snake and boomerang; metal pin. $60-70
Lot 212 212 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD WISHBONE AND MAP BROOCH; metal pin; Aronson & Co. (Melbourne) Width 33mm. $40-60
Lot 216 216 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD 'MIZPAH' BROOCHES; nickel pins; S.Bros., attributed to Star Bros. (illus Pl.350, P.299 CCG) $100-140
Lot 218 218 AN AUSTRALIAN GOLD MASONIC MEDAL 'Edmund MacDonnell Lodge', with pendent square and compasses; presentation engraving verso dated 1910; with ribbon and bars; D.Mackay & Co., Brisbane and Cairns. (original case) Length 12.5cm. Wt 31g. $400-500
Lot 222 222 A 9ct GOLD SLAVE BANGLE, engraved; Birmingham 1933. Weight 13.5g. $200-250
Lot 224 224 A 9ct YELLOW GOLD FANCY GATE-LINK BRACELET with heart padlock clasp; safety chain. Width 7.2mm. Wt 12.1g. $170-220
Lot 225 225 A 9ct ROSE GOLD CURB-LINK BRACELET with heart padlock; safety chain. Width 9.8mm. Wt 15.9g. $220-280
Lot 226 226 A 9ct GOLD GATE-LINK BRACELET with box clasp; Rodd. Weight 9.6g. $140-160
Lot 233 233 AN 18ct GOLD CURB-PATTERN NECKCHAIN with parrot clasp. Length 61cm. Weight 38.5g. $1300-1500
Lot 259 259 A GEORG JENSEN SILVER OYSTER PENDANT, No.328 by Nana & Jorgen Ditzel, with black onyx bead; marked Georg Jensen, 925S, Denmark, 328, NJ; on a long silver chain with bar and ring clasp. Chain length 80cm. (box) $200-300
Lot 268 268 A 9ct YELLOW GOLD BRACELET, fetter and twist link with bar and ring clasp. Wt 6.1g. $90-120
Lot 282 282 A PAIR OF 19th CENTURY PEARL AND GOLD FOLIATE DROP EARRINGS with tassel fringes below a bird motif. $300-350
Lot 283 283 TWO ENAMEL AND 15ct GOLD 'SHOOTING' FOB MEDALLIONS: Angus & Coote 1929-30 and 37-38; Annandale MRC Championship. (2) (one with original case) Total weight 8g. $180-220
Lot 284 284 A 10ct GOLD POCKET CIGAR CUTTER engraved A.H; marked 10k, H, PAT 4-15-13. Wt 6.9g. $150-200
Lot 289 289 A PAIR OF 18ct GOLD SLEEVE LINKS, each a torpedo-shape link and an oval link with engraved eagle crest; chain connections. Total weight 8.5g. $400-450
Lot 291 291 A VICTORIAN GOLD BROOCH with scroll border and central locket compartment. $200-250
Lot 298 298 A SHAKUDO SUITE: bracelet, brooch and pendant; gilt setting. $400-450
Lot 299 299 A 9ct GOLD AND NUGGETS BROOCH, three gold nuggets soldered together onto a bar; marked: lion, 9ct, crown. Wt 4g. $80-120
Lot 314 314 AN ENAMEL AND 14ct GOLD BANGLE with oval blue-enamelled hinged compartment; the clasp tongue marked 56. Weight 21g. $500-600
Lot 315 315 A PAIR OF 9ct ROSE GOLD SPHERE DROP EARRINGS, 12mm spheres. Wt 4g. $120-150
Lot 319 319 TWO SILVER MONEY CLIPS, one W.H.Manton, Birmingham 1983. (2) $20-40
Lot 321 321 A SILVER CIGARETTE HOLDER CASE AND A PENCIL SLEEVE; the case engraved with scrolls; Henry Perkins, London 1920; the sleeve by Sampson Mordan. (2) (losses) $20-30
Lot 323 323 THREE SILVER PENDANTS, two with 'cigarette packets', one with an opal doublet. $10-20
Lot 331 331 AN ENAMEL AND 9ct GOLD MASONIC MEDAL 'Lewis Chapter No.1185', with ribbon and bars; H.T.Lamb, London 1935. Length 10.2cm. Wt (all in) 30.6g. (original case) $400-500
Lot 332 332 AN AUSTRALIAN 15ct GOLD MASONIC MEDAL 'Lodge St.James No.4, Wallsend' with presentation inscription dated 1920; with ribbon and bars; nickel pin; Grace Bros. (associated case for Wm Beynon) Length 14.5cm. Wt 32.9g. (illus Pl.123, P.109 CCG) $500-600
Lot 333 333 AN AUSTRALIAN ENAMEL AND PART 9ct GOLD MASONIC MEDAL 'Leinster Marine Lodge No.2' with presentation inscription to the locket back; with ribbon and bars; William Kerr; with monogram badge. (cased for Wm Kerr 544 George Street, Sydney) Length 120mmm. Wt (all in) 44g. $500-600
Lot 335 335 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD 'AUSTRALIAN COMMONWEALTH MILITARY FORCES' PENDANT; S.Hoffnung. (similar see Pl.137, P.121 CCG) Wt 5.6g. $120-180
Lot 337 337 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD 'MAP OF AUSTRALIA' BROOCH; nickel pin; Rollason. $30-40
Lot 338 338 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD WISHBONE BROOCHES, one with enamelled Coat of Arms (Design No.263); metal pins; Willis. (2) Widths 30mm and 33mm. $60-80
Lot 339 339 A PAIR OF AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD SLEEVE LINKS, monogrammed oval plates with 'T'-bar and chain connections; Price (Price & Co./Price & Jardine (Sydney)). Total wt 8g. $120-160
Lot 340 340 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BROOCHES; metal pins; W & Sons. (2) Widths 46 x 35mm. $50-90
Lot 341 341 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCH, one set with a garnet/glass doublet; nickel pins; Rollason. (2) Widths 38 x 40mm. $60-90
Lot 342 342 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD WISHBONE AND MAP BROOCHES; nickel pins; Willis. (one with soft-soldered catch) (2) Width 30mm. $60-80
Lot 346 346 AN EARLY 20th CENTURY AUSTRALIAN PEARL AND 15ct GOLD BAR BROOCH, drop-shape pearl (probably natural); later metal catch; Joseph Lawrence Pty Limited, Melbourne. Wt 4.4g. $50-80
Lot 349 349 TWO VICTORIAN OVAL SILVER LOCKETS with engraved decoration. (2) $80-120
Lot 368 368 A PAIR OF AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD SHIELD SLEEVE-LINKS with dumb-bell and steel fetter connections. (marks partially obscured) Total wt (all in) 4.1g. $60-80
Lot 375 375 TWO SILVER AND ENAMELLED PENDANT NECKLETS with silver chains. (2) $150-170
Lot 376 376 A QUANTITY OF 9ct GOLD SCRAP including a pair of cubic zirconia ear-studs. (qty) Total weight 18g. $240-280
Lot 380 380 FOUR GOLD PENDANTS, a USA gold coin (drilled)(1.6g), 9ct gold cross, and two medallions (total 2.7g). (4) $50-60

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