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Lot 18 18 A MULTI-TWIST BRACELET with freshwater cultured pearls and stained coral. $20-30
Lot 22 22 TWO PAIRS OF GEMSTONES AND SILVER DROP EARRINGS, garnets and iolites. (2) $100-120
Lot 23 23 A SILVER QUIZZING GLASS set with amethyst; on a silver chain. $70-80
Lot 24 24 THREE VICTORIAN STYLE GEMSTONE AND SILVER PENDANTS, garnets, pearls, emeralds and onyx. (3) $120-140
Lot 31 31 A SILVER AND ONYX NECKLACE, eleven oval onyx cabochons rim-set in silver with link chain and bolt ring. $40-50
Lot 33 33 A PAIR OF CITRINE AND SILVER DROP EARRINGS, each with five oval and round faceted citrines rim-set; post and scroll fittings. Length 45mm. $100-120
Lot 37 37 A SILVER AND SILVER-GILT BROOCH set with amethysts and opals. $20-30
Lot 38 38 A ROSE QUARTZ NECKLACE with five rows of faceted beads and gilt spacer beads; 14ct gold hook clasp. $150-180
Lot 41 41 THREE SILVER BROOCHES; a Scottish silver and agate sword brooch, a silver horseshoe bar brooch, Chester 1901, and an enamelled silver filigree butterfly brooch, 800 Standard. (3) $30-50
Lot 42 42 A 9ct GOLD AND SHELL CAMEO PENDANT AND CHAIN, oval profile portrait cameo of a lady, rim-set in 9ct gold; on a 9ct gold curb-link chain. $80-120
Lot 43 43 FOUR SILVER BROOCHES: Coat of Arms, initials 'S.W.', a peridot silver and gold bar brooch and a modern gecko brooch; and a French silver-plated pendant. (5) $30-50
Lot 44 44 A GEMSTONE AND SILVER NECKLACE set with alternating groups of emeralds, rubies and sapphires; box clasp with safety catch. $60-80
Lot 48 48 TWO WEDGWOOD ITEMS: a silver-framed pendant, hallmarked London, on a silver chain, and a green & white jasperware stag brooch in gilt frame. (pendant case) (2) $20-40
Lot 54 54 A LARGE OVAL BOHEMIAN GARNET CLUSTER BROOCH/PENDANT, rose-cut garnets in gold-plated frame. (some stones missing) $70-90
Lot 61 61 FOUR GEMSTONES: an oval amethyst (8.0ct) and three citrine swivel stones (3=100.0ct)(some chipping). (4) $40-60
Lot 62 62 A QUEENSLAND BOULDER OPAL, drop-shape. 12 x 5mm. Wt 1.40ct. (cracked) $40-60
Lot 63 63 SEVEN WHITE CRYSTAL OPALS, various shapes. (7) Total wt 21.70ct. (cracked) $120-180
Lot 64 64 A QUEENSLAND BOULDER OPAL, drop-shape. Wt 2.8ct. $40-70
Lot 65 65 A PAIR OF AUSTRALIAN ARTS & CRAFTS OPAL DOUBLET AND 9ct GOLD DROP EARRINGS, each doublet rim-set within a berry and leaf frame; screw fittings. Length 30mm. Total wt 4.8g. $80-120
Lot 66 66 AN AUSTRALIAN SHELL CAMEO AND 9ct GOLD BRACELET, the oval profile portrait cameo claw-set on a six-row belcher-link chain with rectangular clasp engraved with a monogram; safety chain; I.E.Hall (Adelaide). Cameo 23 x 18mm. Wt (all in) 21.6g. $300-400
Lot 67 67 AN AUSTRALIAN ARTS & CRAFTS PASTE PEARL AND SILVER PENDENT BROOCH with berry and leaf motifs; safety chain. Length 39mm. $30-60
Lot 69 69 AN AUSTRALIAN ARTS & CRAFTS PASTE PEARL AND SILVER BROOCH, round paste pearl rim-set within a leaf border on a diamond-lozenge frame; safety chain. Width 41mm. $20-40
Lot 70 70 AN AUSTRALIAN OPAL DOUBLET AND SILVER PENDANT, navette shape with leaf motifs and rope border. Length 45mm. $20-30
Lot 71 71 A GOOD AUSTRALIAN ARTS & CRAFTS OPERCULUM AND SILVER CHOKER & BRACELET in the style of Rhoda Wager; the choker with eight hinged berry and leaf sections, the bracelet with five sections; each with box and tongue clasp. Choker length 31cm. Bracelet length 16.5cm. Total wt (all in) 86.7g. $300-400
Lot 77 77 AN AUSTRALIAN OPAL MELEE AND 15ct GOLD COAT OF ARMS PENDANT. Diameter 30mm. Wt (all in) 6.3g. (illus Pl.364, P.308 CCG) $80-120
Lot 78 78 AN AUSTRALIAN ARTS & CRAFTS SILVER BROOCH with a central glass cabochon rim-set within a berry and leaf marquise frame; safety chain. Width 50mm. $50-80
Lot 79 79 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCH; the star and crescent motif set with red paste and half-pearls; metal pin; A.B.Budgen (Adelaide). Width 49mm. (illus Pl.58, P.57 CCG) $50-70
Lot 81 81 AN AUSTRALIAN RUBY, DIAMOND AND 15ct GOLD TWO-ROW BAR BROOCH with scroll and bead terminals; nickel pin; Goldsmith's Hall Co. (Brisbane) Width 50mm. (illus Pl.122, P.108 CCG) $50-80
Lot 87 87 A 9ct GOLD SWIVEL FOB SEAL set with bloodstone and cornelian; Birmingham. $80-100
Lot 88 88 A BEAD NECKLACE: Akoya cultured pearls alternating with polished aquamarine beads; 14kt gold brick-pattern clasp. Length 64cm. $60-80
Lot 90 90 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD PENDANT NECKLET set with red paste and paste pearls; S.Hoffnung & Co. (illus. Pl.137, P.121 CCG) $100-150
Lot 91 91 TWO 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCHES, One by H.Simonsen with pearl and green stone motif, the other marked 9ct Stampings with red stone and pearls. (2) $40-60
Lot 94 94 AN AUSTRALIAN ARTS & CRAFTS 9ct GOLD PENDANT set with a pink glass cabochon within a foliate diamond-lozenge border. Width 19mm. Wt 4.7g. $50-70
Lot 97 97 AN AUSTRALIAN SHELL CAMEO AND 9ct ROSE GOLD BROOCH, the oval profile portrait rim-set with applied rope; nickel pin; safety chain. 52 x 43mm. Wt (all in) 28.1g. $250-350
Lot 99 99 FIVE TEETH PENDANTS; four with 9ct gold caps. (5) $50-80
Lot 100 100 AN AUSTRALIAN PASTE SPRAY BROOCH AND EARRINGS; Simpson. Brooch length 77mm. $50-70
Lot 101 101 AN AUSTRALIAN PASTE AND SILVER-GILT SPRAY BROOCH; Simpson. Length 85mm. (original case) $60-90
Lot 103 103 A CULTURED PEARL, SAPPHIRE AND SILVER BRACELET, the central cluster with an 8mm Akoya pearl within a border of sapphires (one missing), on a double-tapered bar and swedge link bracelet; 800 standard. $70-90
Lot 107 107 A PEARL, JADE AND GOLD PENDANT AND CHAIN, drop-shape cultured pearl with gold cap below a hardstone bead, on an 18ct gold long and short filed curb-link chain with parrot clasp. Pendant wt (all in) 10.2g. Chain length 59cm. Chain wt 14.1g. $420-480
Lot 113 113 A SILVER BANGLE, the upper half set with forty-eight oval pale green beryls/emeralds; safety catch. $200-250
Lot 118 118 A SILVER 'ZEBRA SKIN' BANGLE by Amellee with white topaz set terminals. $170-190
Lot 119 119 A PAIR OF DROP EARRINGS by Amellee set with blue topaz, amethyst and white topaz. $130-160
Lot 120 120 A SILVER 'LEOPARD SKIN' BANGLE by Amellee with white topaz set terminals; enamel and gilt. $190-220
Lot 121 121 A SILVER AND SILVER-GILT NECKLACE with rock crystal drops and marcasite antler motifs. $280-320
Lot 122 122 A PAIR OF ITALIAN 9ct GOLD HOOP EARRINGS with two pairs of interchangeable drops: black pearl, and 9ct gold and drop-shape garnet and 9ct gold. Total weight 10.5g. $70-90
Lot 123 123 A PAIR OF MABE PEARL EARRINGS, each rim-set in a border of alternating sapphires and diamonds; 14ct gold. $250-300
Lot 124 124 A PAIR OF BLUE TOPAZ AND DIAMOND STUD EARRINGS, cushion-shape borders; 9ct gold. (retention scrolls non-extant) Total weight 2.7g. $120-180
Lot 125 125 AN EMERALD LINE BRACELET, 32 circular-cut emeralds with nine clear stones set in rhodium-plated white metal. $40-60
Lot 127 127 A PAIR OF AMETHYST AND ROSE QUARTZ DROP EARRINGS by Amellee; silver. $200-250
Lot 130 130 A BLUE TOPAZ AND AMETHYST NECKLACE by Amellee with thirteen claw-set stones of various cuts; silver. $850-950
Lot 132 132 A SILVER BANGLE by Amellee set with white topaz, amethyst and blue topaz. $500-550
Lot 136 136 A BLUE TOPAZ AND 9ct GOLD PADLOCK PENDANT, circular-cut topaz rim-set. Weight 10g. $50-70
Lot 142 142 A PAIR OF EMERALD AND DIAMOND 'HUGGIE' HOOP EARRINGS each with four brilliant-cut diamonds and five emeralds; 9ct gold. Total weight 2.6g. $150-200
Lot 143 143 A DIAMOND, BLUE STONE AND 9ct GOLD PENDANT/ENHANCER: cushion-shape chequerboard cut tanzanite-colour synthetic corundum and twenty diamonds. Weight 4.2g. $30-40
Lot 144 144 A PAIR OF 9ct GOLD HOOP EARRINGS, 'huggie' style with red and white stones. Total weight 2.8g. $60-80
Lot 149 149 A WELL-CARVED BURMESE JADE PENDANT, carved as a bunch of grapes with leaf and tendrils; drilled as a pendant; type 'A' jade. $200-250
Lot 150 150 A WELL-CARVED JADEITE PENDANT carved as leaf and fruit-laden branches; jade mostly white with a little green area at the base; white-metal pendant loop. $150-200
Lot 151 151 A CARVED JADEITE PENDANT, pale green jade carved with fruit and dragon; type 'A' jade; metal pendant loop. $100-150
Lot 152 152 A SILVER-GILT BRACELET set with red paste; gold-plated sterling silver. (purchased from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York) $30-50
Lot 154 154 A PAIR OF EMERALD AND DIAMOND CLUSTER DROP EARRINGS, each a dark green emerald claw-set within a border of twenty diamonds suspended from two emerald and two diamonds; 18ct white gold. Estimated total weights: Emeralds 6 = 5.0ct, Diamonds 44 = 0.68ct. $3000-3500
Lot 161 161 A PAIR OF SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND CLUSTER EARRINGS, each a brilliant-cut diamonds within a border of six Ceylon-type sapphires; 18ct white gold, with hook fittings. $800-900
Lot 162 162 A LONG GEMSTONE AND SILVER NECKLACE by Amellee set with citrine, peridot, amethyst, garnet and blue topaz. $900-950
Lot 168 168 A SPECTACULAR OPAL, EMERALD AND DIAMOND STAR-BURST BROOCH with a treated opal (16 x 11.5mm) within a six-point radiating border with six emerald-cut emeralds, 48 brilliant-cut diamonds and 78 single cut diamonds; 18ct gold and white gold. Estimated weights: Emeralds 6 = 4.80ct, Diamonds 126 = 3.0ct. 45 x 50mm. Wt 25.4g. $5500-6500
Lot 177 177 A PAIR OF SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND CLUSTER DROP EARRINGS; Ceylon-type sapphires; 18ct white gold. $950-1150
Lot 189 189 A SHELL CAMEO BROOCH, oval profile portrait of a lady; marcasite set wreath frame. Overall 50 x 40mm. $70-90
Lot 192 192 A LARGE RHODONITE AND GOLD BROOCH/PENDANT, oval rhodonite (32 x 245mm) four-claw-set with an Edwardian half-pearl bow top; 9ct gold. Weight (all in) 25g. $150-200
Lot 194 194 A JAIPUR ENAMEL BRACELET with nine coral, turquoise and jargoon set roundels; pearl bead clasp. $100-150
Lot 195 195 AN EDWARDIAN HALF-PEARL AND 15ct GOLD PHOTOGRAPH PENDANT, circular, with a portrait of a pretty young girl; gold back facsimile engraved 'Marjorie, August 1900'. Weight 25g. $200-300
Lot 196 196 A GOOD VICTORIAN SHELL CAMEO AND 15ct GOLD BROOCH with an exuberant profile portrait of a young lady with corsage-embellished embonpoint; the shell rim-set within a flower and leaf frame; safety chain; P&K, 15ct. 59 x 49mm. Wt (all in) 25.5g. $350-550
Lot 197 197 A VICTORIAN SILVER, GOLD AND PASTE LOCKET; graduating circular-cut pastes. $150-200
Lot 198 198 A DAINTY EDWARDIAN AQUAMARINE AND 9ct GOLD NECKLACE, cushion, oval and drop-shape pale blue aquamarine and a central circular-cut aquamarine with knife-edge bars, scrolls and claw-set collets; trace-link chain and tube clasp. $200-300
Lot 199 199 A BOHEMIAN GARNET STAR CLUSTER BROOCH with oval and circular-cut garnets, many rose-cut; gold-plated setting. $70-90
Lot 200 200 A SMALL GARNET AND GILT-METAL STAR BROOCH, rose-cut Bohemian garnets. $50-70
Lot 201 201 A VICTORIAN CAMEO MOURNING BROOCH. (fitting detached) 50 x 45mm. $40-80
Lot 202 202 A 19th CENTURY 'ESSEX' CRYSTAL BROOCH, the painted reverse intaglio of a lap-dog rim-set in 18ct gold with rope-twist border. Diameter 24mm. Wt (all in) 9.4g. $300-350
Lot 203 203 A GOOD CITRINE AND 15ct GOLD BROOCH, the oval citrine six-claw-set with tri-form claw posts. Estimated weight of citrine 90.0ct. Wt (all in) 32.5g. $1300-1500
Lot 209 209 A PAIR OF SODALITE DROP EARRINGS each with a bead and open circle below a horizontal cylinder; hook fittings. $100-120
Lot 210 210 A CITRINE, CRYSTAL AND 9ct GOLD PENDANT NECKLACE with a citrine drop on a triple link 9ct gold chain with citrine and crystal spacers. Weight (all in) 33.6g. $400-450
Lot 213 213 AN AUSTRALIAN HARDSTONE AND 9ct GOLD BROOCH, the sash ban engraved 'Lucknow'; nickel pin. 43 x 32mm. (illus Pl.360, P.304 CCG) $50-90
Lot 215 215 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD TWO-ROW BAR BROOCH with shield motif and reeded hemisphere terminals; nickel pin; H.Simonsen. Width 54mm. $50-80
Lot 217 217 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCH, polished and bloomed gold; the oval motif star-set with a small rose-faceted diamond flanked by paste-pearl set crescents on an off-set two-row bar; nickel pin; Taylor & Sharp (Hobart). Width 48mm. $50-80
Lot 234 234 AN ETHIOPIAN 'WELO' OPAL, boat-shape. Weight 6.03ct. $90-120
Lot 235 235 A QUEENSLAND BOULDER OPAL, free-form. 19 x 5mm. Wt 2.7ct. $50-70
Lot 236 236 FOUR MINTABIE OPALS, oval cabochons. (4) Total wt 19.35ct. $80-120
Lot 237 237 AN OVAL CABOCHON BLACK OPAL. 9 x 7mm. Wt 1.80ct. $40-60
Lot 238 238 AN ETHIOPIAN 'WELO' OPAL, oval. Weight 3.92ct. $80-100
Lot 249 249 A PAIR OF SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND CLUSTER EARRINGS, each a circular-cut Ceylon-type sapphire in a border of six diamonds; 18ct white gold. $950-1150
Lot 256 256 A TURQUOISE-COLOUR ALBITE CHIP NECKLACE, the silver-gilt pave-set cubic zirconia opposing cat terminals contesting a 'ring of omniscience' clasp. $30-50
Lot 257 257 A CARVED CORAL FLOWER BROOCH, a single chrysanthemum bloom in metal frame; white coral with a few pink patches. $420-500
Lot 258 258 A BLACK OPAL, DIAMOND AND 18ct GOLD PENDANT/ENHANCER, cabochon polished crystal opal end-set. Weight 3.5g. $200-250
Lot 263 263 A CARVED JADEITE FRUIT PENDANT on an adjustable cord necklace with small jade beads. $80-120
Lot 267 267 A BLACK OPAL PENDANT, oval claw-set opal in an Art Deco frame; 9ct white gold. $180-220
Lot 269 269 AN AUSTRALIAN ARTS & CRAFTS OPEN DOUBLET AND 9ct GOLD NECKLACE with three oval opal doublets rim-set within foliate frames on fine chain with barrel clasp; F.W.Nissen (Brisbane) Weight 10.4g. $200-250
Lot 270 270 FOUR MINTABIE OPALS, various shapes. (4) Total wt 5.20ct. $50-80
Lot 271 271 A SOLID OPAL, bright long oval opal. Weight 6.65ct. $500-600
Lot 272 272 A DROP-SHAPE WELO OPAL with bright colours; honey background colour. Weight 5.80ct. $150-200
Lot 279 279 AN AQUAMARINE AND DIAMOND DROP-SHAPE CLUSTER PENDANT on chain; 18ct white gold. $1000-1200
Lot 287 287 A LARGE 9ct GOLD FOB SEAL with a child astride a bear and with a rim-set oval cornelian; London 1965. Total weight 26.3g. $600-650
Lot 294 294 AN EDWARDIAN 9ct GOLD HINGED BANGLE set with three rubies and two diamonds; Chester 1901. $400-500
Lot 295 295 TWO VICTORIAN 9ct GOLD FOB SEALS, one with bloodstone, the other initial-engraved for sealing 'G.M.D.'. (2) $120-150
Lot 296 296 A VICTORIAN ROLLED-GOLD SEAL with foliate stirrup and intaglio of a bearded man. $40-60
Lot 297 297 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCH with two parallel bars set with eight natural half-pearls in a scalloped setting and with three red garnet paste doublets; metal pin; Willis. $80-120
Lot 300 300 AN ATTRACTIVE EMERALD AND CULTURED PEARL NECKLACE: seven large Colombian emeralds claw-set in 14ct gold; medium to light colour emeralds. (with copy valuation dated 2015 stating total weight of emeralds 95.0cts. Total weight 76.4g. (in wooden case) $19500-22500
Lot 306 306 A PAIR OF 18ct GOLD DROP EARRINGS each set with four Akoya cultured pearls and seventeen brilliant-cut cubic zirconias. Total wt 6g. $90-120
Lot 307 307 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD SWORD BROOCH set with red doublets and paste pearls and with crescent motif; festoon chain; nickel pin; H.Simonsen. Length 69mm. $60-90
Lot 309 309 AN AUSTRALIAN ARTS & CRAFTS OPAL DOUBLET AND 9ct GOLD in the manner of Rhoda Wager and Dorothy Judge with a shallow-domed opal doublet within a berry and leaf elongated frame; metal pin. Length 49mm. Wt (all in) 4.9g. $100-120
Lot 316 316 AN OLD 9ct GOLD SWIVEL FOB with linked top; set with brown and green stones; 9ct gold bolt-ring loop. $40-60
Lot 318 318 AN OPAL AND 9ct GOLD BROOCH, oval boulder opal (13.3 x 9.2mm) rim-set; hand-made. Length 33mm. Wt 4.1g. $60-90
Lot 320 320 AN AMETHYST AND 9ct GOLD OFF-SET TWO-ROW BAR BROOCH with applied beads and scrolls; lion/9/crown; nickel pin, later roller safety catch. (mark: see P.291 CCG) Width 50mm. $50-80
Lot 328 328 A SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND PENDANT, fourteen circular-cut Ceylon-type sapphires and a brilliant-cut diamond; 18ct white gold. Estimated weight of diamond 0.18ct. $1000-1100
Lot 329 329 AN AMETHYST AND GOLD RING AND EARRINGS, the ring with a fancy hexagon-cut amethyst and two small brilliant-cut diamonds in a 14ct gold crossover ring; the earrings each with an emerald cut amethyst bezel-set in 9ct gold; integral hook fittings. Ring J1/2. Weights: Ring 2.2g. Earrings total 2.7g. $120-160
Lot 330 330 AN AQUAMARINE AND DIAMOND PENDANT, the emerald-cut aquamarine (21 x 17 x 12.7mm) in an 18ct white gold frame wrapped in a diamond-set ribbon bow and with diamond-set pendant loop. Estimated total weight of diamonds 0.35ct. $4000-4500
Lot 334 334 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD 'MOTHER' BROOCHES, set with pastes; metal pins; Aronsen & Co. (2) Width 49mm. $60-90
Lot 336 336 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCHES set with garnets; nickel pins; W.Bros. (soft-soldered hinge and catch) (2) $60-90
Lot 343 343 AN AUSTRALIAN PERIDOT, HALF-PEARL AND 9ct GOLD PENDANT; early 20th Century; W & S. Length 43mm. $80-120
Lot 344 344 AN AUSTRALIAN 15ct GOLD BROOCH, the rectangular motif set with a sapphire and small rose-faceted diamonds on a two-row bar with leaf, scroll and bead applied ornament; metal pin; H.Simonsen. Width 49mm. $60-90
Lot 345 345 AN AUSTRALIAN ARTS & CRAFTS OPAL DOUBLET AND 9ct GOLD PENDANT with leaf frame and associated 9ct gold neckchain; A.E.Hawke. (illus Pl.337, P.294 CCG) $60-90
Lot 347 347 AN AUSTRALIAN 18ct GOLD LOVE-TOKEN BROOCH with conjoined pearl-set hearts flanked by shamrock motifs set with turquoise; marked SS18. Width 41mm. Wt 4.3g. $100-150
Lot 348 348 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD SOUTHERN CROSS BROOCH set with garnet-topped doublets and with 'Map' motif; nickel pin; H.Simonsen. Width 44mm. $50-80
Lot 351 351 FOUR GILT-METAL FOB SEALS, one with onyx intaglio, one engraved initials H.C., one swivel with amber paste, and one agate. (4) $60-80
Lot 355 355 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD SWORD BROOCH with lyre motif, set with paste pearls and with festoon chain; metal pin; Willis. Length 66mm. $60-80
Lot 357 357 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD SWORD BROOCH with swallow and crescent motifs, set with pastes and with festoon chain; nickel pin; H.Simonsen. Width 76mm. $60-90
Lot 361 361 A PAIR OF AMBER AND 9ct GOLD PENDANTS. $60-90
Lot 362 362 AN AMETHYST AND 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCH, oval amethyst multi-claw-set; nickel pin. (catch soft-soldered) Width 42mm. Wt 4.7g. $50-70
Lot 370 370 THREE STICK-PINS: one with a natural pearl and a single cut diamond; Kohn & Co.(Newark, NJ); a half-pearl and gold star, and another with nickel pin. (3) Total wt (all in) 4.4g. (case) $40-80
Lot 371 371 A SHELL CAMEO AND 9ct GOLD PENDANT AND EARRINGS, profile portraits of ladies; the earrings with screw fittings. Pendant width 13mm. $50-70
Lot 372 372 A PAIR OF AMETHYST DROP EARRINGS; each amethyst claw-set in 9ct gold suspended from a metal hook fitting and with a gold-coloured tassel drop. $20-30
Lot 373 373 TWO ITEMS: a carved bone 'running Borzoi' brooch, and a silver necklace with two white tusk-shape motifs. (2) $20-30
Lot 374 374 TWO PAIRS OF DROP EARRINGS, one pair with banded onyx beads; the other with turquoise-colour beads. (2) $30-50
Lot 378 378 AN ARTICULATED FISH PENDANT, 18ct gold, marked 'Italy 750', turquoise-colour paste eyes. Weight 6.8g. $180-220
Lot 381 381 A PAIR OF BLACK MOISSANITES. Total weight 14.20ct. $80-100
Lot 382 382 A PAIR OF ONYX, CUBIC ZIRCONIA AND 9ct GOLD EAR-CLIPS, each an entwined-'C' motif on an onyx tablet within a cubic zirconia border; post and clip fittings. Total wt 5.5g. $50-70
Lot 383 383 EIGHT ITEMS: a silver pendant set with green and clear stones, an aqua-colour paste pendant, a blue enamel egg pendant, freshwater cultured pearls, a stained green beryl, three pairs of earrings and blue paste necklet. (8) $30-40
Lot 385 385 A QUANTITY OF COSTUME JEWELLERY: two bracelets, a necklace and two brooches. (5) $10-20

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21 Aug, 2017

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