Gold and silver jewellery

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Lot 2 2 A QUANTITY OF SILVER ITEMS: a bangle, two bracelets, a locket and two brooches. (6) $10-20
Lot 6 6 TWO GILT-METAL BELT BUCKLES: one Art Deco with Mother of Pearl, the other set with six paste bull's-eyes; Registered mark. (2) $30-40
Lot 7 7 A QUANTITY OF SILVER AND PLATED BELT BUCKLES: two with black enamel, one Charles Stuart Harris, London 1889. (6) $30-40
Lot 10 10 A COIN BRACELET with five Australian florins including 1935 and 1936. $20-30
Lot 13 13 A QUANTITY OF ITEMS: two pairs of gilt earrings, a pendant and a chain. (qty) $40-50
Lot 15 15 FIVE ITEMS: a paste and silver star crescent brooch, a pair of marcasite and silver earrings, a pietra dura clip, a silver brooch and a paste hair ornament. (5) $40-60
Lot 26 26 A STRING OF ASIAN GOLD BEADS, forty-nine graduated double conical leaf decorated pitch-filled beads with rope edges (15-32mm). Total weight (all in) 73g. $500-800
Lot 27 27 AN ASIAN SILVER PENDANT NECKLACE, the wide foliate repeating links with an oval pendant applied with a diaper pattern and with bead fringe; low-purity silver. $50-70
Lot 31 31 A SILVER 'CHERUB' HANDBAG MIRROR AND THREE CHAINS: belcher link neckchain, box-link neckchain and curb-link bracelet chain. (4) $60-80
Lot 33 33 A SILVER HEART-SHAPE WAX MATCH CASE on chain. $120-140
Lot 37 37 AN OPEN LINK BRACELET with large oval gold-plated links, one 9ct rose gold link and gold swivel. Estimated gold weight 1.8g. $30-40
Lot 39 39 A PAIR OF SILVER AND ENAMEL SLEEVE LINKS with chain connections; marked St.Silv. $30-40
Lot 42 42 SEVEN SILVER ITEMS: a nephrite jade pendant, a ceramic shard pendant, four pendants including a whistle, on a silver chain. (7) $30-50
Lot 43 43 AUSTRALIA - CROWN, George VI 1938. $180-200
Lot 45 45 AUSTRALIA - CROWN, George VI 1937. $30-40
Lot 47 47 AN OLD-STYLE SILVER ALBERT WATCH CHAIN NECKLACE with swivels and 'T'-bar. $140-180
Lot 49 49 A 9ct GOLD PENDANT AND CHAIN: the pendant set with blue paste. Total weight 4.3g. $40-60
Lot 50 50 A 9ct GOLD PENDANT AND A 9ct GOLD CHAIN: the pendant by Gemlex four-claw-set with colourless paste; trace-link chain. (2) Total weight 10g. $140-160
Lot 56 56 A VICTORIAN SILVER GATE-LINK COLLAR with engraved clasp. $300-320
Lot 58 58 AUSTRALIA - 50 CENTS 1966. (63) $300-400
Lot 59 59 THREE PAIRS OF 9ct GOLD EARRINGS: knots and hoops. (3) Total weight 7.2g. $100-150
Lot 61 61 A 9ct GOLD-SILVER-LINED BABY BROOCH, FOBS AND 9ct GOLD CHAIN. Chain weight approx 1.1g. $60-70
Lot 62 62 A VICTORIAN SILVER COLLAR with pierced links and large bolt-ring. Width 19.25mm. Length 38cm. $200-250
Lot 63 63 A QUANTITY OF 9ct GOLD including a pair of links, a tie-bar, a collar stud, an Ampol diamond badge, an MLC pin, a paste bar, a Southern Cross pin and a circle brooch; some metal pins. (qty) Total weight (all in) 22.1g. $180-220
Lot 67 67 THIRTEEN ITEMS OF JEWELLERY, mostly scrap: metal brooch pins, stone-set etc. Estimated weighable gold 15g. (qty) $100-150
Lot 75 75 A FANCY LINK 9ct GOLD BRACELET with heart-shape padlock. Weight 17.8g. $250-300
Lot 76 76 A 9ct GOLD CURB-LINK BRACELET with heart-shape padlock clasp. (worn) Weight 8g. $80-120
Lot 77 77 AN EDWARDIAN 9ct ROSE GOLD HINGED BANGLE, the upper half with scrolling flowers; Smith & Pepper, Birmingham 1910. Weight 8g. $150-200
Lot 78 78 A 9ct ROSE GOLD BANGLE; adjustable to facilitate wear on the wrist or arm. Weight 6g. $80-120
Lot 80 80 TWO 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCHES, one with a beadwork buckle on a three-row bar; Hollis & Newman, Chester 1900; metal pins. (2) Total weight 7.4g. $100-140
Lot 81 81 A PAIR OF AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD SLEEVE LINKS, oval plates relief-decorated with Australian Rules forwards; chain and dumbbell connections; Rodd (Apex). Total weight 5g. $80-120
Lot 85 85 AN AUSTRALIAN 15ct GOLD BAR BROOCH with swan and crescent motifs on a two-row bar and with swan drop and festoon chain; metal pin. Width 54mm. Weight 4.7g. $70-90
Lot 86 86 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD 'RETURNED SERVICEMAN' MEDALLION with boomerang motif; engraved 1917; Willis; plated chain. $90-120
Lot 87 87 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCH with an engraved lyre motif on a yellow bloomed gold bar; metal pin; Aronson. $40-60
Lot 88 88 A PAIR OF AUSTRALIAN GOLD LAPEL BUTTONS, engraved with scrolls and with rope borders; Edward Fischer (Geelong). (illus Pl.105, P.91 CCG) $40-70
Lot 89 89 TWO AUSTRALIAN BROOCHES: a nugget and 9ct gold bar brooch, engraved verso E.Nicholas; metal pin and safety chain; and a silver and gold 'Coo-Ee' open circle brooch. (2) (illus Pl.366, P.310 CCG) Total weight (all in) 14.5g. $100-120
Lot 90 90 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD MAP AND COAT OF ARMS PENDANT with ribbon-twist edge; Johnson & Simonsen. $40-80
Lot 94 94 THREE AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD MAP AND WISHBONE BROOCHES; metal pins. (3) $120-170
Lot 96 96 A PAIR OF AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD DROP EARRINGS, leaf and tendril in wire-twist frames. Length 48mm. (illus Pl.362, P.306 CCG) $120-180
Lot 97 97 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCH with shield motif on an off-set two-row bar with bead terminals; metal pin; Aronsen. Width 48mm. $50-80
Lot 98 98 AN AUSTRALIAN GOLD LOCKET AND CHAIN, scroll-engraved oblong locket with stirrup and ring mount; on an associated foxtail chain with barrel clasp; the locket Edward Fischer (Geelong). Total weight 10g. (illus Pl.105, P.91 CCG) $150-220
Lot 102 102 AN AUSTRALIAN 15ct GOLD-FILLED HINGED BANGLE with 15ct gold heart padlock; padlock marked for Johnson & Simonsen. Width 11mm. Weight (all in) 27.4g. $200-300
Lot 106 106 A PAIR OF AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD SLEEVE LINKS, with diagonal engraved flower and leaf sashes; chain and dumbbell connections. $70-90
Lot 107 107 AN AUSTRALIAN ARTS & CRAFTS SILVER BRACELET with hinged tapered panels of berry and leaf with box and tongue clasp. $100-120
Lot 109 109 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD SWORD AND CRESCENT BROOCH set with pastes; Aronson. Length 73mm. $50-70
Lot 110 110 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BROOCHES, one a two-row off-set bar, the other a Map of Australia in an open oval; metal pins; McKay (Queensland). (2) (illus Pl.192, P.167) $70-120
Lot 115 115 A GOLD CURB-LINK NECKCHAIN, bolt-ring clasp. Length 64cm. Weight 41.1g. $900-1100
Lot 116 116 A GEORGE V GOLD HALF-SOVEREIGN, London mint 1913. $140-160
Lot 117 117 AN EDWARD VII GOLD SOVEREIGN, Perth mint 1904. $320-340
Lot 118 118 AN AUSTRIAN GOLD 1 DUCAT; 1915 re-strike. $120-130
Lot 125 125 A 9ct ROSE GOLD BRACELET: four rows of curb-link chain with monogrammed rectangular box and tongue clasp. Weight 46.3g. $600-700
Lot 127 127 THREE AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN 10 KORONA GOLD COINS, 1912 re-strike. (3) $380-400
Lot 157 157 TWO 9ct GOLD CHARMS, cased United Kingdom pound and ten-shilling notes, one with London hallmark. (2) $60-80
Lot 176 176 AN 18ct GOLD BOX-PATTERN CHAIN with 'S' clasp. Length 59cm. Weight 10.2g. $350-380
Lot 210 210 A GOOD VICTORIAN SILVER-GILT BRACELET with engraved links and engraved padlock clasp. $290-320
Lot 211 211 A VICTORIAN OVAL LOCKET: star-set diamond within applied and engraved borders, the reverse with plain centre and flower & leaf engraved border; bolt ring and pendant loop. Dimensions (without loop) 47 x 38mm. Weight (all in) 27.8g. $800-1200
Lot 221 221 A GOLD ALBERTINA BRACELET with four foxtail link chains with three-colour gold decoration; unmarked, tests as 15ct gold. Weight 23.2g. $1000-1200
Lot 226 226 A VICTORIAN SILVER LOCKET, engraved; Birmingham 1884. $300-320
Lot 258 258 A PAIR OF 14ct TWO-COLOUR GOLD EARCLIPS; fittings for pierced ears; marked 14k 585. Total weight 4.7g. $80-120
Lot 259 259 A VICTORIAN FANCY-LINK GOLD NECKCHAIN: bolt-ring clasp marked 9ct; low-carat gold chain. Length 52cm. Weight 7.5g. $220-260
Lot 263 263 AN ORIENTAL GOLD CHAIN, trace-link chain with ram's-head clasp; 20-24ct gold. Length 62cm. Weight 27.1g. $900-1100
Lot 265 265 A 9ct GOLD AND SILVER ROPE-TWIST HINGED BANGLE with sprung hinge and wire safety catch. $30-50
Lot 275 275 A SILVER SPINNING LOCKET with three photo' compartments, on trace-link chain. $80-100
Lot 281 281 A BRONZE COIN AND 14ct GOLD NECKLACE, Greco-Roman bronze coin (22mm) rim-set on a swedged fancy link chain with parrot clasp. Length 43cm. Weight (all in) 27.8g. $150-250
Lot 289 289 A CHINESE GOLD BANGLE; tests as 20-22ct gold; safety catch. Weight 12.5g. $500-600
Lot 297 297 A 14ct GOLD AND HALF-PEARL MOURNING BROOCH with woven hair centre. Weight 10.3g. $200-300
Lot 320 320 A 9ct ROSE GOLD SERVIETTE CLIP with applied initials S.H. engraved verso R 1935. Weight 6.3g. $80-100
Lot 322 322 AN EDWARDIAN 9ct ROSE GOLD FOB LOCKET modelled as a St.John's cross set with a cornelian hinged locket; engraved with foliage; Chester 1911. Weight 3.1g. $150-200
Lot 323 323 A 9ct 'GOLD-BACK-AND-FRONT' LOCKET, octagonal, engraved and with shield cartouche; on a 9ct gold long-link chain. Chain length 68cm. Chain weight 4g. Total weight 6.5g. $120-180
Lot 327 327 AN 18ct GOLD COIN FRAME BROOCH, textured and polished gold in the form of a laurel wreath; safety catch; unmarked, tests as 18ct gold. Weight 8.2g. $240-260
Lot 331 331 A HEART-SHAPE PENDANT AND CHAIN: pendant with reverse intaglio tortoiseshell-colour rose in a rolled-gold frame, and an 18ct gold neckchain. Chain length 49cm. Chain weight 3g. $80-120
Lot 337 337 AN EDWARDIAN 9ct GOLD SHIELD PENDANT, rope-bordered recessed initial-engraved plaque, the reverse presentation engraved and dated '08. Width 28mm. Weight 12.3g. $170-190
Lot 341 341 A PAIR OF RUSSIAN SILVER-GILT SLEEVE LINKS set with faceted rock crystal; 875 Standard. $190-220
Lot 345 345 A SILVER BRACELET AND RING, curb-pattern bracelet and shell cameo ring. (2) Bracelet weight 13g. $30-50
Lot 346 346 A SILVER SPINNING FOB SEAL AND A DISC PENDANT on trace-link chain. (2) $250-300
Lot 359 359 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD WISHBONE BROOCH with well-modelled kangaroo; Rollason; metal pin. $50-70
Lot 361 361 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD MAP BROOCH with a yellow gold Map of Australia recessed within a rose-gold open circle; metal pin; McKay & Co. (Queensland). Diameter 23mm. (illus Pl.19, P.167 CCG) $40-70
Lot 366 366 TWO 9ct GOLD CHAINS: a filed curb-link neckchain with bolt-ring clasp, and a short length of 9ct gold curb chain. (2) Total weight 8.8g. $100-120
Lot 371 371 A VICTORIAN SILVER HINGED BANGLE, engraved; Birmingham 1883. $160-180
Lot 374 374 A COIN PENDANT AND GOLD NECKLACE, the bronze coin rim-set in gold, on a 14ct gold snake-link chain with bolt-ring. Weight (all in) 17.4g. $300-320
Lot 376 376 A VICTORIAN SILVER LOCKET, oval, engraved and applied with gold-washed lilies; M.J.Goldsmith, Chester 1881. Width 32mm. $70-100
Lot 379 379 A 9ct ROSE GOLD FANCY LINK FOB CHAIN BRACELET with star-pierced links and faceted links, and with swivel and 'T'-bar. Weight 26g. $300-400
Lot 395 395 A SILVER CURB-PATTERN BRACELET with eight charms. Total weight 30.2g. $60-80
Lot 402 402 THREE AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BROOCHES: kookaburra, swan, and enamelled RAAF 'sweetheart' brooch; metal pins. (3) Total weight 5.3g. $70-100
Lot 405 405 A SMALL SILVER MIRROR on chain. $80-100
Lot 417 417 A SILVER AND 18ct GOLD NOTE-CLIP; Tiffany & Co. $200-300
Lot 421 421 AN 18ct GOLD HEART PENDANT with associated gold-plated silver hinged loop fitting. $50-70
Lot 422 422 AN AUSTRALIAN CULTURED PEARL AND 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCH; 7.5mm Akoya pearl and two 'turquoise' pastes; safety chain; Rodd. Weight 3.3g. $40-50
Lot 438 438 FOUR ITEMS: a pair of cultured pearl and silver earrings, and three NSW Tramways buttons, nickel plate; Stokes. (4) $20-30
Lot 439 439 FOUR GOLD STICK-PINS AND TWO PLATED STICK-PINS: the white metal and clear-stone and diamond-shape gold-colour are plated. (case) (6) $70-100
Lot 445 445 A SILVER 'HORSE-HEAD' WHISTLE on trace-link silver chain. $90-120

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4 December, 2017

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