Gold and silver jewellery

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Lot 6 6 THREE STERLING SILVER BRACELETS: two hinged bangles and a curb-chain with parrot clasp. (3) Total weight 55.5g. $60-80
Lot 8 8 AN ART NOUVEAU STYLE SILVER BUCKLE; marks of Levi & Salaman, Birmingham. $60-80
Lot 12 12 A SILVER 'CHERUB' HANDBAG MIRROR AND THREE CHAINS: belcher link neckchain, box-link neckchain and curb-link bracelet chain. (4) $60-80
Lot 13 13 TWO SILVER AND MARCASITE NECKLACES, one with Three Virtues pendant; the other with heart and arrows. (2) $150-200
Lot 24 24 A COLLECTION OF ASIAN GOLD BEADS with some glass beads. Weight (all in) 20g. $300-400
Lot 27 27 AN ASIAN SILVER PENDANT NECKLACE, the wide foliate repeating links with an oval pendant applied with a diaper pattern and with bead fringe; low-purity silver. $40-60
Lot 28 28 A MIDDLE-EASTERN SILVER HEART LOCKET, close-fitted, with inscriptions obverse and reverse. Width 25mm. $30-40
Lot 29 29 A 14ct GOLD NECKCHAIN. (broken) Weight 1.5g. $30-40
Lot 30 30 TWENTY-FOUR ASIAN GOLD BEADS, rectangular and double-cone wax-filled beads. (24) Total weight (all in) 52g. $200-400
Lot 32 32 A PAIR OF LARGE ASIAN FOLIATE GOLD BEADS, bead and rope edges; wax-filled. Total weight (all in) 35.4g. $250-450
Lot 34 34 A WHITE METAL RING-LINK CHAIN. Length 88cm. $20-30
Lot 36 36 A PAIR OF GEORG JENSEN SILVER DOLPHIN EARRINGS; Design 129 by Arno Malinowski (1899-1976); screw fittings. (box) $80-120
Lot 39 39 A SILVER MIRROR PENDANT, on a silver chain. $90-120
Lot 42 42 AN EDWARDIAN SILVER ALBERT CHAIN: long and short curb links with 'T'-bar and swivels; Birmingham 1905. Length 45cm. $330-360
Lot 45 45 AN AUSTRALIAN SILVER-GILT MASONIC JEWEL: 'Tramway Lodge No.63' with presentation inscription '..A.J.Webb...1927'; Bowen (Adelaide). Length (including ribbon) 120mm. $50-100
Lot 46 46 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BROOCHES: a pearl star and crescent on a three-row bar with reeded sphere terminals, and an 'Anzac' brooch; metal pins; both with manufacturer's mark 'M' (unascribed). (2) Total weight 8.1g. $100-140
Lot 48 48 TWO AUSTRALIAN GOLD BROOCHES: a 15ct gold arrow brooch with pearl-set anchor; M & J Marks (Melbourne); and a 9ct gold boomerang with applied map of Tasmania; metal pin (mark: see Pl 368, P 312 CCG). (2) Total weight 3.3g. $50-80
Lot 49 49 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD MASONIC JEWEL: 'Chelmsford Mark Lodge', presentation engraved inscription verso: ' Wor.Bro. R.Truscott...1917'; D.J. & Co. Length (including ribbon and agate drop) 100mm. Weight (all in but without drop) 14.5g. $140-180
Lot 51 51 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD MASONIC JEWEL: 'United Tradesmen Lodge No.12, Queensland', presentation inscription verso dated 1923; metal pin. Length (including ribbon) 83mm. Weight (all in) 8.9g. $70-120
Lot 54 54 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCHES: one simulated bamboo, the other with pearl and red doublet set stars and applied millegrain scrolls; metal pins; Willis. (2) Total weight 4.5g. $60-80
Lot 55 55 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BROOCHES: a blue garnet/glass doublet Southern Cross brooch with map of Australia; Registered No.95; and a kookaburra and wishbone brooch; metal pins. (2) $60-90
Lot 59 59 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD TWO-ROW BANGLE set with red garnet/glass doublets; safety chain; Rollason. (illus Pl 233, P 204 CCG) $150-220
Lot 60 60 A PAIR OF AUSTRALIAN 15ct GOLD SLEEVE LINKS, each a rectangular plate with chamfered edge and canted corners, with inscribed monogram and date within an engraved border; chain and dumbbell connections; manufacturer's mark M. Total weight 5.5g. $80-120
Lot 61 61 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD EMU BAR BROOCH; METAL PIN; marked A.M. Width 45mm. Weight 2g. $30-50
Lot 67 67 AN EDWARDIAN 9ct ROSE GOLD FOB LOCKET modelled as a St.John's cross set with a cornelian hinged locket; engraved with foliage; Chester 1911. Weight 3.1g. $150-200
Lot 72 72 A 9ct GOLD-BACK-AND-FRONT LOCKET, octagonal, engraved and with shield cartouche; on a 9ct gold long-link chain. Chain length 68cm. Chain weight 4g. Total weight 6.5g. $120-180
Lot 77 77 AN ENAMEL AND 9ct ROSE GOLD SHIELD FOB MEDALLION. Weight 5.4g. $70-80
Lot 80 80 A VICTORIAN 15ct GOLD CASED PROPELLING PENCIL, hexagonal, with engraved scrolls and bloodstone set screw-cap lead reservoir. Length (closed) 91mm. Weight (all in) 15g. $200-300
Lot 88 88 A 9ct GOLD CURB-PATTERN BRACELET with heart padlock clasp; safety chain. Weight 29.9g. $350-400
Lot 93 93 TWO ITEMS: a 9ct gold cable-link neckchain and a 9ct gold and purple paste swivel fob. (2) Total weight 35.7g. $450-550
Lot 97 97 A 9ct GOLD BRACELET: 9mm wide flat-link bracelet with bolt-ring clasp. Weight 55.8g. $70-90
Lot 98 98 AN ENAMELLED 14ct GOLD PENDANT AND CHAIN: red, blue and white enamel with tassel, suspended from a chain with 10ct gold bolt-ring. Total weight 19.2g. $270-320
Lot 113 113 A VICTORIAN 9ct GOLD FANCY-LINK ALBERT CHAIN with scalloped lattice-edge oval links, rectangular links, 'T'-bar and three swivels (one associated). Length 72.5cm. Weight 38.5g. $500-700
Lot 115 115 A 15ct GOLD MESH BRACELET with bar, bead and scroll terminals and heart padlock clasp. Weight 24g. $450-550
Lot 173 173 A SILVER ALBERT CHAIN; long and short links. Length 43cm. $250-300
Lot 179 179 A 9ct GOLD ALBERT CHAIN with tapered links and two swivels. Length 40cm. Weight 46.2g. $650-750
Lot 180 180 A 9ct GOLD SHIELD LOCKET with engraved border and bead-end cresting rail. (erasure verso) Width 21mm. Weight (all in) 5.2g. $100-150
Lot 182 182 A 9ct GOLD SHIELD LOCKET, half engraved with scrolls; conjoined 'T'-bar. Weight (all in) 13.1g. $120-180
Lot 186 186 A PAIR OF 18ct GOLD HOOP EARRINGS with gazelle-head motifs; marked 750. Total weight 12.1g. $400-500
Lot 235 235 THREE SILVER PENDANTS on oxidised silver chain; the smallest pendant with 18ct gold decoration. (3) $250-300
Lot 245 245 TWO 9ct GOLD-COPPER-LINED BANGLES: a hinged tubular bangle and a slave bangle. (2) $80-120
Lot 255 255 A TIFFANY 18ct GOLD PENDANT AND PAIR OF EAR-STUDS: the earrings with post and scroll fittings; Tiffany & Co. Pendant width 11mm. Chain length 41cm. Earrings width 11.35mm. (Tiffany & Co. pouch) Total weight 9g. $1200-1300
Lot 266 266 TWO 9ct GOLD PENDANTS/CHARMS: a St Christopher disc, and a gold ribbon bow set with a brilliant-cut diamond. (2) Total weight 3.7g. $60-80
Lot 268 268 A 9ct GOLD AND ENAMEL ELEPHANT PENDANT; silver-gilt chain. Pendant weight 4g. $45-55
Lot 270 270 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD SHIELD MEDALLION with millegrain scroll cresting rail; presentation engraved 'M.Green, Senior, L.C.O.M. 1909; Willis. Weight 2.3g. $30-50
Lot 271 271 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCH engraved with flower and leaf and with bead-applied edge; metal pin; Willis. Length 42mm. $30-50
Lot 275 275 AN AUSTRALIAN 15ct GOLD MASONIC JEWEL: 'Union Lodge 21 QC', polished and bloomed gold; presentation inscription verso '....Wor. Bro. J.J.Gillespie P.M. 10.7.19'; metal pin. Length (including ribbon) 114mm. Weight (all in) 16.1g. $200-250
Lot 277 277 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD MASONIC JEWEL: 'Lodge Hope' presentation inscription verso: '....G.H.Moore...Murrurundi 11.5.25'; metal pin; watered silk ribbon; Harvey Smith for Hollingdale & Kessel. Length 120mm. Weight (all in) 30.2g. $250-350
Lot 279 279 A PAIR OF AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD SLEEVE LINKS, double sided engine-turned oval plates with chain connections; 'Britannic' by Magnus Goldring. Total weight 7.2g. $100-140
Lot 280 280 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BROOCHES: a bar with red doublet, paste pearls and applied rope hoops; and a map and wishbone brooch; metal pins. (2) Total weight 4.2g. $60-80
Lot 282 282 A PAIR OF AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD MAP AND BRANCH BROOCHES; metal pins; Aronsen. $50-80
Lot 284 284 TWO AUSTRALIAN BROOCHES: a silver 'Australian Engineers' crest brooch, engraved verso 'Queenie 24.5.16'; marked: kangaroo, S, kangaroo; safety chain; and a marcasite spray brooch; Goldcrest. (2) $30-40
Lot 285 285 AN AUSTRALIAN SILVER-GILT MASONIC JEWEL: 'Antiquity Lewis No.621' with presentation inscription verso '...L.C.Frappell....1964 65'; Harvey Smith Pty Limited. Length (including ribbon) 120mm. $50-80
Lot 288 288 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCH star-set with a green stone on a rhomb bar with folded ends; marked 9c, Kangaroo; metal pin. Width 46mm. Weight 3.7g. $40-60
Lot 289 289 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCHES: a rose gold name brooch 'Ruth' with curb-link festoon chain and gold safety chain, and a two-row yellow gold 'love-token' brooch with twin heart motif set with rose-faceted diamonds; metal pins; Duggin, Shappere. (2) Width 31mm and 47mm. Total weight 6.5g. $90-120
Lot 296 296 FOUR GOLD COLLAR STUDS, A GOLD SLEEVE-LINK AND AN OLD GILT-METAL FOB SEAL; studs and link mixed carat gold. (6) Total gold weight 6.4g. $80-90
Lot 306 306 A PAIR OF SILVER SUGAR NIPS AND A FOOTBALL FOB MEDALLION; sugar nips Birmingham 1903. (2) $40-60
Lot 308 308 A PAIR OF 9ct GOLD-ON-SILVER SLEEVE LINKS: shield-shape engraved and initialled; cigar-shape connections. $20-30
Lot 310 310 TWO SILVER PENDANTS. (2) Total wt 30g. $20-40
Lot 315 315 A WHITE METAL BELT BUCKLE with Polynesian style decoration. $5-10
Lot 316 316 A CASED SET OF 9ct GOLD CRAVAT PINS. Wt 4g. $80-120
Lot 324 324 A LONG STERLING SILVER LINK NECKCHAIN with bolt-ring clasp. Length 81cm. Wt 63g. $50-70

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12 Feb, 2018

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