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Lot 9 9 AN AGATE BRACELET with twelve polished sections on elastic cord. $20-30
Lot 10 10 A STERLING SILVER AND LEMON QUARTZ BRACELET: nine oval lemon quartz rim-set in silver; hinged settings with parrot clasp. $160-180
Lot 15 15 TWO PAIRS OF GEMSTONE AND SILVER DROP EARRINGS: smoky quartz and iolite. (2) $60-80
Lot 16 16 A CORNELIAN INTAGLIO PENDANT, the sard incised with a centurion's head; gold-plated. $30-40
Lot 18 18 A SEED PEARL AND SILVER-GILT NECKLACE; freshwater cultured pearls; marked 925. $250-270
Lot 19 19 TWO TRIBAL AMBER BEAD NECKLACES, long cylindrical beads conjoined by disc beads; Nagaland, North East India. (2) $120-180
Lot 20 20 AN ASIAN GLASS AND GOLD BEAD NECKLACE, pale blue oval beads and round cornflower blue beads with wax-filled gold beads. Length 43cm. $80-120
Lot 21 21 A SIMULATED-AMBER BEAD ROPE, oval large and small beads of amber fragment in plastic. Length 76cm. $30-50
Lot 22 22 AN ASIAN COLOURED GLASS BEAD NECKLACE, 'emerald', 'sapphire' and 'aquamarine' glass beads. $40-60
Lot 23 23 A 'TURQUOISE' BEAD NECKLACE, forty-three 10mm beads. Length 48cm. $15-25
Lot 26 26 AN OLD PIQUE TORTOISESHELL BELT BRACELET with rectangular sections on two-row elastic cord. Width 25mm. $150-250
Lot 31 31 TWO CERAMIC CAMEO BROOCHES. (2) $30-40
Lot 33 33 AN UNUSUAL AMBER-GLASS ROPE with oval metal-mounted links. Length 104cm. $50-70
Lot 35 35 A PRETTY PASTE AND SILVER FLOWER SPRAY BROOCH; marked 935. Length 58mm. $20-30
Lot 40 40 A SILVER LYRE-BIRD BROOCH set with seed pearls and with ruby eyes. $120-140
Lot 41 41 AN ART NOUVEAU STYLE INSECT PENDANT set with freshwater cultured pearls and plique-a-jour vari-colour resin; silver, with silver chain. $100-120
Lot 44 44 TWO VICTORIAN AMETHYST AND SILVER BROOCHES each with a hexagonal amethyst and 9ct gold applied decoration; metal pins. (2) $380-420
Lot 47 47 AN AUSTRALIAN AMETHYST AND MOTHER OF PEARL TUSK BROOCH with engraved 9ct gold cap and festoon chain; marked A.B, 9ct. (unascribed); metal pin. Length 45mm. $30-60
Lot 50 50 AN AUSTRALIAN AMETHYST, PEARL AND 9ct GOLD LILY SPRAY BROOCH; metal pin. (cased) Width 42mm. $70-90
Lot 52 52 AN AUSTRALIAN 15ct GOLD BAR BROOCH with half-pearl set star and crescent on a two-row off-set bar with reeded sphere terminals; metal pin; Duggin, Shappere. Width 50mm. Weight 4.5g. $70-100
Lot 53 53 TWO AUSTRALIAN GOLD BAR BROOCHES, one with red paste-set shield and trefoil motifs; 9ct gold (1.9g); the other with half-pearl-set harp and shamrock motifs on a two-row bar; 15ct gold (4.3g); both with metal pins; Willis. (2) $90-120
Lot 56 56 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BROOCHES: a twin heart love-token with amethyst and gold pendent hearts, and a pearl flower and leaf spray; metal pins; both A.B. (unascribed). (2) Widths 39mm and 40mm. $70-110
Lot 57 57 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BROOCHES: a Southern Cross brooch, and a half-pearl set swallow on a writhen bar; metal pins; Duggin, Shappere. (Southern Cross with loose turquoise) (2) $50-80
Lot 63 63 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCH with red stone and pearl star and crescent on a two-row off-set bar with applied bead and strapwork and reeded sphere terminals; Willis; metal pin; gold safety chain. Width 54mm. Weight 4.1g. $60-80
Lot 65 65 AN OVAL SHELL CAMEO AND 18ct GOLD BROOCH/PENDANT, the profile carving of the Goddess Diana, with crescent moon head-dress and bow; rim-set in 18ct gold. Wt (all in) 4.9g. $150-200
Lot 69 69 AN OPAL PENDANT: oval cabochon boulder opal matrix (26 x 18mm) claw-set in 9ct gold. $60-90
Lot 75 75 A JADEITE BANGLE; treated jade. Internal diameter 54mm. $140-160
Lot 76 76 A CARVED JADE 'DOUBLE FISH' PENDANT; gold-coloured pendant loop. $20-40
Lot 78 78 A NEW ZEALAND JADE BROOCH: 'D'-section polished nephrite with 9ct gold terminals, pin, joint and catch. $30-60
Lot 79 79 A VICTORIAN SAPPHIRE, DIAMOND AND GOLD BOW AND DROP BROOCH with domed 15ct gold heart drop set with a sapphire and small diamonds below a 9ct gold bow brooch; metal pin and safety chain; heart drop Chester 1899. $80-120
Lot 81 81 A CARVED JADEITE BUDDHA PENDANT: type 'A' jade set in 18ct white gold; white metal chain. $280-320
Lot 83 83 A 9ct GOLD TWO-ROW BRACELET, curbed Gucci-link chain with metal-mounted pyrope garnet drops and swivel clasp. Weight (all in) 24.7g. $200-250
Lot 91 91 A SHELL CAMEO AND 9ct GOLD BROOCH: oval cameo of the Three Graces rim-set with fancy border and applied and engraved motifs; safety chain. Cameo 32 x 25mm. Weight (all in) 12.8g. $100-120
Lot 100 100 AN OPAL MATRIX AND 9ct GOLD PENDANT: free-form triangular treated opal matrix in a 9ct gold rim; on a gold-plated Prince of Wales pattern chain. $50-70
Lot 105 105 A SHELL CAMEO BROOCH; oval scene of Diana bathing with attendant figures and hounds; the outer oblong frame with ornate leaf, flower and berry motifs. $200-250
Lot 107 107 A SHELL CAMEO AND 9ct GOLD-CASED BROOCH carved with an allegorical scene. 48 x 38mm. Weight (all in) 14.7g. $110-130
Lot 111 111 A VICTORIAN CORAL AND SEED PEARL MOURNING BROOCH; gold cased. (two pearls missing) $50-70
Lot 112 112 AN EDWARDIAN MINIATURE PENDANT: miniature painting of a young boy with lace collar and blue tunic; circular glass frame surrounded by half-pearls; 9ct gold. $400-500
Lot 119 119 A PAIR OF VICTORIAN TURTLE-SHELL PIQUE STAR DROP EARRINGS, each a six-pointed star suspended from a smaller similar star; gold hook fittings. $160-220
Lot 127 127 A TIBETAN ENAMEL, CORAL AND SILVER NECKLACE with diamond-lozenge pendant, branch coral beads and enamelled silver beads. $100-150
Lot 136 136 A PAIR OF TANZANITE, PEARL AND DIAMOND DROP EARRINGS: each an 11.8mm South Sea cultured pearl suspended from a border cluster oval top with a smaller cluster and a claw-set tanzanite; 18ct white gold. $2200-2500
Lot 139 139 A SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND PENDANT NECKLACE, four oval good-colour Ceylon-type sapphires claw-set around a brilliant-cut diamond with six small diamonds to the pendant loop and with 18ct gold collarette. Estimated weight of principal diamond 0.18ct. Total weight 8.2g. $600-700
Lot 157 157 A LATE VICTORIAN AMETHYST AND 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCH: an oval amethyst on two gold bars with fancy shoulders; metal pin; Chester 1900. (repaired) $50-70
Lot 159 159 AN OPAL DOUBLET FLOWER SPRAY BROOCH: three oval doublet flowers with 9ct white gold petals and leaves. Weight 5.2g. $60-80
Lot 163 163 A PRETTY EDWARDIAN OPAL, PEARL AND GOLD PENDANT NECKLACE with a trefoil motif and opal drops; fine backing chain with barrel clasp; 9ct gold. (some paste pearls) $150-250
Lot 164 164 A CHARMING EDWARDIAN PERIDOT AND HALF-PEARL PENDANT: an oval rim-set peridot and four half-pearls in a scrolling 9ct gold frame with pendent drop-shape peridot; 9ct gold chain. $300-350
Lot 165 165 A DAINTY EDWARDIAN TOURMALINE AND PEARL PENDANT: a circular pink tourmaline and twenty-one seed pearls in 9ct gold on a later 18ct gold chain. $200-300
Lot 174 174 A SET OF SIX MOTHER OF PEARL AND 9ct GOLD DRESS BUTTONS with gilt-metal split rings. (fitted case) Total weight (all in) 8.1g. $70-120
Lot 176 176 A PAIR OF SODALITE DROP EARRINGS each with a bead and open circle below a horizontal bar; hook fittings. $90-120
Lot 177 177 A CITRINE, CRYSTAL AND 9ct GOLD PENDANT NECKLACE with a citrine drop on a triple link 9ct gold chain with citrine and crystal spacers. Weight (all in) 33.6g. $400-450
Lot 178 178 AN AMETHYST AND GOLD RING AND EARRINGS, the ring with a fancy hexagon-cut amethyst and two small brilliant-cut diamonds in a 14ct gold crossover ring; the earrings each with an emerald cut amethyst bezel-set in 9ct gold; integral hook fittings. Ring J1/2. Weights: Ring 2.2g. Earrings total 2.7g. Total weight 4.9g. $100-150
Lot 181 181 A LATE-19th CENTURY AMETHYST, DIAMOND AND GOLD BROOCH, a large cabochon amethyst (diameter 32mm) in a twelve claw coronet setting with six old cushion-cut diamonds; unmarked, tests as 15ct gold; probably St Petersburg c.1880. Estimated weight of amethyst 105.0ct. $400-600
Lot 183 183 A BANDED ONYX NECKLACE AND BRACELET, graduated oval cabochons rim-set with conjoining bead links. Necklace length 47cm. $100-150
Lot 184 184 A SHELL CAMEO AND 9ct GOLD BROOCH AND EARRINGS, the brooch with a profile portrait of a maiden; openwork leaf frame; metal pin; the earrings with screw fittings. (2) $80-120
Lot 189 189 A KUNZITE PENDANT: long oval pale pink kunzite (18 x 10mm) four-claw-set with seven pink sapphires in 14ct gold; 9ct gold chain. $200-250
Lot 191 191 AN ATTRACTIVE TANZANITE AND DIAMOND PENDANT: drop-shape tanzanite in a three-row micro pavé-set diamond border; 18ct white gold, on an 18ct white gold chain. $2000-2500
Lot 195 195 A PAIR OF RUBY AND DIAMOND OCTAGONAL DROP EARRINGS each with thirty-two diamonds and two rubies; 9ct gold. $440-480
Lot 199 199 A PAIR OF GARNET AND DIAMOND DROP EARRINGS: each an oval garnet with six diamonds and four square garnets suspended from a row of three garnets; garnet, post and scroll fittings. $300-350
Lot 200 200 A MORGANITE AND DIAMOND PENDANT: cushion-cut pink beryl claw-set in 9ct rose gold within a border of yellow diamonds; silver and diamond pendant loop; 10ct gold chain. $150-200
Lot 205 205 A DAINTY AMETHYST AND SEED PEARL PENDANT; 9ct gold. $120-150
Lot 207 207 A CITRINE AND DIAMOND PENDANT/ENHANCER; 9ct gold. $150-200
Lot 220 220 A PAIR OF EMERALD AND DIAMOND CLUSTER EARRINGS: each with a circular-cut emerald in a border of ten single cut diamonds. $700-800
Lot 222 222 A SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND BRACELET: three clusters each with an oval sapphire and a border of single cut diamonds, each spaced with groups of four diamonds; 14ct white gold. Estimated weight of diamonds 52 = 1.30ct. Weight 21.5g. $4000-4500
Lot 224 224 A SAPPHIRE AND CULTURED PEARL BRACELET, with an 8mm Akoya pearl within a border of sapphires on a double-tapered bar and swedge link silver bracelet; 800 standard. (one sapphire missing) $70-100
Lot 226 226 A TIBETAN AMBERINE AND SILVER NECKLACE, graduated barrel shape beads with low-purity silver spacing beads and rondels; hook clasp. Width 15.0-9.3mm. Length 60cm. $100-200
Lot 227 227 A LAPIS LAZULI AND TURQUOISE NECKLACE, round and disc lapis beads with carved and plain turquoise beads. Length 46.5cm. $90-120
Lot 228 228 AN OLD TIBETAN AMBERINE NECKLACE with barrel-shape beads and low-purity silver spacing beads; hook clasp. Width 31.0mm-15.0mm. Length 57cm. $130-150
Lot 229 229 A TRIBAL TURQUOISE AND GLASS BEAD NECKLACE with turquoise matrix disc beads, glass barrel beads and metal and low purity silver beads; hook clasp. Width 23.0-11.6mm. Length 42cm. $90-120
Lot 230 230 AN AMBERINE BEAD NECKLACE, graduated oval, round and barrel-shape beads. Length 55cm. $60-90
Lot 231 231 TWO GLASS BEAD NECKLACES, one with Art Deco pendant. (2) $20-30
Lot 236 236 A PAIR OF AMETHYST, DIAMOND AND 14k GOLD EAR-CLIPS, each an oval faceted amethyst rim-set in 14k gold with four princess-cut diamonds and eighteen brilliant-cut diamonds; clip and post fittings. Total weight 9.2g. $300-350
Lot 237 237 A PAIR OF GARNET AND ONYX DISC DROP EARRINGS; 9ct gold. $220-240
Lot 238 238 A PAIR OF OPAL AND DIAMOND DROP EARRINGS: each a dark colour sugar-treated opal matrix with blue/green colours, four-claw-set in 18ct gold with claw and bead-set diamonds. $2500-3000
Lot 240 240 A PAIR OF SHELL CAMEO AND SEED PEARL DROP EARRINGS, each set with a diamond. (one seed pearl missing) $480-520
Lot 241 241 AN OPAL AND DIAMOND BAR BROOCH, oval opal (chipped) claw-set within eighteen diamonds on a knife-edge 9ct gold bar. Estimated weight of diamonds 18 = 0.20ct. $100-150
Lot 243 243 A SHELL CAMEO AND 9ct GOLD BROOCH, the oval profile portrait of a lady in a wide frame. (brooch pin non-extant) 35 x 28mm. Weight (all in) 9.3g. $50-80
Lot 246 246 A SHELL CAMEO AND 9ct GOLD BROOCH, the oval cameo rim-set with rope border; metal pin. 31 x 26mm. $30-40
Lot 248 248 A SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND PENDANT; 9ct gold. $150-200
Lot 250 250 A VICTORIAN TORTOISESHELL LOCKET AND CHAIN, the oval double-domed locket with star and crescent motif, on a bead-fringed necklace. $250-450
Lot 259 259 A 9ct GOLD SWIVEL SEAL set with cushion-shape bloodstone and sard; Birmingham hallmark. Weight (all in) 8.6g. $120-160
Lot 265 265 A DAINTY PEARL AND DIAMOND BAR BROOCH: a cultured pearl with two diamonds in 9ct gold. Weight 2.1g. $40-60
Lot 269 269 AN AUSTRALIAN 15ct GOLD BAR BROOCH with a small sapphire and two rose-faceted diamonds in a rectangular plaque with detached bars on a two-row bar with scroll motifs and reeded sphere terminals; Willis; metal pin. Width 56mm. Weight 5.5g. $80-100
Lot 272 272 TWO AUSTRALIAN 15ct GOLD BROOCHES: a half-pearl 'love token' ribbon knot heart brooch; Registered No.124600; and a blue stone flower and stem brooch; gold safety chain; metal pins; monogram EB or BB (unascribed). (2) Total weight 6g. $80-100
Lot 273 273 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD HEART BROOCH with pearl-set flower and stem; metal pin; Willis. (one pearl missing) Width 21mm. $30-50
Lot 274 274 AN AUSTRALIAN GARNET, PEARL AND 15ct GOLD BAR BROOCH, an oval garnet and four half-pearls in a four-point star on a three-row bar with trefoil and bead terminals; 9ct gold; Willis. Width 50mm. Weight 3.3g. $70-90
Lot 276 276 AN AUSTRALIAN PEARL AND 15ct GOLD SWORD BROOCH with swallow motif; 9ct rose gold safety chain; Magnus Goldring (incorporating Edwin Harrop - Binkar). Length 73mm. Weight 6.4g. (illus Pl 121, P 106 CCG) $120-150
Lot 278 278 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD PIECES: a map and boomerang pendant, and a two-row bar brooch with blue doublet and pearl-set butterfly motif on a two-row bar; metal pin; Duggin, Shappere. (some paste pearl replacements) (2) Total weight 5.5g. $70-100
Lot 281 281 AN AUSTRALIAN HALF-PEARL AND 9ct GOLD LILY SPRAY BROOCH; metal pin; Willis. (catch soft-soldered) Width 49mm. $50-80
Lot 283 283 AN AUSTRALIAN 15ct GOLD BAR BROOCH with pearl-set star and crescent on a two-row off-set bar with applied stylized boomerang motifs and reeded sphere terminals; metal pin; Duggin, Shappere. Width 58mm. Weight 5g. $90-120
Lot 286 286 TWO OPAL AND 9ct ROSE GOLD BAR BROOCHES; boulder opals claw and rim-set; one J.G.& S, one F.Collins (Adelaide). (2) Total weight 8.2g. $80-100
Lot 287 287 AN AUSTRALIAN 15ct GOLD BAR BROOCH with pearl and red stone set diamond lozenge motif on a two-row off-set bar with applied scrolls and reeded sphere terminals; metal pin; Duggin, Shappere. Width 50mm. Weight 4.2g. $70-100
Lot 290 290 TWO BEAD NECKLACES: a turquoise matrix tumbled-bead necklace with bolt-ring clasp (length 60cm) and an 'amberine' bead necklace (length 80cm). (2) $50-70
Lot 291 291 AN INDIAN AMBER-GLASS NECKLACE with elongated tapered octagonal section beads and beadwork and spherical spacing beads. Length 62cm. $100-150
Lot 295 295 A VICTORIAN TORTOISESHELL AND SILVER-MOUNTED NOTE-BOOK AND GUARD CHAIN; the oval notebook with ivory leaves (width 42mm), the chain with blond rectangular links alternating with dark ring and rectangular links; hook clasp. Chain length 61cm. (ex.Lot 122, Phillips, Son & Neale Limited, Sydney, Australia), 27th November 2000) $700-900
Lot 297 297 A CLOSE-STRUNG BLACK BEAD NECKLACE with nickel terminals and swivel. Length 138cm. $100-120
Lot 298 298 A PAIR OF AMBER AND SILVER EARRINGS AND AN AMBER & SILVER BROOCH, the earrings with oval cabochons rim-set; Polish marks; the brooch with a square cabochon. (2) $25-35
Lot 300 300 A CERAMIC AND SILVER PENDANT, oval, rim-set with an underglaze blue and white shard. Width 34mm. $20-30
Lot 303 303 A PAIR OF SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND DROP EARRINGS each a good colour drop-shape sapphire in a border of baguette-cut diamonds below a flower-cluster top; 18k gold. Estimated weights: Sapphires 2 = 1.48ct, Diamonds estimated total weight 1.75ct. $1650-1750
Lot 312 312 A ZIRCON FLORAL BROOCH with six round blue zircons and ten white sapphires in 14ct gold. Wt 11.3g. $400-500
Lot 314 314 TWO NECKLACES: a freshwater cultured pearl and silver necklace, and a red and black stone necklace. (2) $30-40
Lot 318 318 A PAIR OF TANZANITE AND DIAMOND CLUSTER EARRINGS, each an oval tanzanite (8 x 6mm) claw-set within a border of 24 brilliant-cut diamonds; 18ct white gold. Estimated weight of diamonds 48 = 0.80ct. $1500-1600
Lot 320 320 A PAIR OF SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND DROP EARRINGS, each an oval Ceylon sapphire six-claw-set within a openwork leaf border suspended from a trefoil top; marked 750 (18ct). Estimated total weight of diamonds 52 = 0.70ct. $1200-1300
Lot 322 322 AN ATTRACTIVE SHELL CAMEO BROOCH: oval three-colour profile portrait shell cameo in a 9ct gold frame with twist border; safety chain. Weight (all in) 9g. $150-200

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12 Feb, 2018

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