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Lot 5 5 'MASTERPIECES IN SILVER' a cased set of three silver dollars issued by the Royal Australian Mint 1990 with sterling silver bank-note No.15867 and a silver Credit Suisse ingot. Weight of each coin 11.5g. Ingot weight 10g. Total weight of silver 85.9g. $30-50
Lot 7 7 SIX ITEMS: four pendant necklets, a watch and a gilt band. (6) $20-30
Lot 13 13 NINETEEN NECKCHAINS including two silver. (19) $15-25
Lot 14 14 A SILVER BANGLE; marked 925. Weight 31.8g. $60-70
Lot 17 17 A 1970's MEXICAN SILVER NECKLET with hinged links and box clasp; marked Mexico 925. Length 45cm. Weight 76.5g. $30-50
Lot 19 19 AN ENAMELLED SILVER EGG PENDANT with silver stand. $220-240
Lot 21 21 AN ENAMELLED SILVER EGG PENDANT with silver stand. $220-240
Lot 22 22 A VICTORIAN STYLE SILVER NECKLACE with alternating plain and patterned links and heart padlock clasp. Length 44cm. Weight 54.8g. $40-70
Lot 27 27 A SILVER PENDANT with a metal 'coin' in the style of Alexander, a Roman emperor of the Severan dynasty; faceted black glass border; cord necklace. $40-50
Lot 36 36 A SILVER FILIGREE SUITE: necklace, bracelet, drop earrings and ring. Ring size S. Total weight 67g. $100-120
Lot 42 42 A TIFFANY SILVER 'LUCE' PENDANT NECKLACE, Paloma's Venezia collection, on fine chain. (with pouch, box, bag and papers) $50-100
Lot 43 43 A HERMES ENAMEL BRACELET, the 'H'-form bracelet with twist buckle; gold-plated. (box) $70-120
Lot 44 44 AN AUSTRALIAN $200 GOLD COIN; Capt Arthur Phillip commemorative 1987 Proof; .916 gold, 22ct. Weight 10g. $450-500
Lot 45 45 A SILVER FANCY-LINK NECKLACE: smooth interwoven links with box clasp and safety catch; marked 925. Length 57cm. Weight 49.5g. $50-60
Lot 46 46 A GOLD NUGGET PENDANT AND CHAIN; 18ct gold 'nugget'-cast pendant by Bullion Sales Int, on a 9ct gold foxtail chain. Pendant weight 10.23g. Chain length 50cm. Chain weight 6.06g. $400-500
Lot 47 47 A PAIR OF CARTIER 'PANTHERE' 18ct GOLD HOOP EARRINGS; clip fittings for pierced ears; marked Cartier No.845826 c 1992. (box) Total weight 13.8g. $500-600
Lot 50 50 A GOOD PAIR OF 18ct GOLD EAR-CLIPS: each a circular openwork dome with applied wirework. Total weight 14.7g. $500-600
Lot 68 68 A WIDE 18ct GOLD BRACELET with contrasting polished and unpolished triangular motifs; box clasp and figire-'8' safety catches; marked 750. Length 19cm. Weight 73.5g. $2000-2500
Lot 69 69 AN AUSTRALIAN ARTS & CRAFTS SILVER BRACELET with hinged tapered panels of berry and leaf with box and tongue clasp. $100-120
Lot 73 73 AN AUSTRALIAN 18ct BLOOMED GOLD SCARF RING with applied shield; Henry Steiner (Adelaide); marked: H.Steiner, Adelaide, 18.c, Crown, Lion Passant. Width 24mm. Weight 4.5g. $120-180
Lot 82 82 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD MASONIC JEWEL, 'Lodge Bega No.220, 1906-7', presentation inscription verso to Wor.Bro.P.Fraser; watered silk ribbon; gilt pin; L.I.Flegeltaub (Sydney). Note: L.I.Flegeltaub incorporated as Harvey C.Smith c.1920. Length 12.8cm. Weight (all in) 27.4g. (original case) $350-450
Lot 83 83 TWO 9ct GOLD HEART PADLOCK CLASPS. (2) Total weight 4.7g. $80-100
Lot 89 89 AN AUSTRALIAN SILVER-GILT MASONIC JEWEL with pendent dove below a foliate engraved lunette; the cresting bar with watered silk ribbon; Bowen & Co., Adelaide. (illus Pl.51, P.52 CCG) Length 9cm. $70-120
Lot 91 91 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct TWO-COLOUR GOLD MASONIC JEWEL, 'Rockhampton, Chapter No.574' with rose-gold symbols on a five-pointed star within a thistle wreath; Walter Beynon (Brisbane); bars unmarked but test as 9ct gold; metal pin. Length 11cm. Weight (all in) 16.9g. $250-300
Lot 97 97 AN OLD SILVER EMU AND WISHBONE BROOCH; Birmingham 1911; safety chain. $25-35
Lot 107 107 AN AUSTRALIAN BLACK SWAN BROOCH with applied black enamel swan on a 9ct gold-lined oval ground. 28 x 20mm. $20-30
Lot 109 109 AN AUSTRALIAN 15ct GOLD CROSS, plain; Frederick Basse (Adelaide). 45 x 28mm. Weight 10.2g. $200-300
Lot 110 110 A VICTORIAN STYLE SILVER ALBERT CHAIN with tassel. $180-220
Lot 111 111 AN ORIENTAL 22ct GOLD CHAIN, box links with ram's-horn clasp; marked 100%. Weight 31g. $1200-1400
Lot 113 113 A THREE-COLOUR 18ct GOLD BRACELET: mostly yellow gold with shaped square motifs and rose and white gold segments; box clasp and figure-'8' safety catches. Length 19cm. Weight 78.2g. $2200-2600
Lot 114 114 AN 18ct GOLD DOUBLE CURB-PATTERN NECKCHAIN: large and small links with parrot clasp. Length 79cm. Weight 95.8g. $3000-3500
Lot 115 115 AN 18ct GOLD MESH NECKLACE with applied discs and arrow-heads with bead borders; box clasp marked 750 Italy. Length 46cm. Weight 58.3g. $1650-1800
Lot 117 117 A THREE-COLOUR GOLD ALBERTINA BRACELET: double rope chain with swivel catch and two Victorian slides each with three-colour gold decoration. Length 19.5cm. Weight 21.7g. $1600-1700
Lot 118 118 A PAIR OF 9ct GOLD LARGE HOOP EARRINGS; 9ct gold. Diameter 50mm. Total weight 7.1g. $150-170
Lot 136 136 A 14ct GOLD BRACELET: large links with woven flat mesh ribbon and box clasp with figure-'8' safety catch. Weight 21.5g. $400-500
Lot 153 153 A 9ct GOLD ALBERT CHAIN with 'T'-bar and swivel. Weight 29.6g. $600-650
Lot 190 190 A 9ct GOLD LINK BRACELET with bolt-ring clasp. Weight 9.5g. $100-120
Lot 192 192 A CARTIER 18ct GOLD BRACELET with parrot clasp; marked Cartier 750 R02995. Weight 10g. $400-450
Lot 196 196 A PAIR OF GOLD AND SILVER HOOP EARRINGS marked T&Co 750 925; the scroll fittings marked T&Co 925; probably Tiffany & Co. $40-60
Lot 198 198 A SILVER CHAIN WITH SILVER MESH AND PEARL PENDANT, marked Peretti, Tiffany & Co. $30-50
Lot 206 206 AN 18ct GOLD FANCY CURB-LINK NECKCHAIN with box clasp and figure '8' safety catches. Length 54cm. Weight 46g. $1400-1600
Lot 207 207 AN ATTRACTIVE SILVER AND 9ct GOLD LINK BRACELET with hook clasp. Weight 6.5g. $50-70
Lot 208 208 A 9ct GOLD ALBERT CHAIN, curb links with 'T'-bar, swivels and heart-shape nephrite jade fob. Weight (all in) 41.6g. $800-900
Lot 211 211 A 9ct ROSE GOLD CURB-LINK BRACELET with heart-shape padlock clasp. Weight 17.9g. $360-400
Lot 218 218 A 14ct GOLD CURB-PATTERN BRACELET with box clasp and safety catch; marked 18k. Length 20.5cm. Weight 94g. $1900-2400
Lot 225 225 A GOLD COIN BRACELET: six South African 2 Rand gold coins set in a radiating pattern in 18ct gold. Length 20.8cm. Weight 82.6g (each 22ct gold coin 7.98g = 47.8g) $2800-3200
Lot 226 226 A SILVER SOVEREIGN CASE with engraved flowers and with vacant cartouche; A.L.Dennison, Birmingham 1912. (in excellent condition) $100-150
Lot 228 228 A LATE-VICTORIAN SILVER BANGLE, the upper half engraved with leaves; silver outer layer with some silver-plated base metal. $190-220
Lot 229 229 A PAIR OF VICTORIAN 9ct ROSE GOLD SLEEVE LINKS, each a double-sided engraved link; chain connections; Chester 1896. Total weight 3.2g. $100-150
Lot 232 232 AN 18ct GOLD GRADUATED ROPE NECKLACE with bolt-ring clasp. Length 47cm. Weight 58.8g. $1750-2000
Lot 233 233 A 9ct GOLD CURB-LINK BRACELET with integral catch and heart-shape pendant. Weight 51.6g. $1050-1150
Lot 235 235 A 9ct ROSE GOLD MESH LINK BELT BRACELET with half seed-pearl set buckle and retainer. Buckle width 16mm. Weight 13.5g. $200-220
Lot 242 242 A 9ct ROSE GOLD CURB-LINK ALBERT CHAIN, parallel chain, each link marked 9ct, with 'T'-bar and two swivels; probably Australian. Length 34.5cm. Weight 31.1g. $400-500
Lot 243 243 AN AUSTRALIAN SILVER LEAF BROOCH; Henry Steiner (Adelaide). Width 47mm. $70-110
Lot 248 248 A RARE PAIR OF AUSTRALIAN 18ct GOLD LAPEL BUTTONS, each with strapwork engraved monogram; Henry Steiner (Adelaide): marked H.Steiner twice, 18.c, Crown, Lion Passant. (illus Pl.262, P.229 CCG) Diameter 27mm. Total weight 19.1g. $550-650
Lot 250 250 AN AUSTRALIAN SILVER BOOK-MARK with kookaburra finial and leaf-engraved blade; Willis. Length 66mm. $40-80
Lot 251 251 AN AUSTRALIAN DIAMOND AND 15ct GOLD RHOMB BROOCH with a rose-faceted diamond star-set; gilt pin. Width 50mm. Weight 4.5g. $100-150
Lot 252 252 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct ROSE GOLD PHOTO' FRAME BROOCH with photograph of two Australian Imperial Forces infantrymen; Aronson. 33 x 41mm. $100-150
Lot 254 254 TWO AUSTRALIAN MEDALLIONS: one 9ct gold: 'Bourke Rowing Club' dated 1883 with a length of pendent chain (wt 7.3g), the other silver-gilt '...presented to the Rifle Club Parramatta'. (2) $120-150
Lot 259 259 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCHES, one with star and crescent on a two-row bar with reeded sphere terminals; the other with small seed pearls and applied leaves; metal pins; Aronson. (2) Widths 53mm and 49mm. Total weight 6.7g. $100-140
Lot 260 260 AN AUSTRALIAN 18ct YELLOW GOLD LOCKET, oval; vestiges of an engraved monogram; Henry Steiner (Adelaide). 30 x 23mm. Weight 9g. $280-350
Lot 261 261 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct ROSE GOLD PENDANT-WATCH BROOCH in the form of a ribbon; marked G.C. & Co. Width 49mm. Weight 5.6g. $80-100
Lot 262 262 A SET OF FOUR AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD SHIRT STUDS; 'Britannic' by Magnus Goldring; fitted case for J.M.Dempster (Sydney). $60-90
Lot 264 264 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BROOCH with bias-set motif on a two-row bar with reeded sphere terminals; metal pin; Aronson. Width 54mm. Weight 4g. $60-90
Lot 265 265 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct ROSE GOLD BOOMERANG AND FLAGS BROOCH, the flags of Australia and the United Kingdom symbolizing the unbreakable bond between two great nations, conjoined with wattle flower; metal pin. Width 51mm. $80-120
Lot 266 266 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCHES: one a two-row bar set with an amethyst and with festoon chain (losses), the other a charming love-token brooch with twin heart motif in bloomed and polished gold; metal pins; both H & N. Widths 46mm and 42mm. (2) $80-120
Lot 268 268 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct ROSE GOLD MAP OF AUSTRALIA BROOCH engraved with the States and pierced P.Neers above the engraved acronym A.I.E.F.; metal pin; marked Alfred, 9c. Width 30mm. $40-80
Lot 270 270 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct TWO-COLOUR GOLD MASONIC JEWEL, 'Lodge Brundah No.293, UGL, NSW' with presentation inscription verso '.. to Worshipful Brother J.T.Juleff'; watered silk ribbon; crown mark. Length 12cm. Weight (all in) 37.7g. (case) $550-650
Lot 271 271 A LATE 19th CENTURY AUSTRALIAN GOLD MASONIC JEWEL, 'Lodge Centennial No.2230 EC, with star pendent to symbols on a quatrefoil ground with enamel centre within an oval wreath; presentation inscription verso to Bro.Enos Dyer dated Oct 3rd '88; cresting bar with flower and leaf base; applied maker's plate 'Keeling'; unmarked, tests as 9ct gold. Length 10.4cm. Weight 32.8g. (cased for Harvey C.Smith Ltd) $450-550
Lot 272 272 A THREE-COLOUR 18ct GOLD WIDE BRACELET with a meander pattern in white, yellow and rose gold in alternating sections; box clasp with figure-'8' safety catches. Length 19.5cm. Weight 68.1g. $1900-2200
Lot 276 276 A GOOD HEAVY PAIR OF 9ct GOLD DOUBLE-SIDED SLEEVE LINKS; Deakin & Francis, Birmingham. Total weight 13.6g. $680-720
Lot 281 281 A PAIR OF GOLD SCROLL DROP EARRINGS; marked 56, tests as 14ct gold. $150-200
Lot 283 283 A PAIR OF LATE-VICTORIAN GILT DROP EARRINGS; hook fittings. $100-150
Lot 287 287 AN 18ct WHITE AND YELLOW GOLD BRACELET with 'S' links, box clasp and safety catches. Length 18.5cm. Weight 49.1g. $1350-1450
Lot 296 296 THREE SILVER ITEMS: two rings and a pendant on chain. (3) $100-120
Lot 300 300 A 9ct ROSE GOLD ALBERT CHAIN, fancy-link chain with 'T'-bar and swivels. Weight 63.2g. $1300-1400
Lot 307 307 A SILVER KNOT-LINK ALBERT CHAIN with 'T'-bar and to swivels. Length 55cm. Weight 64.2g. $70-120
Lot 335 335 AN 18ct GOLD ALBERT CHAIN converted as a two-row bracelet with swivel and 'T'-bar; each link stamped 18. Weight 38.4g. $1100-1300
Lot 347 347 A 9ct GOLD CURB-LINK BRACELET with puffer heart padlock clasp. Weight 40.2g. $820-860
Lot 349 349 A SILVER FANCY LINK NECKCHAIN with gilt swivel and metal swivel. Length 40cm. Weight (all in) 30.8g. $80-120
Lot 360 360 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD TWO-BAR BROOCH with chevron and reeded sphere terminals; metal pin; Aronson. Width 51mm. $50-80
Lot 361 361 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD CROSS PENDANT, bloomed gold with engraved terminals and central green paste; Rollason. Width 24mm. (illus Pl.232, P.203 CCG) $50-80
Lot 364 364 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BROOCHES: wishbone and Map of Australia; boomerang with rope loop; metal pins; Willis. (2) Widths 35mm and 37mm. $60-90
Lot 366 366 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD ANON BROOCH, scallop edge with engraved ends; un-named; metal pin and soft-soldered catch; Rollason (Sydney). Width 41mm. $30-50
Lot 368 368 A 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCH; marked Triangle, 9, wheatsheaf; metal pin; safety chain. $40-60
Lot 369 369 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD WISHBONE AND MAP PENDANT; Benjamin. Width 15mm. $20-30
Lot 370 370 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD NAPKIN CLIP set with a doublet and with engraved initials F.J.; Aronson. Weight 3.9g. $60-80
Lot 372 372 AN AUSTRALIAN SILVER NAME BROOCH engraved with leaf and stem; C.P.Rosenhain (Adelaide). Width 47mm. $30-60
Lot 374 374 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCHES each with shield motifs; metal pins; probably South Australian. (2) Total weight 7.2g. $90-120
Lot 377 377 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD 'DAWN CHORUS' BROOCH with two kookaburras on a post-and-rail fence, the centre rail with the legend 'Australia'; metal pin; H.Simonsen (Melbourne). Width 48mm. $100-150
Lot 378 378 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD MOUNTED RIBBON FOB with three shield motifs, four terminals and two swivels; Willis. Length 26.5cm. $100-150
Lot 380 380 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct ROSE GOLD DISC BROOCH, plain; Willis; metal pin. Diameter 31mm. Weight 2.9g. $30-50
Lot 385 385 TWO AUSTRALIAN 18ct GOLD MASONIC BADGES 'Tasmania 1902' and 'Board of Benevolence T.C.' with monogram centre, on a ribbon; unmarked, tests as 18ct gold. (2)(these pins are probably associated with the J.W.Israel jewel) Total weight (all in) 12.6g. $250-300
Lot 386 386 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BROOCHES: an Australian Military Forces crest and bar brooch; A.Bros., and a paste-set lily brooch; A.J.S; metal pins. (2) $50-80
Lot 387 387 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD MILITARY BROOCHES: a Regimental Colours wishbone brooch and an Anzac brooch in the form of an artillery shell; metal pins. (2) Widths 35mm and 40mm. $80-120
Lot 388 388 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BROOCHES: a kookaburra and boomerang brooch, and an enamelled Coat of Arms and wishbone brooch; metal pins; Willis. (2) $50-90
Lot 389 389 THREE AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD PINS: a bar with enamel Coat of Arms on a Map of Australia; a kangaroo stickpin, and a Coat of Arms on Map of Australia stick-pin; Willis; metal pins. (3) $80-120
Lot 396 396 A DAINTY SCANDINAVIAN STYLE SILVER BRACELET with parrot clasp and safety chain. Weight 11.4g. $20-30
Lot 411 411 A SILVER BRACELET with five rose gold-plated heart pendants. $20-30
Lot 413 413 A VICTORIAN STYLE SILVER LOCKET AND CHAIN; the locket with elf motif. $120-140
Lot 416 416 A SILVER BRACELET AND RING, curb-pattern bracelet and shell cameo ring. (2) Bracelet weight 13g. $30-50
Lot 423 423 A PAIR OF SILVER 'FOUR-VICES' DOUBLE-SIDED SLEEVE LINKS with chain connections; Deakin & Francis; hallmarked. $90-120

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9 April, 2018

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