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Lot 5 5 A CARVED HARDSTONE BANGLE, dyed lavender-colour quartzite. $60-90
Lot 8 8 TWO AMBER-COLOUR LARGE BEAD BRACELETS on elastic cord. (2) $10-20
Lot 17 17 A SIX STRAND PERIDOT AND SQUARE CORNELIAN BEAD NECKLACE with coral and malachite beads; silver-gilt clasp. $280-320
Lot 22 22 A SNAKE BANGLE with turquoise-colour decoration and red eyes. $40-60
Lot 24 24 THREE BANGLES including horn and wood. (3) $30-40
Lot 26 26 A DAINTY LAPIS LAZULI, PEARL AND GOLD BEAD BRACELET with gilt silver and pearl clasp. (requires re-stringing) $20-40
Lot 34 34 A PAIR OF AMBER AND SILVER DROP EARRINGS: each a greenish yellow amber drop with silver cage setting; Polish amber; hook fittings. (original box and certificate) $30-50
Lot 35 35 FOUR GEMSTONES: an oval amethyst (8.0ct) and three citrine swivel stones (3 = 100.0ct)(some chipping). (4) $40-60
Lot 36 36 A CITRINE AND SILVER NECKLACE with six oval citrines rim-set in silver with wire twist borders on curb-link chain with parrot clasp and with thicker adjusting chain. $150-200
Lot 37 37 A PAIR OF OPAL DROP EARRINGS: each a drop-shape opal with bar link and bead top; 9ct gold with post and scroll fittings. $150-180
Lot 39 39 A PAIR OF RUBY AND DIAMOND EARRINGS: each a heart-shape ruby rim-set within a border of ten diamonds; 9ct gold. $100-150
Lot 44 44 A THREE-ROW WOVEN GEMSTONE NECKLACE, emerald, ruby and sapphire beads; silver-gilt tube spacers and clasp. $300-400
Lot 47 47 A PAIR OF AMETHYST AND DIAMOND EARRINGS; marked EMA, 10k. $80-100
Lot 48 48 TWO OPERA LENGTH CULTURED PEARL NECKLACES with spacer beads; Akoya pearls, one with peridot and amethyst beads, the other with garnet, lapis lazuli and blue corundum. (2) Length each 100cm. $100-150
Lot 50 50 AN AMETHYST, DIAMOND AND 9ct GOLD PENDANT; gold-plated chain. $220-260
Lot 54 54 A PAIR OF SILVER DROP EARRINGS set with synthetic opals and cubic zirconias. $120-160
Lot 56 56 A STONE BEAD NECKLACE, round faceted agate beads with purple freshwater cultured pearls and gilt feature beads. $100-120
Lot 60 60 AN ATTRACTIVE SHELL CAMEO BROOCH: oval three-colour profile portrait shell cameo in a 9ct gold frame with twist border; safety chain. Weight (all in) 9g. $150-200
Lot 61 61 AN AMETHYST AND GREEN GARNET PENDANT, cushion-shape amethyst claw-set with three tsavorite garnets in 14ct gold with a silver-gilt chain. $550-600
Lot 62 62 A PAIR OF AMETHYST AND 14ct GOLD DROP EARRINGS, each a claw-set cushion-shape amethyst; hook fittings. $550-600
Lot 70 70 A PAIR OF PEARL AND GARNET DROP EARRINGS; 9ct gold. $180-220
Lot 75 75 A PAIR OF AMETHYST EAR-STUDS, each a claw-set chequerboard cut pastel amethyst; 14ct gold. $350-400
Lot 78 78 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BROOCH with paste-set lyre with pendent heart and festoon chain; on a two-row off-set bar with applied leaves; metal pin; Rollason. Width 44mm. (illus Pl.235, P.205 CCG) $50-80
Lot 79 79 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD SOUTHERN CROSS BROOCH set with green paste and with central Australian map motif; metal pin; H.Simonsen. $50-70
Lot 80 80 AN AUSTRALIAN 15ct GOLD BROOCH set with red paste and seed pearls, the two-row bar with applied beads and conjoining milled meander; sphere terminals; metal pin; Duggin, Shappere & Co. Width 48mm. $70-140
Lot 81 81 TWO 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCHES each set with a milky opal. (2) Total weight 8.3g. $150-200
Lot 82 82 AN AUSTRALIAN 18ct GOLD OVAL BROOCH set with a black glass cabochon and with applied rope rim; nickel pin; fully marked: H.Steiner, Adelaide, 18.c, Crown, Lion Passant. 40 x 31mm. Weight 20.2g. $200-400
Lot 83 83 AN AUSTRALIAN MALACHITE AND 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCH, the oval cabochon malachite millegrain rim off-set; metal pin; G.H.Palfrey (Melbourne). Weight 3.7g. $50-70
Lot 84 84 AN AUSTRALIAN OPAL MELEE AND 9ct GOLD BROOCH with festoon chain and associated English hallmarked engraved cross pendant; metal pin; J.M.W. (possibly J.M.Wendt) Width 54mm. $70-120
Lot 85 85 A LATE 19th CENTURY GARNET AND GOLD CONCEALED PHOTO' BROOCH: oval, with flower and leaf garland border and hinged lid; tests as 15ct gold; probably Australian. $200-400
Lot 87 87 AN AUSTRALIAN SHELL CAMEO AND 9ct GOLD BROOCH with a profile portrait of a lady rim-set, recessed fern engraved border; safety chain; Bowen (Adelaide). 40 x 32mm. Weight 11.6g. $150-220
Lot 88 88 AN AUSTRALIAN MALACHITE AND 15ct GOLD PENDANT with a Burra malachite heart rim-set with rope border; rose gold jump ring; L.H.Suhard & Co.(Adelaide). Width 23mm. Weight 11.4g. $180-250
Lot 89 89 AN AUSTRALIAN SHELL CAMEO AND 9ct GOLD OVAL BROOCH: the pink shell profile portrait of a maiden multi-claw-set with a wide curved border; gold safety chain; Caris Bros (Perth). 35 x 29mm. $120-180
Lot 90 90 AN AUSTRALIAN OPAL AND GOLD STICK-PIN, oval crystal opal (11.7 x 7 x 5.5mm) multi-claw-set in 15ct gold; Simonsen (Melbourne). (illus Pl51, P.219 CCG) $70-90
Lot 91 91 AN AUSTRALIAN SHELL CAMEO AND 9ct GOLD BANGLE: the oval pink shell carved with the Classical Greco-Roman style profile portrait of a lady, multi-claw-set with applied scrolls on a two-row bangle, hinged, with box and tongue clasp; safety chain; S.Schlank & Co. (Adelaide). $250-450
Lot 93 93 AN AUSTRALIAN AMETHYST AND 9ct GOLD TWO-ROW BAR BROOCH with applied leaves and tendrils and with festoon chain; nickel pin; Rollason & Co. $60-70
Lot 94 94 AN AUSTRALIAN SEED PEARL AND 15ct GOLD TRUE-LOVE CRESCENT BROOCH with entwined hearts and ribbon bow crest; gold safety chain; Duggin, Shappere & Co. Width 46mm. (illus Pl.94, P.82 CCG) $120-180
Lot 98 98 AN AUSTRALIAN 15ct GOLD STICK-PIN with pearl-set shield with applied milled scroll crest; Aronson. $40-70
Lot 99 99 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BROOCH with doublet and paste set lyre on a two-row bar with reeded sphere and scroll terminals; metal pin; Rollason & Co. Width 50mm. $70-110
Lot 100 100 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCH with shield and seed-pearl flowers on a two-row bar with reeded sphere terminals; metal pin; Aronson & Co. Width 50mm. (illus Pl.35, P.39 CCG) $60-90
Lot 101 101 AN AUSTRALIAN PASTE AND 9ct GOLD FLOWER SPRAY BROOCH; metal pin; S.Hoffnung & Co. Width 43mm. (illus Pl.137, P.121 CCG) $70-120
Lot 102 102 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BROOCH with seed-pearl flower and crescent motif on a two-row bar, one writhen, the other square-section; reeded hemisphere, scroll and rope terminals; metal pin and safety chain; Aronson & Co. (illus Pl.35, P.39 CCG) Width 55mm. $60-90
Lot 103 103 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD SWORD, CRESCENT AND STAR BROOCH with festoon chain; metal pin; Aronson (Melbourne). Width 74mm. $70-120
Lot 105 105 AN AUSTRALIAN 15ct GOLD BROOCH with pearl-set quatrefoil on a tubular bar with applied scrolls and spherical terminals; safety chain; Larard Bros., Melbourne. Width 53mm. (illus Pl.171, P.149 CCG) $100-120
Lot 106 106 A 9ct GOLD FRAMED 'LUCKY PEBBLE' PENDANT: a flat drop-shape pendant rim-set with wire claws; pendant loop marked 9ct; probably Australian. $50-70
Lot 107 107 A LARGE AUSTRALIAN PORCELAIN AND 9ct GOLD BROOCH, the oval ceramic painted with swallows and lily-of-the-valley; initialled verso AY and dated 1926; metal pin; W.T.Murphy & Co. 70 x 53mm. $200-300
Lot 109 109 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD TWO-ROW BAR BROOCH with pearl-set shield and applied beads and chevrons; metal pin; Duggin, Shappere & Co. (Melbourne). Width 50mm. $60-90
Lot 110 110 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BROOCH set with a pyrope garnet and seed pearls; metal pin; S.Hoffnung & Co. (Sydney, Brisbane). (illus Pl137, P.121 CCG) $50-80
Lot 111 111 AN AUSTRALIAN 18ct GOLD TWO-ROW BAR BROOCH with ruby-set star and pearl-set crescent motifs; nickel pin; Henry Steiner (Adelaide). Width 40mm. (illus Pl.261, P.228 CCG) $120-170
Lot 113 113 AN AUSTRALIAN AQUAMARINE AND 9ct GOLD OVAL BROOCH with oval and round aquamarines rim and claw-set with leaves and tendrils within an interwoven ribbon border; metal pin; Aronson & Co. Width 37mm. (illus Pl37, P.41 CCG) $120-180
Lot 114 114 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BROOCH with blue paste-set shield on a two-row chamfered bar; metal pin; Rosenthal, Aronson & Co. Width 42mm. (illus Pl.26, P.32 CCG) $50-70
Lot 119 119 A PAIR OF JADE EARRINGS: oval carved jade with silver hook fittings. $40-60
Lot 121 121 A JADE BANGLE. $120-140
Lot 122 122 A JADEITE BANGLE: grey-green/white jade. (some flaws) Thickness 14mm. Inside diameter 59mm. $50-70
Lot 124 124 A PAIR OF JADE, ONYX AND DIAMOND DROP EARRINGS; 18ct white gold. $1000-1200
Lot 125 125 A PAIR OF JADEITE AND DIAMOND DROP EARRINGS: bright carved type 'A' jade claw-set in a border of 26 diamonds with diamond top; rhodium-plated 18ct gold. Certificate for jade from Hong Kong Laboratory: Fei Cui: natural colour, no resin detected. $2200-2600
Lot 126 126 FIVE NEPHRITE JADE ITEMS: a 9ct gold and nephrite jade ring (3.1g), a band ring, a bead necklace, a drop pendant with silver chain, and a small pendant. (5) $50-70
Lot 128 128 AN INDIAN RUBY/PINK SAPPHIRE PEARL AND 22ct YELLOW GOLD NECKLACE with four rows of pearls spaced with domed gemstone and gold openwork clusters. Weight (all in) 41g. $1550-1750
Lot 130 130 A LARGE PAIR OF TURQUOISE, PEARL AND GOLD DROP EARRINGS; openwork tapered hoops of 20ct gold; screw post fittings; Indian manufacture. Length 75mm. Total weight 17.9g. $800-900
Lot 138 138 FORTY-NINE CITRINES: oval, marquise, pear-shape, octagonal step-cut and round. (49) Estimated total weight 49 = 67.5ct. $570-600
Lot 140 140 FORTY-SIX ALMANDINE GARNETS, oval, round and mixed cut. (46) Estimated weight 46 = 58.0ct. $450-500
Lot 142 142 TWENTY-FOUR AMETHYSTS: oval, pear, octagonal and round. (24) Estimated total weight 24 = 38.5ct. $460-480
Lot 150 150 A PAIR OF AMETHYST AND DIAMOND DROP EARRINGS: each a drop-shape amethyst suspended from a diamond cluster; 18ct gold. $450-550
Lot 151 151 AN AMETHYST AND DIAMOND HINGED BANGLE: a heart-shape amethyst in a diamond border with two rows of black diamonds. $1000-1200
Lot 157 157 A SAPPHIRE PENDANT AND EARRINGS SUITE: heart-shape links, some set with sapphires in a flexible drop; white gold; 18ct gold box-link chain. $1050-1250
Lot 162 162 AN ELEGANT TANZANITE AND DIAMOND PENDANT: the cushion-cut tanzanite corner claw-set within a border of twenty-eight and thirty brilliant-cut diamonds and with a further six diamonds to the pendant loop; 18ct white gold. Estimated total weight of diamonds 0.50ct. Weight 3g. $1500-1700
Lot 163 163 A TURQUOISE BEAD BRACELET with diamond sphere clasp and four diamond spacer beads. $1000-1100
Lot 166 166 A PAIR OF EMERALD AND DIAMOND EARRINGS: each with a good colour emerald rim-set with nine diamonds; 18ct gold. Total weight 7.7g. $900-1100
Lot 168 168 A SIX-STRAND GEMSTONE BEAD NECKLACE with groups of graduated faceted emerald, ruby, sapphire and yellow sapphire beads; adjustable backing cord. $200-400
Lot 170 170 A FOLIATE CARVED CORAL PENDANT; rim-set in 14ct gold. $100-130
Lot 171 171 A TANZANITE: heart-shape; purplish blue. Weight 6.90ct. (copy valuation dated 2013) $2000-2500
Lot 172 172 A LAPIS LAZULI, PEARL AND GOLD BROOCH, carved, pierced foliate oblong lapis plaque in a border of freshwater pearls; 14k gold frame and backing; pivot safety catch. Width 36mm. Weight (all in) 9.1g. $150-200
Lot 174 174 A LONG TASSEL GEMSTONE AND SILVER-GILT NECKLACE with garnet, pearls and glass-filled corundum beads. $280-320
Lot 175 175 AN OPAL AND DIAMOND PENDANT: bright free-form opal doublet rim-set with two marquise diamonds to the pendant loop. Estimated weight of diamonds 2 = 0.20ct)(the opal is either a good-quality doublet with boulder opal backing, or solid boulder opal) $1450-1650
Lot 178 178 A SHELL CAMEO AND 9ct GOLD BROOCH, oval cameo depicting the Three Graces claw-set with 9ct gold frame. Weight 5.3g. $70-90
Lot 183 183 A PAIR OF SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND DROP EARRINGS each a good colour drop-shape sapphire in a border of baguette-cut diamonds below a flower-cluster top; 18k gold. Estimated weights: Sapphires 2 = 1.48ct, Diamonds estimated total weight 1.75ct. $1650-1750
Lot 184 184 A VICTORIAN SILVER CROSS BROOCH with claw-set amethyst and 9ct gold ornament. $180-220
Lot 186 186 A TOPAZ AND DIAMOND BAR BROOCH with an emerald cut colourless topaz and two diamonds set in 14ct gold. Wt 8.3g. $160-220
Lot 191 191 AN ART DECO STYLE EMERALD AND DIAMOND BRACELET; 9ct white gold. (one stone missing) Weight 35.8g. $6000-6500
Lot 201 201 A VICTORIAN JET NECKLACE AND PENDENT LOCKET: the drop-shape pendant with an oval porcelain portrait cameo with hair-locket compartment verso; on a fancy-link jet necklace. $300-500
Lot 202 202 A PAIR OF VICTORIAN JET LOOP DROP EARRINGS. (repaired) $80-120
Lot 204 204 AN OPAL PENDANT NECKLET: central Welo opal in a border of diamonds and sapphires; 18ct gold neckchain. $2500-3000
Lot 205 205 A LARGE SHELL CAMEO BROOCH well-carved with a lady seated 'plein air' painting with attendants; 9ct gold frame; safety chain. 68 x 51mm. $200-400
Lot 206 206 A PAIR OF SHELL CAMEO AND 9ct GOLD DROP EARRINGS: each a drop-shape profile portrait of a lady; rim-set. (one restored) $100-150
Lot 207 207 FIVE PENDANTS AND BROOCHES. (5) $50-70
Lot 208 208 A VICTORIAN JET BRACELET with three oval panels set with oval porcelain portraits; on elastic cord. $150-250
Lot 210 210 AN ATTRACTIVE OPAL AND DIAMOND PENDANT, drop-shape milky opal four-claw-set with a border of diamonds; 9ct white gold. Estimated weights: Opal 8.90ct, Diamonds 52 = 0.57ct. $900-1100
Lot 214 214 A TANZANITE AND DIAMOND PENDANT: a trap-cut tanzanite four-claw-set in a border of 26 diamonds and with three diamonds to the pendant loop; 18ct gold; plated chain. (copy valuation 2013) $700-900
Lot 220 220 AN ELEGANT PAIR OF SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND DROP EARRINGS: each a trap-cut sapphire claw-set with a surround of diamonds suspended from the top section by a tapered link; each with forty-five bead-set diamonds; 18ct white gold. $1500-2000
Lot 221 221 A SOLID OVAL OPAL: long oval light crystal opal (18.6 x 10.0 x 4.9mm) with a good spectral colour range and lovely irregular patterns. Weight 5.61ct. (GSL Report) $2000-2500
Lot 227 227 A PAIR OF EDWARDIAN STYLE 'SUFFRAGETTE' DROP EARRINGS with amethysts, emeralds and pearls; 9ct gold. $230-260
Lot 231 231 A PAIR OF 18ct WHITE GOLD, SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND CLUSTER EARRINGS, each with seven sapphires and six diamonds. $750-950
Lot 234 234 A PAIR OF EMERALD AND DIAMOND DROP EARRINGS; 18ct white gold. $2800-3200
Lot 238 238 AN ART DECO STYLE EMERALD AND DIAMOND BRACELET with nine oval emeralds; 18ct white gold. $3500-4000
Lot 246 246 A PAIR OF TANZANITE AND DIAMOND DROP EARRINGS: each a drop-shape tanzanite within a border of brilliant-cut diamonds; 18ct white gold. $1200-1500
Lot 266 266 AN AQUAMARINE AND DIAMOND PENDANT: oval aquamarine within a fancy border of diamonds in 18ct white gold on an 18ct gold chain. $900-1100
Lot 269 269 A SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND BRACELET: 21 oval sapphires spaced with pairs of brilliant-cut diamonds in 18ct gold. $5000-5500
Lot 274 274 A DAINTY PAIR OF RUBY AND PEARL DROP EARRINGS; 9ct gold. $240-280
Lot 276 276 A PAIR OF SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND DROP EARRINGS: each a drop-shape pale yellow diamond below two brilliant-cut diamonds and a drop-shape sapphire top; 18ct white gold. Estimated weights: Sapphires 2 = 2.00ct, Diamonds 2 = 1.25ct, 4 = 0.20ct. $2400-2600
Lot 282 282 AN AUSTRALIAN PEARL AND 9ct GOLD KOOKABURRA BROOCH, the bird perched on a branch; metal pin; Duggin, Shappere & Co. (Melbourne). Width 42mm. $60-90
Lot 285 285 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCHES, one set with an opal within a shield, the other with a blue garnet/glass doublet; metal pins; Willis. (2) $60-90
Lot 286 286 AN AUSTRALIAN NEPHRITE AND 9ct GOLD BROOCH with a gold-mounted square-section nephrite rail with festoon chain and pendent map of Tasmania; metal pin; P.C.Abbott (Hobart). Width 52mm. $60-90
Lot 287 287 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD TWO-ROW BAR BROOCH with paste-set quatrefoil motif; metal pin; A.Benjamin & Sons (Melbourne). Width 48mm. (illus Pl.46, P.48 CCG) $50-80
Lot 288 288 AN AUSTRALIAN 15ct GOLD 'SOUTHERN CROSS' BROOCH set with synthetic rubies; 9ct rose gold pin. Width 42mm. Weight 2.8g. $50-80
Lot 289 289 AN AUSTRALIAN OPAL AND 15ct GOLD BROOCH: a round white crystal opal star-set on a rectangular plate with folded corner; metal pin; P.Falk & Co. (Melbourne, Adelaide). Width 45mm. Weight 6.4g. (illus Pl.101, P.89 CCG) $120-170
Lot 290 290 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct ROSE GOLD MOUNTED SHARK'S TOOTH PENDANT, engraved and with milled-edge scroll cresting rail; marked 9ct, H.M.. $70-100
Lot 291 291 AN AUSTRALIAN GOLD OVAL BROOCH set with pearls amid flowers and leaves and with dove holding a card with the legend 'Forget Me Not'; nickel pin. (for similar brooches see Lamborn & Wagner Pl.164, P.144, and O.Lynch Pl.343, P.296 CCG) 37 x 31mm. $150-250
Lot 292 292 AN AUSTRALIAN RHODOCHROSITE AND SILVER PENDANT in the style of Rhoda Wager; with associated silver chain. $40-60
Lot 297 297 A MODERNIST 'JEWELLERY LANDSCAPE' BROOCH BY ANNIE BROWNSWORTH: 'Flat Earth' (1986) with huon pine (largorostrobus franklinii), razor shell and 18ct gold; signed verso and dated 1986. (pouch and original receipt)(for a similar brooch see 'Beginnings' National Gallery of Victoria Collection) 68 x 58mm. $200-300
Lot 305 305 AN AUSTRALIAN AMETHYST AND TWO-COLOUR 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCH with round millegrain rim-set amethyst flanked by leaves; nickel pin; safety chain. Width 44mm. $40-70
Lot 306 306 A NEPHRITE AND 9ct GOLD FOB CHAIN with flower scroll engraved shield, gold-mounted nephrite bars and meander engraved tjuringa style side bars; probably New Zealand. (ribbon non-extant) Length 12.5cm. Weight (all in) 8g. $100-200
Lot 309 309 AN AUSTRALIAN PEARL AND 15ct GOLD FLOWER SPRAY BROOCH; metal pin; Duggin, Shappere & Co. (Melbourne). Length 44mm. Weight 4.8g. $100-150
Lot 315 315 A PAIR OF PERIDOT AND DIAMOND DROP EARRINGS set in silver and gold plate. $800-900
Lot 316 316 AN ELEGANT TANZANITE AND WHITE GOLD BRACELET: 37 oval faceted tanzanites claw-set to 18ct gold links; rhodium-plated 18ct gold; box clasp and figure '8' safety catches. Wt 10.5g. (boxed) $500-600
Lot 328 328 AN OPAL AND DIAMOND CLUSTER PENDANT: cushion-cut Welo opal with bright spectral colours and yellow background in a fancy border of diamonds; 18ct gold chain. $2000-2500
Lot 331 331 A TANZANITE AND DIAMOND PENDANT: long cushion-shape tanzanite claw-set within a border of brilliant-cut diamonds; 18ct white gold. $1600-1800
Lot 348 348 A CORAL AND PEARL PENDANT; an oval coral within a border of twelve pearls; 9ct gold. $190-220
Lot 359 359 A LONG AMBER BEAD NECKLACE: 63 graduated round butter amber beads (7.5-29.0mm) strung without clasp. Length approx 78cm. $150-250

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14 May, 2018

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