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Lot 45 45 'MARKS ON AUSTRALIAN SILVER 1950-2005' Christine Erratt, Parker Press 2010. $50-80
Lot 47 47 'AUSTRALIAN JEWELLERS - GOLD AND SILVERSMITHS - MAKERS AND MARKS', Kenneth Cavill, Graham Cocks, Jack Grace; publ CGC Gold 1992, pp.336, 4to. $100-150
Lot 91 91 FOUR AUSTRALIAN BROOCHES: enamel and 9ct gold RAAF brooch, two gold-lined and one gold-plated. (4) $20-40
Lot 92 92 AN AUSTRALIAN OPAL AND GOLD RING, round opal cabochon in a tapered band; tests as 18ct gold; marks: R.Binder, Maker. (CCG: R.Binder, Charters Towers 1875-1880) Size P1/2. Weight 6.8g. $250-300
Lot 93 93 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD COAT OF ARMS AND WISHBONE BROOCH; metal pin; Abraham Benjamin, Melbourne. (illus pl.46, p.48 CCG) $60-90
Lot 94 94 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BROOCHES: Map of Australia with Coat of Arms and motto 'Advance Australia', and three boomerangs with kookaburra and kangaroos; Registered No.; metal pins; H.Simonsen. (illus pl.254, p.222 CCG) (2) $100-150
Lot 95 95 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD 'GOLDFIELDS' BROOCH with pick, shovel and rope, and with pendent 'nugget'; metal pin. Width 35mm. (illus pl.12, p.17 CCG) $100-150
Lot 96 96 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct ROSE GOLD CROSS PENDANT engraved with foliate scrolls; Willis. Length 38mm. $80-100
Lot 98 98 AN AUSTRALIAN ARTS & CRAFTS SILVER AND SHELL CAMEO OVAL BROOCH, the shell profile portrait cameo of a lady within a gum-nut and leaf frame. 58 x 43mm. $150-200
Lot 99 99 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCH with star-set red paste in a curved shield on a two-row bar; metal pin; Aronson & Co., Melbourne. (with catalogue photographic slide) $70-100
Lot 101 101 AN AUSTRALIAN HALF-PEARL MOURNING RING with half-pearl-bordered compartment; shank marked 18c, Brunkhorst, lion passant. Size N. Weight 4.7g. $480-540
Lot 102 102 AN AUSTRALIAN OPAL DOUBLET AND 9ct GOLD TIE-CLIP with a high-domed opal; 'Britannic' by Magnus Goldring. Weight 3.5g. $40-60
Lot 103 103 AN AUSTRALIAN GARNET AND 9ct GOLD PENDANT NECKLET; pendant marked A.J.C. $60-90
Lot 105 105 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BROOCHES. (2) $70-90
Lot 106 106 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct ROSE GOLD HEART PADLOCK CLASPS AND A 9ct GOLD MAP BROOCH: padlocks: W.J.Saunders, and P.N.W.(not traced); Map of Tasmania bar brooch; Golding (William Golding, Hobart). (3) $80-120
Lot 107 107 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD MAP AND BOOMERANG BROOCH; originally set with pearls (non-extant) and with garnet within a star; metal pin; Aronson & Co., Melbourne. (similar see pl.35, p.39 CCG) Width 50mm. $50-90
Lot 108 108 AN AUSTRALIAN ARTS & CRAFTS 9ct GOLD PENDANT set with a blue stone; on metal chain. $30-40
Lot 109 109 AN AUSTRALIAN ARTS & CRAFTS SILVER BROOCH with milch glass cabochon. Width 44mm. $20-30
Lot 110 110 TWO AUSTRALIA-RELATED GOLD FOB MEDALLIONS: presented to A.A.Hewitt by Caloola Church Choir 6/9/06; R.A. & Co., Birmingham 1903, and 'to A.S.Perham from his father 15.3.05; John Culver, Birmingham 1902. (2) Total weight 14.8g. $220-260
Lot 111 111 AN AUSTRALIAN ARTS & CRAFTS SILVER RING in the style of Rhoda Wager. Size G1/2. $20-30
Lot 112 112 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD RECTANGULAR BAR BROOCH set with opal (damaged) and paste; metal pin; P.Falk & Co. (illus pl.101, p.89 CCG) $60-90
Lot 113 113 AN EDWARDIAN SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND BAR BROOCH with a star-set diamond and two oval sapphires; 9ct gold; probably Australian. Weight 5.6g. $80-120
Lot 152 152 AN EDWARDIAN 15ct GOLD HINGED BANGLE set with an oval brown zircon; probably Australian. Weight 14.1g. $250-350
Lot 157 157 AN UNUSUAL AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD CORNUCOPIA STAR PENDANT set with fifteen natural half-pearls and red, blue, green and colourless stones; Kitchen & Bingham (Sydney) c.1917. Weight 6.5g. $120-180
Lot 199 199 AN AUSTRALIAN ROSE DIAMOND AND GOLD OVAL LOCKET with vertical ribs, pellets and meander, star grain-set to the centre with five rose-faceted diamonds; mark: 15c, emu, applied mark Gaunt, to the pendant loop. (original box) $300-500
Lot 200 200 AN 18ct GOLD HUNTING-CASE FOB WATCH: the dial cover hinged to reveal a gold Roman numeral dial named for H.Steiner Adelaide; key-wind and set jewelled movement engraved H.Steiner Adelaide; engraved outer case with vacant shield cartouche. Diameter 40mm. $1400-1600
Lot 201 201 AN AUSTRALIAN PEARL AND 9ct GOLD CROSS BROOCH, the foliate cross on a knife-edge bar; metal pin. $50-80
Lot 202 202 AN AUSTRALIAN GOLD-IN-QUARTZ STICK-PIN claw-set; tests as approximately 15ct gold. $50-100
Lot 203 203 FOUR BROOCHES AND PINS: two 9ct gold (one Australia: S.Hoffnung), one RAAF with associated pendent locket. (4) $30-40
Lot 205 205 AN AUSTRALIAN 15ct GOLD BAR BROOCH: a two-row bar with applied swans and with festoon chain and pendent swan; gilt pin; marks: 15Ct, S, Swan. Width 54mm. Weight (all in) 5.2g. $100-150
Lot 285 285 A 19th CENTURY GOLD FLOWER & LEAF PENDANT set with pale topaz; probably Australian. Length 36mm. $100-150
Lot 286 286 A PEARL AND 9ct GOLD BOW BROOCH; gold safety chain, nickel pin. Width 43mm. (cased for Frasers Limited...Brisbane) $50-70
Lot 287 287 AN AUSTRALIAN GILT-METAL R.A.O.B. MEDAL; 'Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes' Lodge No.83, with ribbon, monogram and bars; Bowen & Co. (Adelaide). Length 125mm. (cased for W.Pratt, Ipswich) $50-80
Lot 288 288 A 9ct GOLD WATCH STRAP engraved 'From T.M. 1921'; mark: Crown, Lion, 9ct, Redwood; probably Australian. Weight 6.6g. $100-120
Lot 289 289 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct ROSE GOLD SHIELD LOCKET set with rubies and diamonds; Aronson & Co., Melbourne. $150-200
Lot 290 290 AN AUSTRALIAN OPAL DOUBLET AND SILVER PENDANT in the style of Rhoda Wager. $20-30
Lot 293 293 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD HINGED BANGLE with winged quatrefoil motif flanked by foliate rails; safety chain; marked D&Co Rd 470525. $200-300
Lot 295 295 DAYSI M. BROOKES 'Young Lady in a Ball-Gown'; miniature painting signed lower right; in a gilt-metal frame with easel fitting. Image 82 x 53mm. $80-120
Lot 296 296 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD MOUNTED RIBBON with detached 'Advance Australia' Coat of Arms motif. $100-140
Lot 297 297 A N AUSTRALIAN ENAMEL AND GILT-METAL BADGE: 'Life Governor..Freemasons Homes of Victoria' conferred on Mrs J B Alexander 1955; Stokes Melbourne. (boxed) $20-30
Lot 299 299 A PEARL AND GOLD STICK-PIN: 7.3mm pearl in screw-fitting on fork-set yellow gold pin. (fitted case for Flavelle, Roberts & Sankey. $50-100
Lot 301 301 AN AUSTRALIAN SILVER-GILT R.A.O.B. MEDAL: 'Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes' Tramway Lodge No.63, with presentation inscription '..A.J.Webb...1927'; Bowen & Co. (Adelaide). Length (including ribbon) 120mm. $50-100
Lot 302 302 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD SHIELD LOCKET with reeded sphere terminals to the tubular cresting bar and star-set with a garnet; Aronson & Co., Melbourne. $150-220
Lot 304 304 AN AUSTRALIAN SILVER-GILT MASONIC JEWEL: 'Antiquity Lewis No.621' with presentation inscription verso '...L.C.Frappell....1964 65'; Harvey Smith Pty Limited. Length (including ribbon) 120mm. $50-80
Lot 306 306 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD PENCIL CASE, engraved 'Oscar from Tom, 18.5.23'; probably Duggin Shappere. Length 11.5cm. Weight 7.1g. $100-150
Lot 437 437 FOUR BANGLES including two Australian silver by Prouds, Sydney 1923 and 1927. (4) $20-50

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10 December, 2018

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