Gold and silver jewellery

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Lot 5 5 A SILVER 'GUCCI' LINK NECKLACE with swivel catches. Length 66cm. Weight 59.5g. $180-220
Lot 6 6 A DESIGNER SILVER CUFF BANGLE: plain wide silver with three-colour gold rivets; marked 925 M. Weight 106g. $60-90
Lot 7 7 A SILVER BELT: diamond-shape links with chased repousse buckle. Length 85cm. Weight 219g. $60-80
Lot 14 14 FIVE 'OMEGA' PATTERN CHAINS. (5) $60-80
Lot 16 16 A LATE-VICTORIAN SILVER MATCH CASE embossed with flowers and scrolls and with initialled obverse and reverse cartouches; H.Matthews, Birmingham 1900. $40-80
Lot 18 18 A SILVER BEAR-HEAD WHISTLE with silver trace-link chain. $90-120
Lot 50 50 TEN SILVER CHAINS. (10) $60-90
Lot 54 54 A PAIR OF FRENCH 18ct GOLD HOOP EARRINGS. Total weight 1.4g. $30-40
Lot 55 55 A 9ct GOLD ALBERT CHAIN with swivel and plated 'T'-bar. Length 35cm. Weight (all in) 16.8g. $200-250
Lot 57 57 AN 18ct GOLD BRACELET with box clasp and figure-'8' safety catches. Weight 25.4g. $800-900
Lot 78 78 AN EDWARD VII GOLD SOVEREIGN, 1902. $350-400
Lot 80 80 A GOLD SOVEREIGN, 1958. $350-400
Lot 87 87 A PAIR OF 18ct GOLD DROP EARRINGS; Italian manufacture. Total weight 8.3g. $300-350
Lot 90 90 AN 18ct TWO-COLOUR GOLD BEADED CHAIN with parrot clasp. Length 40cm. Weight 9.7g. $300-350
Lot 91 91 FOUR AUSTRALIAN BROOCHES: enamel and 9ct gold RAAF brooch, two gold-lined and one gold-plated. (4) $20-40
Lot 93 93 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD COAT OF ARMS AND WISHBONE BROOCH; metal pin; Abraham Benjamin, Melbourne. (illus pl.46, p.48 CCG) $60-90
Lot 94 94 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BROOCHES: Map of Australia with Coat of Arms and motto 'Advance Australia', and three boomerangs with kookaburra and kangaroos; Registered No.; metal pins; H.Simonsen. (illus pl.254, p.222 CCG) (2) $100-150
Lot 95 95 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD 'GOLDFIELDS' BROOCH with pick, shovel and rope, and with pendent 'nugget'; metal pin. Width 35mm. (illus pl.12, p.17 CCG) $100-150
Lot 96 96 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct ROSE GOLD CROSS PENDANT engraved with foliate scrolls; Willis. Length 38mm. $80-100
Lot 97 97 A PAIR OF AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD DOUBLE-SIDED SLEEVE LINKS, oval plates; one side engraved; 'Britannic' by Magnus Goldring. Total weight 8.3g. $250-300
Lot 99 99 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCH with star-set red paste in a curved shield on a two-row bar; metal pin; Aronson & Co., Melbourne. (with catalogue photographic slide) $70-100
Lot 100 100 TWO GOLD FOB MEDALLIONS: 9ct rose gold cruciform engraved medallion awarded for 100yds swimming race 1896; C.E.Soloman, Birmingham 1894, and LCRAC 1912 Double Sculls 1912; W.J,Dingley, Birmingham 1902. (2) Total weight 15.8g. $220-260
Lot 104 104 A BRONZE MEDALLION BROOCH 'Faun & Antilope'; R. Thenot; c.1935. Diameter 49mm. $40-60
Lot 105 105 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD BROOCHES. (2) $70-90
Lot 106 106 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct ROSE GOLD HEART PADLOCK CLASPS AND A 9ct GOLD MAP BROOCH: padlocks: W.J.Saunders, and P.N.W.(not traced); Map of Tasmania bar brooch; Golding (William Golding, Hobart). (3) $80-120
Lot 107 107 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD MAP AND BOOMERANG BROOCH; originally set with pearls (non-extant) and with garnet within a star; metal pin; Aronson & Co., Melbourne. (similar see pl.35, p.39 CCG) Width 50mm. $50-90
Lot 108 108 AN AUSTRALIAN ARTS & CRAFTS 9ct GOLD PENDANT set with a blue stone; on metal chain. $30-40
Lot 109 109 AN AUSTRALIAN ARTS & CRAFTS SILVER BROOCH with milch glass cabochon. Width 44mm. $20-30
Lot 110 110 TWO AUSTRALIA-RELATED GOLD FOB MEDALLIONS: presented to A.A.Hewitt by Caloola Church Choir 6/9/06; R.A. & Co., Birmingham 1903, and 'to A.S.Perham from his father 15.3.05; John Culver, Birmingham 1902. (2) Total weight 14.8g. $220-260
Lot 130 130 A VICTORIAN OVAL LOCKET with engraved front with applied belt and buckle motif; engraved pendant loop. $150-200
Lot 132 132 A VICTORIAN SILVER LOCKET with repeating gold flower pattern; Registration mark to the pendant loop. $180-220
Lot 136 136 A VICTORIAN 9ct GOLD MOURNING BROOCH with hair plumes; glass cover and back; metal pin. (some repairs) $150-200
Lot 138 138 A 19th CENTURY PORTRAIT MINIATURE of a young lady with ringlets and pearl earrings; nickel frame with rope edge. Overall 49 x 39mm. $60-90
Lot 145 145 A PAIR OF 9ct GOLD SLEEVE-LINKS: plain double-sided oval plates with chain connections; Deakin & Francis, Birmingham 1980. Total weight 10.2g. $180-220
Lot 149 149 A 9ct ROSE GOLD CURB CHAIN BRACELET: long and short 'night-and-day' curb links with hallmarked heart padlock clasp, George Edwin Walton & Co. Ltd, Birmingham 1900. Weight 27.7g. $700-800
Lot 154 154 A 9ct GOLD MASONIC BALL PENDANT: size 3 sphere opening to reveal a cruciform 9ct gilded interior with masonic symbols. Weight 7.7g. $150-250
Lot 155 155 A LARGE 14ct GOLD BOW BROOCH: Austro-Hungarian maker's mark 14ct gold KZs. Weight 19g. $360-400
Lot 158 158 A 9ct GOLD CURB-PATTERN BRACELET with heart-shape padlock clasp and safety chain; clasp marked for Freddy Manshaw, London 1963. Weight 26.8g. $400-500
Lot 159 159 AN UNUSUAL 9ct GOLD AND SILVER MELT BANGLE. (bought in the 1970's) Weight 63g. $150-200
Lot 160 160 A 9ct GOLD LINK BRACELET with gold-plated clasp. Weight (all in) 4.0g. $40-60
Lot 161 161 A 14ct GOLD NECKLACE AND BRACELET: two-row necklace and bracelet each with parrot clasp; Russian 585 marks. (2) Total weight 19.1g. $350-400
Lot 168 168 A CHINESE GOLD NECKCHAIN: curb-pattern chair with 'S' clasp; marked 916, tests approximately 22ct gold. Length 53cm. Weight 16g. $500-700
Lot 176 176 AN 18ct WHITE GOLD ROPE-TWIST BRACELET: Florentine engraved satin finish concealed-hinged articulated sections with box clasp and figure '8' safety catches. Weight 34g. $1500-1700
Lot 177 177 AN 18ct TWO-COLOUR GOLD NECKCHAIN with cable and fetter links; French eagle 18ct gold mark and 750. Length 66cm Weight 32.5g. $1000-1100
Lot 178 178 A FANCY-LINK SILVER ALBERT CHAIN with 'T'-bar and two swivels. Length 60cm. Weight 113.5g. $80-100
Lot 194 194 AN 18ct GOLD CABLE LINK NECKCHAIN with parrot clasp. Length 69cm. Weight 130g. $4000-5000
Lot 199 199 AN AUSTRALIAN ROSE DIAMOND AND GOLD OVAL LOCKET with vertical ribs, pellets and meander, star grain-set to the centre with five rose-faceted diamonds; mark: 15c, emu, applied mark Gaunt, to the pendant loop. (original box) $300-500
Lot 203 203 FOUR BROOCHES AND PINS: two 9ct gold (one Australia: S.Hoffnung), one RAAF with associated pendent locket. (4) $30-40
Lot 204 204 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD GATE-LINK BRACELET with rectangular box and loop-tongue clasp. Weight 8.9g. $140-160
Lot 213 213 AN 18ct GOLD NECKCHAIN: squared curb-pattern links with three solid sections and box clasp; tongue with Italian 18ct gold marks. Length 42cm. Weight 52.5g. $1600-1900
Lot 218 218 AN 18ct GOLD FRINGE NECKLACE with graduated links, box clasp and safety catch. Length 45cm. Weight 41g. $1100-1300
Lot 227 227 AN 18ct GOLD NECKCHAIN: long link curb pattern with parrot clasp. Length 45cm. Weight 13g. $350-400
Lot 237 237 A 14ct GOLD FANCY LINK NECKCHAIN with parrot clasp; marked M.V., 14k. Length 50cm. Weight 25g. $500-550
Lot 251 251 A 9ct GOLD LONG-AND-SHORT CURB-PATTERN NECKCHAIN with parrot clasp. Length 45cm. Weight 4g. $60-90
Lot 255 255 A 14ct GOLD FANCY-LINK NECKCHAIN with 18ct gold bolt-ring clasp. Length 40cm. Weight 28.1g. $500-600
Lot 257 257 A 22ct GOLD WIDE BANGLE with fancy decoration; slide pin catch and pendant. (one cap removed to reveal filler) Weight (all in) 101.4g. $2000-2500
Lot 259 259 A 9ct GOLD BOX-PATTERN NECKCHAIN with parrot clasp. Length 46cm. Weight 2.6g. $40-60
Lot 263 263 A WILLIAM IV GOLD SOVEREIGN with fancy mount and loop; 1836. Weight (all in) 8.6g. $300-400
Lot 266 266 AN 18ct TWO-COLOUR GOLD NECKCHAIN with parrot and swivel clasp. Length 65cm. Weight 27.6g. $800-900
Lot 276 276 A VICTORIAN SILVER OVAL LOCKET with beaded and engraved motif; marked STG to the pendant loop. Length with loop 60mm. $150-200
Lot 277 277 A THREE-COLOUR GOLD BANGLE: 8ct white, yellow and rose gold; German manufacture. $80-120
Lot 287 287 AN AUSTRALIAN GILT-METAL R.A.O.B. MEDAL; 'Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes' Lodge No.83, with ribbon, monogram and bars; Bowen & Co. (Adelaide). Length 125mm. (cased for W.Pratt, Ipswich) $50-80
Lot 288 288 A 9ct GOLD WATCH STRAP engraved 'From T.M. 1921'; mark: Crown, Lion, 9ct, Redwood; probably Australian. Weight 6.6g. $100-120
Lot 292 292 AN OLD 9ct ROSE GOLD ALBERT CHAIN: tapered curb-link chain with 'T'-bar and two swivels. Weight 57.6g. $850-950
Lot 293 293 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD HINGED BANGLE with winged quatrefoil motif flanked by foliate rails; safety chain; marked D&Co Rd 470525. $200-300
Lot 296 296 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD MOUNTED RIBBON with detached 'Advance Australia' Coat of Arms motif. $100-140
Lot 297 297 A N AUSTRALIAN ENAMEL AND GILT-METAL BADGE: 'Life Governor..Freemasons Homes of Victoria' conferred on Mrs J B Alexander 1955; Stokes Melbourne. (boxed) $20-30
Lot 298 298 AN EDWARDIAN 15ct GOLD SHIELD FOB MEDALLION presented to A.A.Morton by the Employees; Alfred Shaw & Co., 3.9.04; Rd 742178; Birmingham 1903. Weight 8.9g. $160-190
Lot 301 301 AN AUSTRALIAN SILVER-GILT R.A.O.B. MEDAL: 'Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes' Tramway Lodge No.63, with presentation inscription '..A.J.Webb...1927'; Bowen & Co. (Adelaide). Length (including ribbon) 120mm. $50-100
Lot 302 302 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD SHIELD LOCKET with reeded sphere terminals to the tubular cresting bar and star-set with a garnet; Aronson & Co., Melbourne. $150-220
Lot 303 303 A 9ct GOLD HINGED BANGLE: the upper half engraved and with applied buckle motif; Birmingham 1919. Weight 23g. $350-400
Lot 304 304 AN AUSTRALIAN SILVER-GILT MASONIC JEWEL: 'Antiquity Lewis No.621' with presentation inscription verso '...L.C.Frappell....1964 65'; Harvey Smith Pty Limited. Length (including ribbon) 120mm. $50-80
Lot 305 305 AN EDWARDIAN 9ct GOLD CRESCENT BAR BROOCH set with red and colourless stones and with applied beads and scrolls; nickel pin; Chester. $40-70
Lot 306 306 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD PENCIL CASE, engraved 'Oscar from Tom, 18.5.23'; probably Duggin Shappere. Length 11.5cm. Weight 7.1g. $100-150
Lot 315 315 A 9ct GOLD NECKCHAIN AND A CUBIC ZIRCONIA AND GOLD-PLATED PENDANT. (2) Chain weight 3.0g. $40-60
Lot 322 322 A 14ct GOLD NECKCHAIN: graduated knot links with bolt-ring clasp. Length 45cm. Weight 26.6g. (some links damaged) $500-550
Lot 323 323 TWO BROOCHES: a 9ct gold Mizpah hearts brooch, and a goldstone and 9ct gold bar brooch. (2) (both damaged) Total weight 5.4g. $40-50
Lot 328 328 A PAIR OF 18ct GOLD SLEEVE LINKS with chain and bar connections; initialled fronts. Total weight 9.5g. $250-300
Lot 335 335 A 9ct GOLD ANGEL PENDANT. Weight 3.3g. $40-60
Lot 345 345 A PAIR OF SILVER DOUBLE-SIDED SLEEVE-LINKS with Egyptian style hieroglyphs; Robert Clerc; marked R.C. Total weight 8g. $30-50
Lot 368 368 A PAIR OF SOVEREIGN SLEEVE LINKS with 18ct gold fittings each with a George V half-sovereign; dates obscured. Total weight 18.8g. $900-1200
Lot 393 393 A 9ct GOLD BEAD-LINK NECKCHAIN with parrot clasp. Length 46cm. Weight 2.4g. $30-60
Lot 403 403 AN 18ct GOLD BRACELET: four circular hollow openwork motifs and matching pendant. Weight 13.7g. $400-500
Lot 405 405 A 14ct GOLD SPHERE PENDANT AND 9ct GOLD CHAIN: the pendant pavé-set with cubic zirconia. Chain length 51cm. Total weight 11.1g. $200-240
Lot 406 406 THREE ITEMS: a 9ct gold deer disc pendant, a 9ct gold shield medallion, and a pair of 14k three-colour gold earrings (damaged). (3) Total weight 4.3g. $40-60
Lot 408 408 A 9ct GOLD INITIAL 'K' PENDANT AND CHAIN. Chain length 45cm. Total weight 4.2g. $110-120
Lot 414 414 AN EDWARDIAN 9ct ROSE GOLD SHIELD-SHAPE LOCKET; ribbed profile. $100-150
Lot 421 421 A THREE-WISE-MONKEYS GOLD CHARM; 9ct gold; Alabaster & Wilson, Birmingham 1994. Weight 6.2g. $100-120
Lot 434 434 A 9ct GOLD AND SILVER-GILT MASONIC BALL with 9ct gold top and outer ball; and with inner engraved silver-gilt cross shape. $180-220
Lot 437 437 FOUR BANGLES including two Australian silver by Prouds, Sydney 1923 and 1927. (4) $20-50
Lot 439 439 AN ANTIQUE STYLE NECKLACE with fob seal 'lion' pendant and gold-plated belcher link chain. $140-160
Lot 447 447 A SILVER TORQUE: hinged, tubular, with 18k gold terminals; marked 18k 925 and an S in a triangle. Weight 48g. $50-60

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