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Lot 24 24 A CULTURED PEARL NECKLACE: a single long row of Akoya pearls with turquoise and 9ct gold clasp. Laboratory identification Report from DGL. $150-200
Lot 37 37 A PAIR OF CULTURED PEARL EARRINGS: Akoya pearls with silver screw fittings. $30-40
Lot 39 39 A CULTURED PEARL AND GOLD BROOCH by Mikimoto; four Akoya pearls of good lustre in 9ct gold; metal pin. Weight 3.6g. $40-60
Lot 51 51 TWO CULTURED PEARL NECKLACES: graduated Akoya pearls, one with 14k gold clasp; the other with silver and marcasite clasp (needs re-stringing). (2) $40-60
Lot 52 52 FOUR PEARL ITEMS: a cultured pearl and 9ct white gold bracelet, a pearl and gilt bracelet, a metal and imitation pearl bar brooch and a small imitation pearl pin. (4) $15-20
Lot 72 72 A FRESHWATER PEARL STRAND: 38 cultured pearls of good colour and shape. $50-70
Lot 74 74 A CULTURED PEARL NECKLACE: a single row of 48 Akoya pearls (8.5-9.0mm) of good shape, colour and lustre with a ruby, cultured pearl and 14k gold clasp. $400-500
Lot 79 79 A TAHITIAN BLACK PEARL AND 14ct WHITE GOLD PENDANT on a silver chain; 11.0mm pearl. $120-160
Lot 118 118 A FRESHWATER PEARL NECKLACE: a single row of 39 large vari-colour cultured pearls (12.0-13.5mm) with silver magnetic clasp. $80-120
Lot 143 143 AN OPERA LENGTH CULTURED PEARL NECKLACE: a single row of 100 Akoya pearls (7.0mm) with pearl, pink sapphire and 14k white gold clasp. $200-250
Lot 148 148 A PAIR OF PEARL DROP EARRINGS: each a Mabe pearl rim-set suspended from a cultured pearl top by two claw-set diamonds; 18ct gold. Estimated weight of diamonds 4 = 0.16ct. Total weight 7.8g. $150-200
Lot 150 150 AN ATTRACTIVE PAIR OF PEARL AND DIAMOND EARRINGS: each an 8.5mm freshwater cultured bouton pearl in a border of seventeen diamonds with a diamond bow suspended motif with a pearl and ten diamonds; 9ct gold. $200-250
Lot 206 206 A SOUTH SEA PEARL NECKLACE: a single row of 29 cultured pearls, circle, graduated 12.5-15.8mm with magnetic silver clasp. $1200-1500
Lot 219 219 A BAROQUE PEARL NECKLACE: 24 large cultured pearls with silver and cubic zirconia clasp. $750-800
Lot 312 312 TWO CULTURED PEARL ITEMS: a 14ct gold and high-quality Akoya pearl circle brooch (4g) and a pair of Akoya pearl and 18ct gold ear-studs (1.2g). (2) $70-90
Lot 362 362 A PAIR OF TAHITIAN BLACK PEARL AND 9ct GOLD EARRINGS: circle pearls (14 x 13mm) can be worn as pendants. Total weight 9.5g. $100-180
Lot 416 416 A CULTURED PEARL AND 14ct GOLD BROOCH; Akoya pearls. Weight 9.8g. $150-170
Lot 445 445 A CULTURED PEARL NECKLACE: a single row of 59 Akoya pearls (6.5-7.0mm) sith silver clasp. (requires re-stringing) $80-100
Lot 449 449 TWO FRESHWATER CULTURED PEARL NECKLACES with silver parrot clasps and plated beads. (2) $50-80

Sale date:
10 December, 2018

!! Please note we have returned to the Dixson Room

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Sunday 9 Dec, 12 noon - 4pm
Monday 10 Dec, 11am - 5.15pm

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The Dixson Room
State Library of NSW,
Ground Floor, Mitchell Wing

Located on the corner of Macquarie St and the Cahill Expressway.
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