Gold and silver jewellery

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Lot 1 1 A SILVER PANEL-LINK BRACELET: 'planished' rectangular sections; ring and bar clasp; Mexico. Width 24mm. $50-80
Lot 3 3 A 'DINOSAUR DESIGNS' HEAVY SILVER BANGLE with coral texture pattern. Weight 109.5g. $50-90
Lot 10 10 A HEAVY SILVER CURB-LINK PADLOCK BRACELET; silver safety chain. Chain width 10.3mm. Weight 53.8g. $40-70
Lot 17 17 A PAIR OF VICTORIAN STYLE SILVER TASSEL DROP EARRINGS; hook fittings for pierced ears. Length 35mm. $80-120
Lot 20 20 A HAND-MADE SILVER SAUTOIR AND A SIMILAR PAIR OF DROP EARRINGS: the sautoir with navette sections and fine chain (length 110cm) and with maker's monogram. (2) $50-70
Lot 25 25 FOUR SILVER OMEGA-PATTERN CHAINS; slightly different styles. (4) $60-80
Lot 32 32 THREE SILVER BRACELETS including Alessi 'Girotondo'. (3) $20-50
Lot 34 34 THREE SILVER BRACELETS: trail of hearts, oval links and horse-bit links. (3) Total weight 63.6g. $50-80
Lot 37 37 A SILVER MATCH CASE PENDANT AND CHAIN: the rectangular match case with vacant cartouche. $130-160
Lot 53 53 FIFTEEN SILVER CHAINS with bolt-ring and parrot clasps. Length mostly 42cm. (15) $60-80
Lot 77 77 A GEORG JENSEN SILVER BRACELET AND CHARM: the knot bracelet with ring and bar catch; design A51B; the charm with lobster claw catch, design 31B by Henning Koppel. (2) $100-140
Lot 79 79 A TIFFANY 'SOMERSET' MESH COLLAR with box and tongue clasp and hinged safety catch. Width 12.5mm. Weight 86.7g. (bag and box) $200-250
Lot 80 80 A SILVER 'SOMERSET' MESH BRACELET; marked 'Tiffany'. Width 27mm. Weight 125g. (bag) $180-220
Lot 82 82 A 9ct GOLD ANCHOR PENDANT NECKLET with a well-modelled rope entwined anchor on a triple rope-link neckchain. Anchor width 26mm. Total weight 5.6g. $90-120
Lot 86 86 TWO 9ct GOLD NECKCHAINS: serpentine link with bolt-ring clasp (2.3g), and bar and oval link with barrel clasp (2.7g). (2) Total weight 5.0g. $60-90
Lot 91 91 THREE AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD PENDANTS set with coloured paste; one with 9ct gold chain; marked Apex, Rodd (G & E Rodd, St. Kilda). (illus pl.230, p.201 CCG) (3) $100-150
Lot 92 92 A PAIR OF AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD SWALLOW SCATTER PINS with conjoining chain; Aronson & Co. (Melbourne). $120-180
Lot 94 94 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD SHIELD LOCKET with tubular cresting bar and reeded sphere terminals; Aronson & Co. (Melbourne). $180-250
Lot 98 98 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD WISHBONE BROOCHES: one with star and crescent (gold safety chain); the other with enamel regimental colours, map and kangaroo; metal pins; Willis. (2) $100-140
Lot 101 101 THREE AUSTRALIAN SHIELD BROOCHES: a silver Salvation Army shield; J.T.Magor; a silver shield on bar brooch; A.V.Morris; and another. (3) $20-40
Lot 108 108 A PAIR OF AUSTRALIAN 9ct ROSE GOLD SLEEVE LINKS each with an oval plate with engraved border; connecting chain with boomerang back-plate; Arco, New South Wales 1923 (Australian 'hallmark'). Total weight 4.6g. $100-150
Lot 109 109 TWO GOLD PENDANTS: one 15ct gold with millegrain rim-set paste below an inverted fleur-de-lys and crescent; marked 15ct, JB (probably Australian); the other a 9ct-gold-back-and-front locket with engraved sun-rays. (2) $70-110
Lot 110 110 TWO AUSTRALIAN 9ct ROSE GOLD PIECES: a band ring; J.Maly & Co (Adelaide), and an oval links; A.E. (2) Ring size M1/2. Total weight 3.4g. $50-70
Lot 111 111 A CITRINE-PASTE AND ROLLED-GOLD MESH FOB CHAIN with swivel and bolt-ring. $80-120
Lot 113 113 AN AUSTRALIAN GOLD NUGGET STICK-PIN. 14 x 10mm. Weight 4.7g. $120-160
Lot 115 115 AN AUSTRALIAN ARTS & CRAFTS SILVER BAR BROOCH in the style of Rhoda Wager. $20-30
Lot 119 119 A PAIR OF 18ct YELLOW GOLD KNOT EAR-STUDS: polished and rope pattern; Cerrone. Diameter 12.0mm. Total weight 8.7g. $300-350
Lot 132 132 AN 18ct WHITE GOLD ENTWINED RIBBON BRACELET: Florentine engraved satin finish concealed-hinged articulated sections with box clasp and figure '8' safety catches. Weight 34g. $1500-1700
Lot 146 146 AN 18ct GOLD NECKCHAIN: 'diamond-cut' ball link chain; marked 750 Italy. Length 65cm. Weight 17.8g. $500-550
Lot 152 152 A THREE-COLOUR 18ct GOLD FANCY BRICK-PATTERN BRACELET with box clasp and safety catch; safety chain attached. Weight 64.5g. $2000-2400
Lot 188 188 A 15ct GOLD SWALLOW-IN-FLIGHT BROOCH. Width 38mm. Weight 2.8g. (cased for H Winstone Junr...Cardiff) $80-120
Lot 199 199 AN ENAMEL AND 15ct GOLD FLOWER BROOCH; gold safety chain. (losses) Weight 4g. (universal case named H.Winstone Junr...Cardiff) $40-70
Lot 200 200 AN 18ct GOLD NECKCHAIN; triple-link chain with bolt-ring clasp. Width 7.0mm. Length 90cm. Weight 40.9g. $1200-1400
Lot 201 201 AN OVAL PILL BOX with cabochon set hinged cover. $20-30
Lot 203 203 A VICTORIAN GOLD KNOT BROOCH engraved with leaves; unmarked, tests approximately 9ct gold. 45 x 35mm. Weight 9.1g. $100-150
Lot 209 209 A 20th CENTURY 14ct GOLD BOW HINGED BANGLE with enamel borders and central half-pearl. Weight 23.3g. $500-600
Lot 225 225 A 9ct GOLD CURB-LINK BRACELET with wide links, padlock clasp and safety chain. Width 14.5mm. Weight 29.8g. $450-550
Lot 294 294 A 14ct WHITE GOLD OMEGA PATTERN COLLAR with box and tongue clasp and wire safety catch. Weight 25.3g. $550-600
Lot 295 295 A 9ct ROSE GOLD CURB-LINK BRACELET with pierced heart padlock and with safety chain. Chain width 13mm. Weight 48.7g. $750-850
Lot 296 296 AN EGYPTIAN 18ct GOLD HIEROGLYPH PENDANT. Weight 11.5g. $340-360
Lot 298 298 A THREE-COLOUR 14ct GOLD BRACELET; fancy link chain with parrot clasp. Weight 10.0g. $250-270
Lot 299 299 AN 18ct YELLOW GOLD NECKCHAIN: swedged curb-pattern chain with parrot clasp. Length 46cm. Weight 14.5g. $470-520
Lot 300 300 A 22ct GOLD HAMMERED FINE-LINK NECKCHAIN with 'S' clasp. Length 40cm. Weight 4.6g. $170-220
Lot 301 301 A 14ct GOLD OVAL LINK NECKCHAIN with bolt-ring clasp. Length 60cm. Weight 10.9g. $230-270
Lot 304 304 A SPECTACULAR SILVER ENTWINED SERPENT BANGLE; red enamel wash; box and tongue clasp. Width 58mm. $100-150
Lot 327 327 A VICTORIAN SWIVEL BROOCH, one side with a photograph; the other a lava cameo of a cherub and a goat; engraved and wirework borders. $80-100
Lot 338 338 A PAIR OF 14ct GOLD EARRINGS with 9ct gold scroll fittings. Total weight 2.5g. $80-100
Lot 340 340 FIFTEEN SILVER CHAINS; various patterns. Length mostly 44cm. (15) $60-80
Lot 343 343 AN EDWARDIAN STYLE LILAC ENAMEL, MARCASITE AND SILVER COMPACT with pearl-set ribbon bow. $150-180
Lot 353 353 A VICTORIAN STYLE SILVER ALBERTINA BRACELET with three-row chain, 'T-bar, swivel and tassel drop. $120-160
Lot 358 358 A PAIR OF SILVER TASSEL DROP EARRINGS each with six rows of fox-tail chain; hinged hook fittings. $20-40
Lot 363 363 A SILVER MAGNIFYING GLASS PENDANT NECKLET: the glass in the form of a hoop and hand with ruby-set lace cuff; ring-link chain. $160-180

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11 February, 2019

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Sunday 10 Feb, 12 noon - 4pm
Monday 11 Feb, 11am - 5.15pm

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The Dixson Room
State Library of NSW,
Ground Floor, Mitchell Wing

Located on the corner of Macquarie St and the Cahill Expressway.
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