Gold and silver jewellery

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Lot 1 1 A SILVER-PLATE BELT. $20-30
Lot 4 4 A TURKISH SILVER NECKLACE with niello decoration and large silver coin. Weight 60g. $30-40
Lot 6 6 A LATE-VICTORIAN SILVER NURSE'S BUCKLE with engraved decoration; Birmingham 1897. $30-60
Lot 10 10 A TANITA DIGITAL SCALE: Model 1479v to 120g (0.1g). $30-50
Lot 27 27 FIVE SILVER BELCHER-LINK CHAINS; some black rhodium plated. (5) $70-90
Lot 30 30 TWO SILVER ROPE-TWIST BANGLES. Total weight 22g. $15-25
Lot 31 31 A SILVER TWIST-PATTERN 'ALBERT' CHAIN with 'T'-bar and swivel. Length 46cm. Weight 15.1g. $30-50
Lot 36 36 A QUANTITY OF SILVER JEWELLERY: two rings (one a poison ring), two pairs of earrings and a quantity of broken silver. (qty) $10-20
Lot 39 39 A 9ct GOLD PENDANT AND THREE-COLOUR CHAIN: purple synthetic corundum and five diamonds in 9ct gold on a three-colour silver-gilt chain. $20-40
Lot 42 42 A CONTEMPORARY NECKLACE by Wendy Mainwaring: metal tubes with red acrylic ends and black rubber. (with photo' from a contemporary jewellery book and model wearing the necklace) $300-400
Lot 46 46 SEVEN SILVER NECKCHAINS: three with black rhodium plating. (7) $60-80
Lot 49 49 TWO LOCKETS AND CHAIN: a 9ct gold oval locket with wheat-link chain (5.2g), and an enamel and silver locket and chain. (2) $70-120
Lot 77 77 A 9ct GOLD CURB-PATTERN BRACELET with parrot clasp. Weight 19.2g. $350-450
Lot 81 81 A PAIR OF 15ct GOLD DOUBLE-SIDED SLEEVE LINKS: oval links with chain connections; each side engraved J.M.; marked 15ct. Total weight 5.4g. $80-120
Lot 83 83 A PAIR OF AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD DOUBLE-SIDED SLEEVE LINKS, oval plates; one side engraved; 'Britannic' by Magnus Goldring. Total weight 8.3g. $250-300
Lot 84 84 A LARGE VICTORIAN SILVER OVAL LOCKET engraved with stylized ivy leaf; Deakin & Francis, Birmingham 1882. 50 x 30mm including pendant loop. $140-180
Lot 85 85 A 9ct GOLD PADLOCK BRACELET. Weight 17.3g. $550-600
Lot 87 87 A ROLLED-GOLD SOVEREIGN CASE by A.L.Dennison. $100-120
Lot 92 92 A VICTORIAN SILVER BROOCH with applied bead and wire-work and engraved decoration. $60-80
Lot 93 93 A VICTORIAN SILVER COLLAR with alternating plain and engraved links. $200-250
Lot 97 97 A SILVER CHARM BRACELET with 13 charms attached. Weight 52g. $40-80
Lot 98 98 AN 18ct GOLD FANCY-LINK NECKLACE AND BRACELET. (2) Weight 56g. $1800-2200
Lot 99 99 AN 18ct GOLD FANCY LINK CHAIN AND PENDANT. Total weight 6.2g. $200-250
Lot 101 101 A 14ct GOLD CHAIN AND ARABIC PENDANT; twisted foxtail chain. Chain length 72cm. Total weight 9.6g. $200-300
Lot 103 103 AN 18ct GOLD INITIAL 'G' BROOCH. Weight 3.3g. $80-120
Lot 104 104 AN 18ct GOLD PENDANT: circular, with standing lion motif. Weight 5.7g. $200-220
Lot 161 161 AN ELEGANT PAIR OF 14ct GOLD EAR-CLIPS; one marked 585, the other marked Trio. Total weight 17.5g. $250-300
Lot 188 188 AN 18ct TWO-COLOUR GOLD TASSEL NECKLACE with florentine engraved 18ct gold adjustable clasp. Length 118cm. Weight 106.1g. $3200-3800
Lot 190 190 A 9ct GOLD CURB-LINK BRACELET: large links with 'engraved' padlock clasp; safety chain. Link width 85mm. Padlock width 31mm. Weight 88.8g. $1100-1300
Lot 191 191 A 22ct GOLD BANGLE with scrolled wire and plain sections; 'push-in' clasp. Weight 23.3g. $900-1000
Lot 192 192 AN ORIENTAL 22ct GOLD BRACELET with 'S' clasp; marked .999. Weight 44.2g. $1600-1800
Lot 193 193 SEVEN 9ct GOLD ITEMS: two rings, two pairs of earrings and three single earrings. (7) Total weight 6.5g. $50-70
Lot 194 194 A SMALL QUANTITY OF SCRAP PLATINUM AND WHITE GOLD: broken sapphires, diamond ring etc. (qty) Total weight 16.5g. $280-320
Lot 195 195 A QUANTITY OF SCRAP GOLD: 9ct, 14ct and 15ct. (qty) Total weight 22g. $300-400
Lot 226 226 A 9ct GOLD CIGARILLO HOLDER in a tapered cylindrical case; the case hallmarked for Asprey & Co., Birmingham 1914; the hinged lid engraved with a crest and motto 'Pro Libertate Patriae' (Beresford); telescopic holder with amber mouthpiece. Total weight 8g. $80-120
Lot 227 227 A LATE-VICTORIAN 9ct GOLD-BACK-AND-FRONT LOCKET with horseshoe and shield; gilt chain. $100-130
Lot 229 229 A VICTORIAN 9ct GOLD BROOCH with a tiny rose diamond to the centre and with locket back; marked 9c. $80-120
Lot 238 238 A VICTORIAN 9ct GOLD OVAL LOCKET with glass panels. $120-180
Lot 242 242 AN OLD EGYPTIAN 'MOSES IN THE BASKET' PENDANT: enamelled cover and coloured enamel and gilt back; baby inside. $30-60
Lot 244 244 A VICTORIAN CUT STEEL BUCKLE in the form of a butterfly with grosgrain ribbon as a choker. $30-50
Lot 247 247 A LONG 9ct GOLD NECKLACE WITH FOUR PENDANTS: the pendants: 'A'-shape diamond and 14ct gold (3.8g), an 18ct, 14ct and silver-gilt replica coin pendant (16.3g), a 9ct gold crown charm (4.8g), and a Victorian gold-cased fob seal with smoky quartz; chain weight 11.8g. (5) $400-600
Lot 254 254 AN 18ct GOLD CURB-PATTERN BRACELET with parrot clasp. Weight 22.5g. $700-800
Lot 289 289 A 9ct GOLD 'COIN' BRACELET with seventeen miniature replica sovereigns. Weight 9g. $250-300
Lot 291 291 A SILVER-GILT AND ENAMEL DAISY NECKLET AND EAR-STUDS by Georg Jensen. (2) $250-300
Lot 293 293 AN OVAL GOLD BROOCH FRAME with applied bead and wirework; unmarked, acid-tests as 15ct gold; 9ct gold pin. Weight 14.8g. $80-120
Lot 297 297 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct GOLD LOCKET WITH CHAIN: a plain rose gold oval locket by Willis & Sons, Melbourne; on a 9ct gold curb-link guard chain with swivel. Locket width 32mm. Locket weight 7.8g. Chain length 152cm. Chain weight 32g. $1000-1100
Lot 303 303 A VICTORIAN 15ct GOLD 'REGARD' LOCKET; oval, engraved. $200-300
Lot 306 306 A LONG SILVER GUARD CHAIN with metal swivel. Length 142cm. Weight 27.8g. $30-50
Lot 307 307 A 9ct GOLD FOB MEDALLION: 'Infirmary Cup, 1924-5'; Chester 1925. Weight 3.9g. $60-90
Lot 313 313 A SILVER ALBERT CHAIN with fancy links, 'T'-bar and two swivels. Length 63cm. $240-280
Lot 329 329 A 14ct GOLD FANCY-LINK NECKCHAIN. Length 45cm. Weight 2.6g. $50-60
Lot 343 343 A 9ct GOLD NECKLACE CLASP; Jka (Koehle, Pforzheim). Weight 2.4g. $40-60
Lot 363 363 AN ENAMEL ARLECCHINO BANGLE; silver. $500-600
Lot 365 365 EIGHT SILVER CHAINS: some black rhodium plated. (8) $60-80
Lot 366 366 A 14ct TWO-COLOUR GOLD BRACELET AND NECKLACE with box clasps and figure-'8' safety catches facilitating wear as a long necklace; tongue clasps marked 14k Turkey. (2) Total weight 41.1g. $820-880
Lot 368 368 A 14ct GOLD FOB CHAIN with parallel bar links and swivel; Austro-Hungarian marks. $480-550
Lot 377 377 A 9ct ROSE GOLD KEY PENDANT AND TRACE-LINK CHAIN. Total weight 4.6g. $70-90

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7 October 2019

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Sunday 6 October, 12 noon - 4pm
Monday 7 October, 11am - 5.15pm

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The Dixson Room
State Library of NSW,
Ground Floor, Mitchell Wing

Located on the corner of Macquarie St and the Cahill Expressway.
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