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Lot 13 13 A CULTURED PEARL NECKLACE: graduated strand of 94 good quality Akoya pearls (3.3-7.4mm) strung and back-knotted with a Mikimoto cultured pearl and silver clasp. Length of pearls 42cm. (requires re-stringing) $60-90
Lot 40 40 A CULTURED PEARL NECKLACE: a single row of 47 Akoya pearls (7.0mm) strung and knotted with a marquise clasp. $50-60
Lot 77 77 A BAROQUE CULTURED PEARL PENDANT NECKLACE: a large baroque pearl (30 x 19mm) with 9ct gold pendant/enhancer fitting; the necklace with twenty-five pearls (20 x 12mm - 12.5 x 11.5mm) strung and knotted with silver backing chain and clasp. Length 54cm. $160-220
Lot 80 80 A BAROQUE CULTURED PEARL NECKLACE: fifteen pearls (22 x 14mm - 25 x 16mm) strung and knotted with whorl spacer beads, cubic zirconia oval bead, silver 'S' clasp and length-adjustable backing chain with pearl drop. Length of pearls 41cm. $100-150
Lot 81 81 A BAROQUE CULTURED PEARL NECKLACE: twenty pearls (20 x 14mm - 30 x 17mm) strung and knotted with silver clasp. Length of pearls 50cm. $120-180
Lot 95 95 A PAIR OF BAROQUE PEARL AND 18ct GOLD EAR-CLIPS: cultured pearls in 'flowed' gold; post and clip fittings. Total weight 13.1g. $300-350
Lot 118 118 A TAHITIAN PEARL AND DIAMOND PENDANT: a 13mm grey/black cultured pearl and eight brilliant cut diamonds in 18ct white gold. Weight 4.9g. $150-180
Lot 119 119 A PAIR OF TAHITIAN PEARL AND DIAMOND EARRINGS: each a 10.8mm grey/black cultured pearl and a small diamond; 9ct white gold with hook fittings. $100-150
Lot 126 126 TWO PEARL AND GOLD STICK-PINS; French control marks; pearls not tested, probably natural. (2) $50-100
Lot 155 155 A CULTURED PEARL NECKLACE: 43 circle freshwater pearls (9.3-9.8mm) with cubic zirconia and silver clasp. Length 50cm. $40-80
Lot 177 177 A PAIR OF PEARL AND DIAMOND DROP EARRINGS: each a 12.5mm cultured pearl suspended below a white gold hook set with five graduated brilliant cut diamonds. $900-1100
Lot 189 189 A PAIR OF PEARL AND DIAMOND DROP EARRINGS: each a 13.0mm cultured pearl suspended below a three-stone diamond and 18ct rose gold leaf top; hook fittings. $900-1100
Lot 200C 203C A PAIR OF MABE PEARL AND DIAMOND EAR-CLIPS: each a 16mm cultured pearl and six brilliant-cut diamonds; 9ct gold with clip and post fittings. Estimated total weight of diamonds 12 = 0.16ct. Total weight 17.6g. (copy insurance valuation) Est $750-850 $750-850
Lot 251 251 A PAIR OF FRESHWATER PEARL NECKLACES: rows of 65 and 68 cultured pearls each with 14ct gold reeded clasp. Length of pearls approx 41cm. (2) $120-140
Lot 256 256 A LONG CULTURED PEARL ROPE: 354 uniform pearls (6.0-7.0mm) strung and knotted. Length approx 250cm. $150-250
Lot 259 259 SIX LARGE BAROQUE CULTURED PEARLS: freshwater pearls each approx 30 x 16-17mm. (6) $30-50
Lot 281 281 A PAIR OF SOUTH SEA PEARL DOUBLE-SIDED STUD EARRINGS: each a 13.7mm cultured pearl and an 8.0mm cultured pearl; 18ct yellow gold fittings. $750-950
Lot 283 283 A GOLDEN SOUTH SEA PEARL PENDANT NECKLACE: 13.5mm golden cultured pearl in 18ct rose gold; gold-plated silver chain. $600-700
Lot 284 284 A PAIR OF BAROQUE CULTURED PEARL DROP EARRINGS: silver-grey pearls (21 x 14mm) with silver-gilt hook fittings. $30-50
Lot 292 292 A PAIR OF MIKIMOTO PEARL AND 14k GOLD EARRINGS: each with four Akoya cultured pearls (5-6mm); screw fittings. Total weight 4.9g. $100-120
Lot 293 293 A TWO-ROW PEARL NECKLACE: two rows of 61 and 58 uniform Akoya cultured pearls (6.0-6.5mm) strung and knotted with a seven-stone cultured pearl and 14k rose gold cluster clasp. $150-200
Lot 318 318 A PAIR OF PEARL AND DIAMOND HOOP EARRINGS: each a 15mm cultured pearl with 31 diamonds; 18ct white gold hinged hoops with post fittings. $2500-3000
Lot 328 328 A TAHITIAN BLACK PEARL AND WHITE GOLD PENDANT: 11.8mm cultured pearl with 18ct white gold fitting and pendant loop; silver chain. $260-280
Lot 345 345 AN OPERA LENGTH BAROQUE SOUTH SEA PEARL NECKLACE: 75 cultured pearls (10-11mm) with a pierced silver sphere clasp by J.Koehle, Pforzheim. Length of pearls 82cm. $800-900
Lot 357 357 A CULTURED PEARL NECKLACE: 51 creamy semi-baroque Akoya pearls (8.5-9.0mm) with a gold clasp. $300-400
Lot 384 384 A CULTURED PEARL CHOKER: a single row of 62 uniform Akoya pearls (5.5-5.9mm) strung and back-knotted with a cultured pearl and silver marquise clasp. Length of pearls 36cm. $50-70

Sale date:
17 February 2020

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Sun 16 Feb, 12 noon - 4pm
Mon 17 Feb, 11am - 5.15pm

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The Dixson Room
State Library of NSW,
Ground Floor, Mitchell Wing

Located on the corner of Macquarie St and the Cahill Expressway.
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