Gold and silver jewellery

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Lot 6 6 SEVEN ITEMS: a silver ring, a silver tie-clip, a jade and silver tie-pin, a silver and opal matrix tie-tack, a group of pearl buttons, two pairs of metal sleeve-links. (7) $20-30
Lot 9 9 FIVE SILVER CHAINS: mostly black palladium plated. (5) $70-80
Lot 17 17 A SILVER NECKLET WITH TWO PENDANTS: a silver flirtation mirror and an urn. $90-110
Lot 19 19 FIVE SILVER PENDANTS: three seahorses and two keys. (5) $70-90
Lot 22 22 THREE ITEMS: a gold cross and chain (2.6g) and two lady's watches. (3) $30-40
Lot 25 25 A SILVER CURB-PATTERN ALBERT CHAIN with 'T'-bar and swivels. $250-280
Lot 46 46 A SILVER CHARM BRACELET: oval links with 'T'-bar clasp and with eleven charms, mostly stone and pearl set; marked 925. $60-80
Lot 57 57 A CULTURED PEARL AND 14ct GOLD BROOCH. Weight 10.6g. $280-320
Lot 58 58 TWO PAIRS OF 9ct GOLD EARRINGS: triple ring hoops and knots; metal fittings. (2) Total weight without metal fittings 5.6g. $80-120
Lot 63 63 A PAIR OF 9ct ROSE GOLD HOOP EARRINGS; marked 375. Total weight 2.5g. $40-50
Lot 64 64 A PAIR OF AUSTRALIAN SILVER GUM-NUT SLEEVE LINKS; twist bar connections; marked YNS, Stg and Cross. $60-80
Lot 73 73 A PAIR OF ENAMEL AND SILVER SPITFIRE SLEEVE LINKS; chain link connections. $180-220
Lot 77 77 THREE GOLD BAND RINGS AND A GOLD PANEL: two 18ct gold rings, one 9ct gold ring, and an enamel and 18ct gold band ring. (4) Total weight of 18ct gold 7.4g, 9ct gold = 2.9g. $260-280
Lot 79 79 A GOOD VICTORIAN SILVER LOCKET: tablet shape; engraved with bamboo and with applied crane; Chester 1880. $100-150
Lot 82 82 A GOLD SOVEREIGN PENDANT: Victoria veiled head sovereign Melbourne 1898; frame marked 14k. Weight (all in) 9.9g. $400-450
Lot 85 85 A MIZPAH BROOCH with twin heart motif. $20-30
Lot 89 89 A LATE-19th CENTURY AUSTRALIAN PEARL, BLACK ENAMEL AND 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCH; Larard Bros (Melbourne). $50-60
Lot 91 91 AN EDWARD VII GOLD SOVEREIGN, 1902. $350-400
Lot 93 93 A GOLD SOVEREIGN, 1958. $350-400
Lot 94 94 A PAIR OF 18ct GOLD SLEEVE-LINKS; double-sided oval plates, engine-turned and with chain connections; G.H.Johnstone & Co., Birmingham. Total weight 13.9g . $450-480
Lot 95 95 TWO 9ct GOLD PENDANT NECKLETS AND A GOLD NECKCHAIN. (3) Total weight (all in) 9g. $80-120
Lot 96 96 A PAIR OF ENAMEL AND GOLD DRESS-LINKS: double-sided domed links with knot motifs, engraved and decorated in blue enamel; figure-'8' link connections. $100-120
Lot 97 97 A PAINTED MINIATURE AND 18ct GOLD PENDANT AND CHAIN. Total weight (all in) 6.7g. $220-260
Lot 99 99 A GOLD SOVEREIGN PENDANT AND CHAIN: Edward VII sovereign 1907; gold frame and serpentine link chain. Total weight (all in) 16.3g. $500-600
Lot 102 102 TWO SILVER BROOCHES: a marcasite maple-leaf brooch and an Italian circle brooch with turquoise-colour paste. (2) $20-40
Lot 107 107 TWO AIR FORCE SWEETHEART BROOCHES: an enamel and 15ct gold Royal Flying Corps brooch (later metal pin)(4.8g), and a gilt-metal RAF brooch. (2) $80-100
Lot 110 110 A VICTORIAN SILVER MAP-MEASURING 'ROTA METER' PENDANT with engraved silver case and nickel bezel; William Neale, Chester 1889. $50-70
Lot 111 111 A VICTORIAN FOLIATE WATCH KEY with gold split ring. $30-40
Lot 114 114 A PEARL AND GOLD GOLF-CLUB STICK-PIN: 15ct two-colour golf club with 9ct gold pin. (cased) $30-40
Lot 117 117 A 9ct GOLD PENCIL CASE ON A METAL CHAIN; hexagonal case engraved with initials; E.Baker & Sons, Chester 1915. Case weight (all in) 10.3g. $180-220
Lot 127 127 AN ELEGANT 9ct GOLD COLLAR: graduated links with large drafting-race clasp; Italian gold marks. Length 43cm. Weight 64.7g. $1000-1200
Lot 134 134 A PAIR OF 18ct GOLD EAR-CLIPS; domed, with textured finish and post and clip fittings. Total weight 8.8g. $300-350
Lot 156 156 AN ELEGANT 18ct THREE-COLOUR GOLD BRACELET with engraved decoration, box clasp and figure-'8' safety catches. Length 19cm. Weight 60.3g. $2000-2400
Lot 172 172 AN 18ct TWO-COLOUR GOLD CIRCLES BROOCH by Nicolis Cola; Italian 18ct gold marks. Weight 13.8g. $450-550
Lot 173 173 AN 18ct TWO-COLOUR GOLD ROPE BRACELET wound with 18ct white gold box chain; box clasp with figure-'8' safety catch; Italian 18ct gold marks. Weight 18.8g. $600-650
Lot 204 204 A VICTORIAN SILVER NECKLACE with applied motifs; later backing chain and bolt-ring. $280-300
Lot 208 208 A GOLD-PLATED SOVEREIGN CASE with engraved initials J.B.A.; A.L.Dennison. $80-100
Lot 215 215 AN 18ct GOLD CURB-PATTERN CHAIN with bolt-ring and swivel clasps; hallmarked. Length 43cm. Weight 64.4g. $2000-2200
Lot 216 216 A GEORGE V GOLD SOVEREIGN, South Africa 1926. $350-450
Lot 218 218 A GEORGE V GOLD SOVEREIGN, 1913. $350-450
Lot 222 222 A VICTORIAN 9ct GOLD CURB-LINK GUARD CHAIN with swivel. Length 152cm. Weight 32g. $700-800
Lot 227 227 AN 18ct FIVE-ROW GOLD MESH BRACELET with box clasp and figure-'8' safety catches. Weight 48.1g. $1600-1800
Lot 238 238 THREE ITEMS: an 18ct gold pendant (0.7g), a moonstone and a pocket knife. (3) $25-30
Lot 252 252 A SHELL CAMEO BROOCH AND A PAIR OF 9ct GOLD EAR-STUDS; the brooch with gold-lined frame. (scroll fittings non-extant) (2) $20-30
Lot 282 282 A 14ct GOLD LINK BRACELET with box clasp and figure-'8' safety catches; marked 585. Weight 41.5g. $900-1100
Lot 287 287 A 10g GOLD INGOT PENDANT: Credit Suisse .9999 ingot 42002 in a 22ct gold frame with screw top and pendant loop. Ingot 10g. Frame weight 3.3g. $600-700
Lot 299 299 A PAIR OF 9ct ROSE GOLD HOOP EARRINGS. Total weight 4g. $50-70
Lot 301 301 A PAIR OF 9ct GOLD HOOP EARRINGS, AND A 9ct GOLD PENDANT. (2) Total weight 3.1g. $40-60
Lot 307 307 A GEORG JENSEN SILVER BROOCH; Henning Koppel design; marked Georg Jensen 925 Denmark; No.324. $150-200
Lot 313 313 AN 18ct GOLD FANCY LINK NECKCHAIN with bolt-ring clasp; Italian 18ct gold marks. Length 100cm. Weight 47.6g. $1500-1800
Lot 319 319 AN 18ct GOLD FLOWER BROOCH. Weight 17.1g. $500-600
Lot 322 322 A PAIR OF 9ct GOLD KNOT EAR-CLIPS; fittings for pierced ears; marked 375 Italy. Total weight 8.2g. $120-140
Lot 323 323 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct ROSE GOLD OVAL LOCKET; Willis & Sons (Melbourne). Width 32mm. Weight 7.8g. $200-250
Lot 327 327 AN 18ct TWO-COLOUR GOLD COLLAR with diamond set clasp. Weight 25.3g. $750-800
Lot 335 335 A 14ct GOLD GRADUATED ROPE-PATTERN NECKCHAIN with bolt-ring clasp; Austro-Hungarian gold marks. Length 51cm. Weight 19.7g. $450-550
Lot 337 337 A COIN PENDANT AND CHAIN: 1908 London mint half-sovereign in a 9ct gold frame, on an Italian 14ct gold fancy link chain. Total weight 11.7g. Half sovereign weight 3.99g. $370-400
Lot 343 343 A 9ct GOLD BRACELET with seventeen miniature 'coin' discs; marked 375 Italy. Discs each 8.15mm. Weight 9.2g. $150-160
Lot 354 354 A PAIR OF 9ct ROSE GOLD DOMED HEMISPHERE EAR-STUDS; post and scroll fittings. Total weight 2.5g. $50-60
Lot 355 355 A ONE OUNCE FINE GOLD INGOT PENDANT; Australian Bullion Company Pty Limited; pendant loop attached. $1600-1800
Lot 359 359 A PAIR OF SCANDINAVIAN STYLE DROP EARRINGS with 18ct gold shepherd's hook fittings and 9ct rose gold drops. Total weight 3.4g. $100-150
Lot 360 360 AN 18ct WHITE MESH BRACELET with overlapping centre section set with nine red stones; box clasp and safety catches. Weight 47.5g. $1500-1800
Lot 362 362 A PAIR OF 9ct GOLD OVAL DOMED EAR-CLIPS. Total weight 4.3g. $40-60
Lot 364 364 THREE PAIRS OF 9ct ROSE GOLD EARRINGS. (3) Total weight 6.9g. $70-100
Lot 368 368 A 9ct ROSE GOLD CURB-LINK BRACELET with swivel catch; each link marked 9.375. Weight 16.8g. $250-300
Lot 387 387 AN AUSTRALIAN 9ct ROSE GOLD TUBULAR BANGLE with flush concealed hinge and catch; Duggin Shappere (Melbourne). Weight 22.1g. $380-420
Lot 413 413 A PAIR OF ENAMEL AND SILVER PRAWN SLEEVE LINKS; Deakin & Francis, Birmingham. $80-120
Lot 421 421 AN 18ct GOLD PENDANT AND CHAIN: scales pendant on a long and short filed curb-link chain. Total weight 22.7g. $750-850
Lot 431 431 A PAIR OF BLUE ENAMEL AND SILVER SLEEVE LINKS; marked 925. $30-50
Lot 433 433 FOUR ITEMS: a 9ct gold signet ring, an opal doublet and gold pendant (in pieces), a 9ct gold pendant; and a metal chain. (4) Total gold weight 6.8g. $90-120
Lot 441 441 A RED ENAMEL AND SILVER SERPENT BANGLE: the entwined snake with sapphire eyes and 'engraved' decoration. $200-300

Sale date:
25 November 2019

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